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Found 1 result

  1. What people don't necessarily understand or consider is 5G technology isn't or doesn't have to be a weapon. It can actually simply be used as the next gen technological infrastructure that it appears to be! The problem is, it has great potential and ability to be weaponised simply at someones discretion, while at the same time, this SMART Grid is being installed via a mass infrastructure all over the world also for generic surveillance and control via Orwells guide to 1984 and then some. It has great danger to be misused as a weapon in the wrong hands and somewhere, it is most definitely going to be used as a weapon, while even the fallout of those surrounding the technology has a high potential of damaging peoples health over longterm exposure, as it distorts electromagnetic fields of humans and animals, our Aura - Light body - which it just so happens the EU have called their research and development program of this 5G Aura... H2020 - An Agenda 2030 derivative! Hidden in plain sight as per, they're quite literally taking the piss! Birds are likely falling from the sky randomly all over the world as the potential of 5G weaponisation has been tested and tested in a less suspect manner, many people will ignore and not pay any attention to. While also it helps feed the End Times Prophecies many believe will likely happen, that all the birds will fall from the sky as well as waters becoming unfishable... While Christ will apparently return upon a Cloud? It's all synthesised and I'm not suggesting those behind this believe this or making it happen as some may believe, but they're taking the piss mimicking Biblical Prophecies around their Globalist Agendas! While also many areas most highly affected due to the "Coronavirus" are areas pulsating with 5G technology recently introduced, with no official longterm testing having been carried out before its introduction for profit and control. They care about our health so much to lockdown the word after introducing this technology with no testing? Potentially, this 5G Technology could have been tested in many areas under the cover of Coronavirus outbreak! Meanwhile, during lockdown to this Coronavirus, springboarded into action are all the engineers installing 5G all over the world so they can't be challenged or protested while everyone is under lockdown demands stripped of basic human rights, as come hell or high water, that infrastructure has to go up without debate! This electromagnetic activity by technological interference is nothing new in this respect, as it has been used by other even more advanced technologies that operate on high frequencies which can cause even more impact and damage such as HAARP - Weather Modification Technology (The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). This was why Nikola Tesla's technology was attacked, censored and covered up for so long, as some people within the Intelligence Apparatus and Military Industrial Complex, witnessed the potential of using some of his technologies as wireless energetic weapons, rather than simply delivering energy, whether it be electricity or data communications into peoples homes! 5G ultimately produces much less energy from one place unlike HAARP which produces a high field of energy all in one place and is used as a weapon under Military protection and development, which is more often used to stimulate the ionosphere to have various impacts upon the weather, modification and control over the weather, in the hands of those whom control this technology, along with communication disruption, a war on the environment and the people! 5G uses far lower frequencies yet many of 5G towers and repeaters, placed all over the world, is more like hitting many small nails into our body, sustained over a long period of time and our environment instead of one big one! These small nails, unlike acupuncture are persistent, if the technology isn't switched off they're not taken out and it's this sustained over a long period of time causes a electric bombardment upon our electromagnetic field, which continues to cause physical alignments that could otherwise be avoided but can't if we can't avoid the disruption caused to our electromagnetic field caused by the technological exposure that's 24/7 everywhere! While also, Health Insurance companies fail to provide cover for technological related health complaints and stress caused by EMF - Electromagnetic Frequency or EMR - Radiation. Example The Electromagnetic Fields Exclusion (Exclusion 32) - Lloyds Small amounts of frequency from a single 5G transmission is nothing in comparison but collectively, them all used in a grid pattern as a directed energy weapon could potentially be used in dangerous ways, like being used directly upon an individual as a targeted energetic weapon which essentially can bombard the body and stress it over a long period of time instead of instantaneously causing immediately understood damage. Think of this in terms of a command and control centre and drone attacks. Think of that situation and 5G here and you'll have a good idea of this potential and misuse of technology! It's main purpose is to stimulate control over the public through this interface, until we become nothing more than drones and robots dependent upon their SMART Grid to survive instead of the Current so called "Christ Consciousness Grid" - the natural environmental Global Consciousness Grid which exists independently of our technology and therefore human control. That's what this is about, so someone can play and feel themselves God by the control over many public assets via the use of technology. Total control is the aim of their game. A reduction in the population is a massive step they'd like to take to avoid a resistance gathering they can't handle. The Abomination of Desolation- Modern Terminology