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Found 9 results

  1. The Legend of the ‘Leg End’ - The Knights of the Garter The Knights of the Garter – the most Prestigious Order of ‘British’ Knights founded in 1348 in Woodstock, Oxford, England. Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Garter List of past Knights of the Garter can be found at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Knights_and_Ladies_of_the_Garter In total, only 1014 Knights of the Garter from 1348 to the present date. Past Knights of the Order of the Garter included the following NINE Holy Roman Emperors - not bad for a 'British' Order of Knights Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor KG #127 1415. Albert V, Duke of Austria KG #153 1438. Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor KG #176 1457. Maximilian, King of the Romans KG #239 1490. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor KG #264 1508. Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor KG #279 1524. Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor KG #351 1568. Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor KG #363 1578. Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor KG #643 1814. Are the Knights of the Garter connected with the ‘Boot of Italy’ and the Holy Roman Empire? Duke of Wellington KG 640 depicted as a Wellington Boot. Garibaldi (Freemason) and the Old Boot of Italy Freemasonic Initiation Rite to the First Degree ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The demise of The Holy Roman Empire was in 1806....wasn't it? Is the EU the Holy Roman Empire re-incarnated? https://pubastrology.com/new-world-order-of-the-knights-of-the-garter/ https://pubastrology.files.wordpress.com/2019/02/new-world-order-of-the-knights-of-the-garter-v1_8.pdf ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
  2. Pub Signs – the Original ‘Star Spangled Banners’ The Star Inn – Alfriston. Originally a religious hostel built in 1345 and used to accommodate monks and pilgrims en route from Battle Abbey to the shrine of St Richard, patron saint of Sussex, at Chichester Cathedral, it became an inn in the 16th century. Ye Olde Starre Inne – York’s Oldest Licensed Inn 1644 The Seven Stars (AD 1602) is a small London pub located to the rear of the Royal Courts of Justice The Seven Stars – Dartmouth’s Oldest Pub The Seven Stars Inn, Robertsbridge, East Sussex - a 14th-century public house. The Seven Stars – a reference to the Ursa Major star constellation otherwise known as ‘The Plough’. ***************** PubAstrology.Com *****************
  3. Does anyone know if it is pre-requisite for freemasons who want to achieve higher acceptance, to sacrifice a member of the family? Usually one of their children? I'm thinking of high-up media masons in particular.
  4. thegoblet

