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Found 1 result

  1. Shalom aleichem, The fallen alien races squatting on our world lost their home planets and were forced to live in space where their bodies degenerated to where they became infertile and need good, biological DNA (such as our DNA) to survive-- NASA has medical evidence from our astronauts that when in space human bodies begin to degenerate, but has chosen to suppress that information (for another thread). The outcast aliens have a breeding program going on Earth, including on the U.S. military bases provided to them in the Plato Pact, with laboratories where they use our DNA, and to some extent animal genes (unexplained cattle mutilations), to make clones and hybrids to further their existence. This knowledge is not being given to make me appear wiser than anyone else; once I accepted this information as true I could not sit idly by waiting for vile beings to enslave and use me. It is my hope that when this knowledge becomes meaningful to you, from your own research or events I have predicted that come true, that you will make wise use of it, for yourselves, and to help your brothers and sister of our world, just as David Icke is doing with the knowledge he received. I will not be here much longer. I move from place to place. I suggest saving my threads for future reference. Of course, that choice is up to you. The following posts provide more information.