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Found 5 results

  1. Bingoze

    NWO & NASA

    Just some thoughts... It's that Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking along with others have had many of their first theories almost all proven either incorrect or incomplete by the knowledge gained by the first-hand experience. NWO & NASA Laika, the space dog and the subsequent understandings and acknowledgments. It became apparent the theory and resulting sciences were very flawed, that they chose to completely destroyed all previous sciences that depended wholly upon these flawed and incorrect theories, hypotheses and summations, that where at one time sold as the requirements of reaching the Moon living, hence NASA claiming to be missing files and recordings that were "destroyed" along with being one of the US's greatest embarrassment globally within the many closed societies and ancient family, for a time after many attempts have been made to disclose these truths, but silenced quickly by the many means including disappearing entire planes full of scientists and others credited and willing to discuss these things openly. Consider the education they still propagate and indoctrinate are fundamentally flawed, thus incorrect. Some of these efforts managed to have some of these facts exposed publicly, however, because of the immense effect this has and will have on the scientific community, education, and civilization as a whole, it hasn't been fully disclosed or publicly acknowledged, today even with the advent of technology and the internet, still only 20% of the whole of but one library is available to all. TOP-SECRET. We can imagine the plethora of other "reasons" they still have not disclosed these facts, competition, control, domination and the list goes on and on. It was that NASA agreed to propagate the landing to act as a cover to this calamity that is a shame backed by big-money, the ABC's and 123's, otherwise they were to be shut down, in the end leaving NASA and these secret societies to start from scratch. This is when they scoured the earth for the Scientists, Data and Technologies, Relics and Antiquities, they have Bribed, Kidnapped, Extorted and Even Murder To Accomplish This Goal, it was a matter of "Global Security" at the time and Today, that was under the direction of the United States and Germany, Global Secret Societies and Governments, and the ("Propagated Enemy and WAR as a Cover to it"), it is this calamity that both offered the opportunity and development of a "New World Order", that is in fact founded by these "NEW" understandings and resulting technologies. That which facilitate these "NEW" beings and beginnings. The fact is unfortunate that even now these Secret Societies and Governments still do not have the understanding, knowledge or technology capable of measuring immensity and mass, ("The Heaviness of Outer Space"), space beyond the VHB's. Consider if they were to disclose any of these truths we would see things very different then we do today. Most "Main Stream" sciences were and remain copies of each by many means including Espionage, Secret Sharing, The Illuminati, Church, Popery and "Their" Propaganda, "Advertisement", "Trend" and "Ritual", much like the test results of the kid copying the answers of the students sitting in front, where the first student was wrong so was the second. For Purity. Nothing "living" or "alive" has exited or has entered into "Inner Space" from "Outer Space" alive or "living", including all of Humanity, in fact the only thing proven to surpass the "Firmament" and "Van Allen Radiation Belts" is only machinery and that which is already dead, or that can be "Turned Off" and back "On", hence, the "Mission to Mars", would and will require the astronauts to be technically dead and placed in a hyper hibernation, a little more on that. The goal here is to download the mind and memory into data-banks that are to be re-uploaded to the brain of the astronauts once they exit hyper hibernation, as these are loss shortly after death and upon any destruction structurally, ("decay"). It is also necessary for anything biological, thus cells to be frozen and placed in a solid or "Preserved" state or cells are degraded and are destroyed quickly, many being destroyed long before approaching the "Van Allen Radiation Belts", simply put, if it is not solid it will be destroyed by the powerful Firmament, as they say. "You Have to Be Dead to Reach the Heavens", there are also considerations of the "soul", however, I will not elaborate here. The Heavens. If we attempt to take in a canister or lung for example, into deep space, "Outer Space", it would simply implode due to the massive weight of space itself, that collapses in onto its self, in the case of "Laika The Space Dog", becoming virtually atomized unto nothing more than a blob of unrecognizable goop upon return and coalition of the organic materials due to gravity. To this day we simply do not have the technology durable or able to withstand the crushing forces of "Outer Space" itself, even with protection blood would boil and bone would collapse in upon itself, etc. The Firmament is a little more than just the belt to radiation. Consider "Inner Space" and "Outer Space" are much like Freshwater Meeting Saltwater, if you have ever seen such a thing, it would appear much like Oil on Water, they don't mix. Van Allen Radiation Belts. The "Van Allen Radiation Belts" is this boundary where the two meet and are a result of the friction ("Radiation") between these "Spaces", much like the Crusts and Magma of Earth, each is being forced together at immense pressures, More the pressure, the greater the energy. Space also has no voids, thus "Outer Space" is consistently literally trying to collapse in upon itself where