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Found 1 result

  1. EO1

    yin yang-dimensionchart

    The yin yang is not explaned fully first of all it should be yang yin the a-i is very importen according to the latin alfabet. As you will see in the dimensionchart. yin yang is the numal numbers 69 it is ment to be a understanding of the brains process of thourgh. Dimensions are essential for the understanding of the chart. There is 6 dimensions plus time, time is not a dimension but a freecvent. The numal numbers is in the chart. The number 6 is used threw time as the dark side, a misinterpret of the chart. The 6 dimensions: frist dimension inactive univers, secund thought, third this world,fourth parallel,fift contrast,sixed all in one. The chart is constrocted from a philosophy of total balance. (100% infinity) And I am you and you are me, we have to experience all exsistents, you will leve my life and i yours. sorry if the spelling is incorrect i am a alian.