    Rare Females

    RARE FEMALES This post aims to answer many questions about life through an examination of how humanity has been impacted by the existence of a rare form of female with supernatural abilities. In order to get away with telling you about this I have to tell you that this story is a fictional adaptation based on some real life events, re-imagined as a hypothetical construct that these females exist. These 'Rare Females' keep their abilities a secret from many people as they execute a two thousand year old master plan for global disharmony and human destruction in a war against God because of their own personal suffering. A Rare Female just needs to catch they eye of another human to be able to see what they see, hear what they hear, read their mind and manipulate their thoughts and emotions. Rare Females have a gene code which, although gives them their supernatural abilities, also means they are born with a rare illness which makes them suffer from learning difficulties, facial palsy, complete balding, difficulties with talking, loss of motor skills, and many spend a lot of their life in a wheelchair. 'Rare Females' are also born perverts. Over the last two thousand years they have been conditioned into a perversion of which sexual perversion is only a small part. Almost everything that Rare Females do is for reasons associated with exercising and concealing their own perverted desires. Rare Females mascaraed as 'heroes' whilst abusing every aspect of human behaviour as they manipulate people like robots for the purpose of indulging in their own perverted fantasies. Over the last two thousand years, in anger for their suffering, Rare Females have executed a plan that has involved breeding their network throughout most of the developed world, for the purpose of allowing them to manipulate each and every one of us in line with a pre-determined 'life path'. Rare Females design a life path for each of us that was designed since before we were born, every one of us, even celebrities, even sports stars, even terrorists, and even paedophiles. Lots of people are completely unaware that these Rare Females exist and even the ones who know about them, those at the top of the secret societies and the security services, underestimate the level of manipulation to which they are subjected to in their life. If you are reading this then it could be the case that you've just realised that every move in your life has been getting watched. It's also quite possible that you are starting to panic about certain things you might do or have done in your life. Don't panic! Rare Females are an essential part of the evolutional design of the world and were included for the enablement of all life. They should be thought of as 'Earth Angels' who've gone wrong as the world settles into its evolutional journey. "We're all Jock Tamson's Bairns" Central to the activities of the Rare Females and their plan for human destruction are people who descend from significant religious or historical bloodlines. Bloodlines of people, such as those of Jesus Christ and the Apostles, which were kidnapped as children a long time ago, and have been bred into different family names in Scotland and then out across the world. These children were systematically stolen hundreds of years ago for the purpose of breeding their bloodline and making each person born from it into either the victims or perpetrators of crimes associated with war, terror, murder, rape and abuse, as the Rare Females wage their war of revenge against God for their suffering. Many cases of war, terror, murder, rape, abuse and many other crimes throughout the world, are designed to happen and the people who are involved, both the victims and the perpetrators, descend from these significant religious and historical bloodlines that were stolen all those years ago, and this 'life path' that has been designed for them is written into the name given to them at birth. Examples of these significant bloodlines include Jesus of Nazareth, the Apostles, Muhammad (Prophet of Islam), Egyptian Pharaohs, Greek philosophers, Mathematicians and Scientists. Secrets Rare Females form the basis of the fundamental secret associated with the secret societies and the intelligence services across the world, and this has allowed them to establish a stranglehold on the human population. The Rare Females are:- - Simultaneously brainwashing targets across the world into committing acts of terror at the same time as being in control of security agencies such as Mi5, SiS and the CIA. - Simultaneously brainwashing targets into committing acts of paedophilia against children whilst at the same time working with security agencies and secret societies to protect them. "Jesus Christ!" This is also a story of how, for thousands of years, God has been trying to communicate with humanity; sending repeated messages which Rare Females have deliberately chosen to keep a secret from the world. Messages sent by God in the veins of naturally born children, in the form of 'Adam and Eve', 'Jesus Christ and the Apostles', and many reincarnations of them. As a mind-set for reading the rest of this document, I ask you to consider this question; 'What would we do as a people if God was to send a reincarnation of Jesus Christ?' The first questions we would probably start asking would be associated with the supposed 'miracles' implanted into the book we call the bible. Fabricated stories associated with the turning of water into wine and healing the sick. Rare Females manipulated people into making these stories up about the life of Jesus Christ in order that if his bloodline ever produced a reincarnation that we would expect him to perform miracles in order to prove it! Backing this up are the processes the Rare Females have designed into society associated with the diagnosis of mental health illness, all of which have been matched to the impact that they can have on someone when they start making them aware they are being manipulated. So the answer to the question about what we would do if Jesus Christ ever did make a reappearance? We'd say he had a mental illness and lock him up in a psychiatric hospital! 13.8 billion years ago the event known as the 'Big Bang' happened. It was a bang designed to happen, containing the ingredients of all life. Planet earth is 4.5 billion years old and is a 'created evolution'. It took 1.5 billion years for bacteria to start growing, then another 3 billion years passed for something getting like the humans we are today to make an appearance. With the development of humanity to this point also came the development of a rare variation of female human with what we refer to as supernatural abilities. 