Population Control/Reduction You can see the potential this also has in playing the End of Days Antichrist Game, while also it's shutting up the heavens as we are moved into this artificial A.I. Simulation. "The Fall of Man" into an Archontic Interface that will see the dystopian era - Technotronic Era as described by Zbigniew Brzezinski in Between Two Ages - described as the utopian man turning into God like Era. The only man turning into God are those whom control this artificial SMART Grid because that's exactly why they're doing it and mimicking Biblical Prophecies! This locking on, homing signal is designed to be much more specific. Currently, by all the Coronavirus Data Tracking "to prevent the virus" and follow individuals whom have come into contact blah blah blah can have the potential of these energy weapons being used to target individuals on the move by locking onto their technology they carry with them. This is designed to be stepped up and more direct for purposes of attacking individuals by its use as a weapon and also by more precise data surveillance techniques by implanting "the mark of the beast" RFID Chips under our skin, either in the form of a new digital currency - Traceable Bitcoin style Currency, traceable via your unique ID Attached to transactions and some digital banking authority - which will be sold as Revolutionary Trump attacking the Banks swallow your medicine, when really this is a Globalist Agenda and we will see Trump setup for some False Flag JFK Style Assassination eventually - which will manifest and be pushed eventually no matter what, no doubt on the back of the purposely collapsing of our economic system, which will justify this new one on the back of another Recession/Great Depression which we can likely face due to the handling of this Coronavirus, while also theres great potential, that when people get vaccinated under "Herd Immunity" delivered to those adhering to the Herd Mentality, they're actually vaccinated with Nano Technology, small implantable RFID - Radio-frequency identification - Silicon Chips which can be used to directly track individuals with the use of mobile towers that already exist and a lot more precisely with 5G technology, as well as having the added potential of such technology being used as energetic weapons to attack certain key individuals, by homing in on that unique ID as opposed to any other or simply someone else whom happen to have or be using someone else's technology. ID2020 - digital implantable IDs can start being implanted within everyone as a part of Agenda 2030 directive as handled via the UN - unofficially already happening with SMART Dust and Flu Vaccine Programs - Officially via Passport, ID and Streamlining Healthcare and Cashless Society. SMART Dust can be baked to the human eye - microscopic Research! This can all be found out and understood if you do some research and I'm just putting this here in a clear cut manner so people can understand this potential generically and then do their own research these interconnections to understand this is happening or so people can see these interconnections from their own research but haven't peiced this quite together in an easy to understand shareable manner! While many won't research this if they don't understand this information in dribs and drabs from various avenues without it first being peiced together. So, rather than just simply say, they wouldn't, couldn't do that reaction which will undoubtedly be made by many whom don't research, if at all, any of this and are reading not to understand any of this while hearing it for the first time, but seeking to dismiss this without reading it to seek an understanding and research... The base of the internet has its foundations within the Military and is a Military tool for surveillance and more and more control until we have the intelligence apparatus artificial reality and paranoia imposed upon our reality via these technological tools. That is why this is referred to as The Internet od Things IoT They will just refuse to accept it because they don't see the big picture nor will they want to agree with it. Well guess what? Fcuking Snap. But this is happening whether you like it or not. Being in denial of it won't help! A greater awareness of this reality being researched, understood and realised is what can stop it from becoming a greater more dangerous reality, while deliberate ignorance to this deserves all it gets! Agenda 2030 - Derivatives thereof; . 5G Aura - H2020 . ID2020 . Agendas within a Globalist, Wicked Interwoven Web of Order out of Chaos - New World Order Or, simply all of these agendas are happening right now within 2020 under a lockdown situation due to the Coronavirus, as part of an accident, not planned for or prepared for in anyway... While in reality, as you can see above my other posts and this video here, this has all been carefully arranged planned and prepared for, exactly right down to the fact 5G engineers can be installing this 5G infrastructure while we are under lockdown stripped of basic human rights. Here We Go Again: 9/11, Coronavirus and Another ‘New Pearl Harbor’ https://www.europereloaded.com/here-we-go-again-9-11-coronavirus-and-another-new-pearl-harbor/ Coronavirus adviser to PM wants 'herd immunity' considered again to end lockdown https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/coronavirus-adviser-pm-wants-herd-21811857 Simulation - Event 201 ^ Keep in mind the Christianity exploitation of the Globalists mentioned here... ^ This was 2010 - listen to compare with what's happening today and take note of where it was designed to go and make sure it doesn't! Alternative Link: https://sendvid.com/f5aku1gk Alternative Link: https://sendvid.com/bm2bfwjo My previous posts on Coronavirus and more... 5G China also Rigged Globalist System NHS Spiritual - Mindfulness This is the top and bottom of it!