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Found 2 results

  1. kj35

    pain implant

    I already have this implanted in my body. https://www.nevro.com/English/Patients/HF10-Therapy-Advantages/default.aspx If anyone is doing any research on medical implants or similar tech please feel free to pm me. It's quite good fun going through airport security - they have to switch it (all scanners near me) all off and search me. I have a charger which charges outside the skin to the battery contained in my hip, a remote control - ooh and the software inside my body can be upgraded remotely. It does work great. Fully aware NOW of the further implications
  2. Hello! Please share 3-5min of your time to fill in this survey on implantable technologies. Everyone is welcome, but especially welcome are chipped individuals and those with other kinds of non-medical electronic implants. Data will be used for my master's thesis. https://forms.gle/XuaiMLrRZFWtaKvv9 Those who will be interested in the results, can share their email address at the end of the survey and I will send the results individually at the end of May. Please share the survey and Thank You in advance!