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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, So I am trying to heal my disabled child through sound (as well as other methods outside of sound). We are listening to loads of Hz frequencies Oms and Releases (528 Hz, 432Hz) though you Youtube on my laptop.... now my concern is can YT and my laptop replicate these frequencies, or is it just a sham? I love this music myself, but I want it to benefit my daughter.... I do not want to be a dog barking up the wrong tree.. She has had loads of BioAcoustic feedback done in the clinics we visit - and I really need to understand these results, but this is my failing So how can I ENSURE that I am replicating the right frequency for MAXIUMUM healing? I think headphones may not be practical with my daughter (she has autisim, possible CP, she is 2 years 7 months) and developing but as slow as possible i.e. she can not walk or talk at them moment - her expressions are limited, she can not communicate, but can identify basic signs and symbols. i.e. orange cat, green frog - she has hand clenching issues as well as dribbling and balance/coordination problems.... but anyway, I am not here to pour my heart out - I am just looking for as much information as possible to heal her as much as we can... with Frequency So how can frequency help her? How can we PLAY the right sounds to her? I just have heard that YT and laptops/mobile phones dont work? I would like to know why and how we CAN make it work (if we need to buy amps/gear not a problem)... Thanks for your helps guys and gals Love and peace
  2. Almost 20 years ago, I started talking and writing about a Control Grid that was being erected around us that would be used to destroy all freedom and gain total control over our minds, bodies, health and consciousness. People thought that I was nuts at the time. They shook their heads, ignored me, laughed at me, and walked away. However, now this Control Grid is right in front of our faces, and it is nearing its completion. It's not a laughing matter anymore. There is a covert war going on right now. That war is being waged against us, the population of earth. I have tried, in every way that I know how, to alert people of what is going on. I've tried to be compassionate in my communications and tried to give people the opportunity and time to discover this for themselves. However, that time is past. Time is no longer a luxury for us. Plainly stated, 5G is military weapons technology that is being rolled out and disguised as beneficial technology for the consuming public. It is part of a stated military goal and objective known as "Full-Spectrum Dominance (or Full-Spectrum Superiority). The objective of Full-Spectrum Superiority is to gain total control over all dimensions of the battle space (the world), and in all areas, including terrestrial, aerial, maritime, subterranean, extraterrestrial,psychological, biological and cyber-technological warfare (complete dominance over everything and everyone). This is not science fiction, opinion or "conspiracy theory". It is a clear doctrine that is openly stated in military literature. Please take a moment and look it up for yourself. Once the 5G Smart Grid is fully erected, there will be no way to escape its effects on us. No longer will this technology be limited to just the cities, it will be everywhere. The budget of the US military is larger than any other country in the world (and larger than the combined budgets of the next 10 largest military budgets in the world). In fact, it is bigger than the entire GDP of most countries in the world. The US military has used the events of 9/11 to scare us, justify the continuous expansion of their budget, and to enact legislation that has taken away our freedoms in the name of "safety" and "security". One of the programs that emerged after the events of 9/11, was DARPA's Information Awareness Office "IAO" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_Awareness_Office). This program was part of the doctrine of Full-Spectrum Dominance. It's goal was to surveil the entire world and know everything about everybody (not just so-called "terrorists"). One of the initiatives that was promoted under the IAO was the development of something called Human Identification at a Distance (HumanID). This was a proposed human radar system that would use millimeter wave technology (same as 5g) to see and track people everywhere they went, without the need for cameras. Another application of millimeter wave technology that rose up of out of the IAO was the screening machines that we see in airports today. These "x-ray" machines use the same millimeter wave technology that is being rolled out with 5G. Yet another application of millimeter wave technology, which I have personally experienced, is the Active Denial System (and similar military weapons). These systems use millimeter wave technology to heat up the skin of selected targets and, within seconds, create extreme pain in those people that are targeted. Beyond these applications, are microwave military weapons designed to deliberately disrupt the mind, body and biological functions of human beings…to confuse them, incapacitate them and/or kill them. In addition to the applications discussed above, there are additional known and potential future applications that can also be used for purposes of command and control. The effects of microwave radiation and millimeter wave technology on us are known. They are not something that needs to be studied, because they have already been studied, at great length, for many decades. Science has demonstrated that microwave radiation can cause: * Many adverse health effects including fatigue, anxiety, depression, agitation, memory loss, cognitive dysfunction, learning disabilities, insomnia, tinnitus (pressure and ringing in the ears), cancer, and many other negative biological effects * Damage to DNA * A decrease in the viability and mobility of sperm. Healthy sperm normally swim in a straight line. Sperm exposed to microwave radiation, however, swim in confused circles (much like human beings that are exposed to microwave radiation) * The development of unborn children in the womb can be negatively impacted by exposure to microwave radiation * Confusion, stimulation, excitement and possible extermination of other organisms in our environment. It was shown that aphids on the leaves on plants near airport radar would jump (dance) in unison to the rotation of the radar (each time that the beam would hit them). In much the same way, via the Smart Grid, Human beings are being trained to unknowingly jump and dance to similar signals present in their environment. Albert Einstein once said, "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better" This is the Control Grid that is being built up around us right now. And it is not just one Grid, it is multiple Grids. There is