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Found 1 result

  1. Donald Woodward

    Archon Stories and Writing

    I have watched so many of David Ickes' videos, it is sometimes difficult to tell if an idea I have was mine or something I heard from him. I want to connect stories concerning how years of living as a vessel for archons. I want to write, don't know how, but I write everyday and most of my subject matter is about how lucid my imagination is concerning the subject of archons, gnostic text, reptilians, etc. I am 6 years old now and I lived a life full of experiences, some had supernatural events, good and bad, but over all, my life was fun. I traveled to places like Korea, Philippines, Guam, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and places in the states. I have a lot of good "war stories" and I like to tell them. Since I was around 14 years old I had a good imagination about sharing my body with a supernatural reptilian shaped image. I always tried but never succeeded in writing stories about how I was a vessel for moving something from location to location as well as sharing all my experiences with this something (reptilian?) because it existed in a different realm. I even shared a name which over the years, I learned meant jinn, like I have said, I have a good imagination. I always wanted to write my life experiences, but I am old now and although I write, I focus on the subject of external consciousness and connections the the quantum field theory. Now days, I describe supernatural events as "the wind" as a way to identify how some things get manipulated by something so powerful it is capable of keeping questions about it from taking place. I use mind.com/mucker59 as my place to post. What David says is synchronistic with what I want to write about, I question if it is even my idea or his. I would like to have a way of putting together stories and this really might be the place to do it. Visit mind.com/mucker59 to get an idea of what I am trying to do. Like David, I don't need it to sound any more insane than it is and I am trying to connect external consciousness with quantum theory as a way to make it sound more understandable.