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Found 2 results

  1. A brother


    Shalom aleichem, There is massive evidence for the reality of UFOs going back many decades, from multiple countries, high level politicians, air traffic controllers, military officers and commercial and military pilots, news cameramen and academics who witnessed and photographed them. There have been ongoing pleas to investigate these high flying vehicles, including a panel of scientists who spoke before Congress in 1968. Yet, in spite of all the evidence and the call to investigate from extremely credible people, there have been NO REAL, PUBLIC INVESTIGATIONS. This, obviously, begs the question: “are there powerful and influential forces keeping the truth about UFOs from seeing the light of day?” And if these “forces” have kept UFOs out of the news in the past, why are they allowing them to get into the news now? What the above indicates, and few, if any, investigators realize, is that IT IS THE ALIEN OCCUPANTS OF THE UFOs WHO ARE IN CONTROL OF WHEN DISCLOSURE OF THEIR PRESENCE TAKES PLACE, not the investigators or anyone else; And that the time of their disclosure is drawing very near. The real question is not whether these intelligently operated vehicles, with technology beyond that of the Earth, exist, but “WHAT ARE THEIR INTENTIONS, ARE THEY FRIEND OR FOE?” Many indigenous peoples, and holy scriptures of the world, warn of dangerous, evil beings that have been upon the earth for millennia, and are described as liars and deceivers who wish to take control of the world and enslave humanity. In other words, as these sources warn, most of the UFOs in our skies are Foes here to deceive us for their own agenda, not our welfare as they would have us believe. The alien Foes are cunning, they know that an overt, frontal attack such as Hitler used only exposes their plans and unites the world against them. Instead, they have slowly and patiently been taking control of the world-- especially banking, media, and entertainment-- using rich and powerful stooges to do their bidding. Spiritually advanced beings work differently, they do not covertly infiltrate governments and take control of the world as the infernal aliens do, they share knowledge openly and their guidance is given with an open hand-- to take or leave as each person chooses. The prolific nature of Alien movies and TV shows in recent times, such as Ancient Aliens that has been presenting the idea that aliens are our creators, is preparing the world to accept the idea that wise and benificent aliens are here to help us (while actually here to use us). Be prepared to see a worldwide announcement, full disclosure, that we are sharing our world with aliens, Followed by their lies and deceptions-- fears and lures-- to lead us from our planet to where they can use us. It would be wise to see these fallen beings as FOES to beware of, and NOT followed, no matter what lures or fears they will use to steal us from our good Earth. THE EARTH IS YOUR HOME, TRUST HER.
  2. Shalom aleichem, David, According to a holy personage I assist what you are saying about recent government-military disclosure about UFOs, after years of covering it up, having an outcome they desire is correct, but it is not a false flag operation regarding an alien threat, but preparation for an upcoming, worldwide disclosure of their presence among us for which the aliens have been preparing us for decades. These alien outcasts are liars and deceivers that have infested our world for millenia, and, as in the past, want to control our world and enslave us for their needs. Once their presence is disclosed globally, they will claim to be our friends, saviors, angels or even our creators in order to get us to go where they need us. They are a fallen race without a world of their own and need us to prolong their existence. They need our DNA because they are infertile and in the 1950s made a deal with the U.S. government to provide their technology for our DNA. The U.S. government also provided some of their military bases for the aliens to use for cloning and hybrids-- alien knowledge includes human cloning, some of which has been used to replace world leaders as difficult as this may be for some people to accept-- there is much evil secretly going on in the world, more than I can say here. The global warming-climate changes and increasing number and severity of storms is not due to anything humankind is doing, it is part of a natural process that periodically goes on throughout our solar system to progress life; that is why our space probes have been seeing similar changes to the poles of the other planets as are occurring on our world. The evil aliens know the storms, earthquakes, and volcanic activity will increase and worsen causing worldwide fear. After the alien presence has been disclosed they will use that fear to help drive people from the Earth to where they can continue to use our DNA. In order to get us to follow them they will likely claim our world is about to be destroyed (a Lie) and that they will save us. If we desert the Earth and follow them we will be losing the completion of our evolutionary progress that depends upon our always holding fast to the Earth. As given in scripture: “...hold fast to what you have (the Earth)...and I will give them the Morning Star...”