a concept in military planning and strategy known as redundancy. Redundancy is employed so that if one strategic asset is taken out, there is another in place that can be used as a backup. As I discussed previously, there is a plan to put 12,000 to 20,000 satellites in orbit in order to deliver 5G to every part of the world. This is not for efficiency or for the convenience of consumers. It is for the military redundancy of strategic assets. The corporations have infiltrated the government. And the government has infiltrated the corporations. And the military has infiltrated both the corporations and the government. In turn, the military has been infiltrated and "infected" by a very dark force (psychological disease) that wants to gain Full-Spectrum Dominance over the entire planet. As I have discussed previously, much of this technology is being directed at unborn children, living children and future children. To quote Adolph Hitler once again: "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future". What is this technology doing to our future? The branch of the US Military that is most invested in this technology is the US Navy. The buildings below are part of a large Naval military base that is located in Coronado, California: Notice, not only the shape of the buildings themselves, but also the hidden "SS" in the walkways that wind though the middle of them. If there is another explanation as to why the military is deploying this technology, now is the time to come forward with it. However, based on my personal experience with the US Navy, and the effects that this technology will have on this planet and the inhabitants of this planet (all inhabitants, not just human beings), I do not believe that such an explanation is right or plausible. Much of the current military mindset and technology (both hardware based and psychological based), was imported into the US military and intelligence agencies via a program called Operation Paperclip (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Paperclip). This was a secret operation that granted German scientists, psychologists, biologists, engineers, technicians and occultists immunity, and brought them into the US after World War II. Mind control projects such as MKUltra (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra), and similar projects, were a direct result and descendent of the information that was gleaned through Operation Paperclip. It's time to wake up...while it is still possible to wake up. We can no longer afford to wait and see what happens, be blind, or naïve. This Control Grid will be built and completed...unless we choose to make a stand now. The corporations, government agencies, and military that are rolling out this technology have a stranglehold on "science". They will use their (false) science argument to try and persuade us of the safety and benefits of 5G, while at the same time, dissuading us from doing any independent research on our own. The only valid "science" to them is the sponsored research and filtered evidence that they allow into public view. Everything else is suppressed or denied. The science that makes its way into the agencies that are supposed to be protecting us, is the same science that the corrupt military, government and corporations want the public to see. The people that populate these government "protection" agencies, come from the same corporations that are trying to steamroll this technology out to us, without proper discussion, debate or examination. It's a revolving door between the military and corporations, and the corporations and government. Perhaps a more accurate acronym for the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is this: FCC = Frequency Control of Consciousness If you value your freedom, if you care about your health, if you care about yourself, your friends, your family, your children, your grand children and the children of the future, then now is the time to stand up, because we are running out of time. People will say that we have to stop the corrupt government, military and corporations that are building and deploying this Grid. But that is not entirely accurate. These agencies and institutions are made up of people. Without the support of the people, there is no 5G: * If you work in a factory making parts for 5G, you don't have to do that * If you are a technician installing the infrastructure for 5G, you don't have to do that * If you are being pressured into suppressing evidence regarding the negative effects of 5G, you don't have to do that * If you are in the military, you don't have to follow orders, especially when those orders are immoral and unethical in nature * If you think that you are bound by a non-disclosure agreement that covers up immoral and unethical behavior, your are not. The only true law is moral law * If you are paid by a sponsor to promote this technology, you don't have to take the money and become a spokesperson for it * We don't have to give these corporations our money. We don't have to pay taxes to a government that is not working for the people. We don't have to finance our own destruction. If you were previously unaware of the dangers, there is no excuse to be ignorant of it any longer. The data, facts and evidence is clear. These are the same people that have weaponized social media and the devices that we carry around with us, and have used these things against us. But we don't have to be victims of that technology. Instead of posting selfies, use this technology to post information that will help others to become more aware. Instead of spending your time watching TV and playing video games, use that time to become more knowledgeable and aware and help others to become more knowledgeable and aware. The architects of this technology (and its followers) have stated repeatedly that there is a race for the deployment of 5G (almost scripted), and that the US military, corrupt corporations and government will win that race (the human race) by whatever means are necessary. It's a lot easier to stop and suppress a few people that are standing up, than it is to stop or suppress millions of people that are standing up. We all have voices and freewill. Our future, our freedom, our health and our lives are going to be determined by how we choose to use them...right now. Peace to all. Video The 5G Apocalypse - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBpZFqR6Qzk Please take the time to view this video as it covers much of what I just spoke about. The only criticism that I have of the video is in relation to the idea that the health effects of microwave radiation are unknown. They are known. These health effects have been known for many decades, based on thousands of studies. They are doing this WITH the knowledge of what the effects will be. What does that say about their motives? Full Article with Images: https://pbase.com/olybob/strangethings