'Rare Females' who are around us all in life and have kept them-self a secret from many people for over two thousand years. All that a Rare Female needs to do is look into the eyes of another human in order to start manipulating them, and can continue doing so with the power of her mind regardless of where she goes. Rare Females have a rare gene code which gives them the ability to do the following things to another person after they have gazed into their eyes:- - Understand their thoughts; and influence the verbal and written expression of those thoughts. - See what they can see. - Hear what they can hear. - Freeze their mind; making them forget things. - Manipulate their emotions: Make them happy, sad, angry, or even sexually aroused. Rare Females try to make people angry because the more angry a person is the more they can be manipulated. - Manipulate them physically: Zapping/twitching of arms, legs, feet, toes, eyes, head, hands, fingers, genitals. Being made to blink, itch, yawn, cough, sniff. - Compel them to doing things at certain times:- to look at the clock as it changes or at set times, to wake up at certain times; to switch the tv/radio on/over at certain times. - Make them feel as though they have the face of another person in their face. Rare Females were included as part of the designed evolution of the planet for the purposes of them using their abilities to enable the progression of all life; enabling every human to reach their full potential. However, they decided to take the selfish path with their abilities and as soon as they were aware they could, have been using them to secretly manipulate other humans without their consent, whilst playing on every aspect of human behaviour in the process of doing so. Psychiatric hospitals are filled with people who are targeted by Rare Females. As already explained above, Rare Females have a rare genetic condition which, although gives them their supernatural abilities, also means they suffer with a rare illness which makes for a life with many challenges both physically, mentally and cosmetically. And it's for this reason that they decided to use their abilities in this way. God and the creators needed to send a message to humanity and to the Rare Females, and did so around 4000bc in the form of 'Adam and Eve'.
  5. The statue of liberty, holds a penis in her hand the bid apple of NY While she stands and is chained to the human host body the Qillapoth or hendectogram.
  6. Shalom aleichem, In past threads there were a few references to the Fallen races and their henchmen using “past time.” You might have wondered what that was talking about. Those references were talking about an extremely important subject: TIME -- what it means to us on Earth, and how traveling within Time is being done by the fallen races and their henchmen. The time we have on Earth is meant for our natural evolutionary progression; it moves us forward, day by day, year by year, century by century, allowing us to progress along Natures course, on our world, and throughout our solar system (our planet, and the others in our system, haven't always been in the orbits they hold now). The importance of the Earth's progressive, sequential, calendar Time, and how by remaining upon our world we have continued to advance within it, has been passed down through the centuries in ceremonies honoring the 7 day Sabbath week. I am not going to go into details about Time Travel because that could tempt some of you to use it, the worst possible mistake you could make as you are now. The complete knowledge of Time is given to us when our progress is completed and we can use that knowledge wisely and safely. I will only say that Time is compass direction, and that an incomplete knowledge of Time was discovered very long ago and has been foolishly used thereafter; it is being used today by members of certain secret orders, politicians, bankers and others who were given this knowledge by the fallen races-- They use jewelry, symbols, and hand signs to acknowledge one another. Soon mankind will learn of another Time-Frame and it will be presented as being indescribably wonderful, but regardless of how wonderful it may at first appear to be, its end is darkest misery. It will lead to your doom, as it did for the fallen races. The many movies and TV shows making Time Travel look adventurous and fun are meant to prepare and lure you to accept it when it is presented to the world. One of the secretive orders using Time Travel are the Freemasons. Many Freemasons are unaware of the Time travelling going on among their privileged members, most believe theirs is just a place of social, ritualistic gathering like other benign fraternal orders. But Freemasons are keeping a dark secret they are sworn to keep unto death. READ ON.
  7. I am sure we have all heard of something called the Luciferian Doctrine with regard to the Illuminati and Freemasons. Lucifer means the bringer of light and since the Illuminati means the Enlightened Ones it is easy to make the connection. Also, Freemasons say they are brought out of the darkness into the light, and part of their ritual refers to Darkness Visible. Lucifer is a Latin word and so was not used by the writers of the Bible. One reputable site ( https://bible.org/article/lucifer-devil-isaiah-1412-kjv-argument-against-modern-translations ) says: This puzzles me. Does that mean that both the Illuminati and the Freemasons are illuminated by Jesus Christ, the bringer of light?
  8. Reinold

    Albert Pike

    I saw the following paragraph on the Internet but when I went to the library it wasn’t there. The Pope of Freemasonry, vicious and obese enough to exceed 140 kilos in weight, was also considered a lover of orgiastic sabbaths consumed in the woods with a great deal of alcohol and various women, such wild forums as to recall the Dionysian rites narrated by Euripides in the Bacchae. Was Pike really 140kgs? It seems like a lot.
  9. The Most Noble Order of the Garter – Founded 1348 in Woodstock, Oxford, England A ‘British’ Order of Knights French Maxim ‘Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense’ – ‘Shamed be [he] who evil of it thinks’. What does ‘it’ refer to and why the ‘Garter’ reference? Past Knights have included Nazi Collaborators, German Kaisers and Holy Roman Emperors…..and its a ‘British’ Order? For further info see: https://pubastrology.com/new-world-order-of-the-knights-of-the-garter/ For further info see: https://pubastrology.com/new-world-order-of-the-knights-of-the-garter/