ever there is the opportunity or capability. Imagine removing a bubble of freshwater ("Inner Space"), from an endless ocean of Salt Water ("Outer Space") instantly, the "water", "Space", collapses upon itself filling the void, this occurs independently of gravity but rather because of the immeasurable magnitude and heaviness of "Outer Space" itself, also objects that are set in motion will forever move in the direction and velocity it was set, and will not divert unless interacting with other objects and "Inner Space", because of this phenomena there is literally nothing to push or pull on, it is the weight of "Outer Space" itself that gives objects that are set in motion perpetual motion and has absolutely nothing to do with gravity for in "Outer Space" there is none. Thus all well-known, along with the experimental methods of propulsion used to navigate or accelerate in "Inner Space", do not affect only until eventually affected by a source of gravity. Such as an Object, Sun, Black Hole and or "Inner Space", hence the study of light as a source of propulsion. Imagine two bubbles of freshwater ("Inner Space"), in an endless ocean of Salt Water ("Outer Space"). We have control of navigation and acceleration in each of the bubbles but anywhere beyond the boundary, there is none. The differences in an "Inner Space" and "Outer Space" have been known for a very long time and has been described in scripture as the firmament and depicted as a barrier. Consider the UFO can go into "Inner Space" but not to "Outer Space", fact still to this day the mass weight of "Outer Space", is still immeasurable and unimaginable, it's absolutely possible to send the machine and dead thing to the surface of any planet, however, not the living. "Inner Space" is the "Space" that directly surrounds all objects in "Outer Space", like Freshwater bubbles in an endless ocean of Salt Water. When we attempted to send a dog into "Outer Space" the craft return to us with nothing more than a highly radioactive puddle and blobs, consider the dog upon the return to earth collated into a real mess. Monkey, Mice, Rats, Eggs, Fetuses, Baby's, Cadavers And People, along with a plethora of other thing have been smashed into the Firmament as our artificial "God's" work to penetrate the Firmament so to contaminate, not only others but the universe, the purpose and reason for the firmament, to keep that from happening. The Firmament. For the Firmament "Life" and the "Living", are protected from a life coming in, also going out, for without Humanity, "Life" would have been destroyed long, very long ago. it is Humanity who built the Firmament for this reason exactly, Humans are not perfect, but Human, and the Firmament a direct result of our honesty, acknowledgments, enlightenment obtained over long periods of time and dimension, resulting with Humanity's first technology's, that still baffle Man's mind today, He even Struggles to Rely on AI for MAN is on a different Frequency, Literally, ("The Primal Mind and Frequency", Mentality"). It's literally still Man pretending to be God's, the God ( "CERN", "Higgs Particle" and other), are what they are because "they" believe it may penetrate and create a "bubble" or void, Artificial "Inner Space" in "Outer Space", which to travel, like a force field, still not a possibility today but a highly protected secret, science and study. We should all be aware of and consider a "hole" or imbalance of the Firmament is the END of all things as we know it. the Firmament is a Necessity to life all living things and the record of it, also it is surmised that it may in fact cause our "Inner Space" ("Earth") to collapse into its center as the heaviness of "Outer Space" collapsing upon itself as supernova, annihilation that would leave nothing more than the pit, the stone like a freshwater ("Inner Space"), being popped in an endless ocean of Salt Water ("Outer Space"). Humanity Exploited. Humanity has repeatedly been exploited as they, gods and men continually collect data in hopes of discovering the key hidden deep in humanity unified consciousness, for we the manifest of all things. Humanity is alien to earth, life itself is simply for opportunity much as are all things, existing simply because of opportunity, thanks to the time that which is before all things, it's by time comes anything from nothing and everything, equally for the sake of possibility and inevitability life is gifted eternity. The UFOs. I am sure there are people who will quickly have something to say in response to this, when we consider facts it is 100% more likely UFO's and aliens come from inner earth where humanity began life on this planet we call home, consider the many differences from what we see as human vs alien on this planet are simply the direct results of exposure to the sun, weather, environmental. Differences of a race are purely due to the environmental response, geological locations and adaption over long periods. The Aliens. The first humans on earth where more grayish blue and somewhat taller, we were protected from the above-mentioned environmental stimulants for thousands of years or for as long as it took for the moon to collate and form is a celestial body that we see today to be more exact. It's the moon's gravitational effect on earth's surface and waters that caused flooding, in turn forcing humans to surface, we are the delivers of life and the living by the transformation and the terraforming of earth's much as it is, we are the curators, collectors, and protectors of the gift of life and the living, by the waters and record of all life and its memory. When a human is protected from the environmental elements the skin becomes very thin and somewhat transparent, take a look at your arm, now imagine what you would look like within almost transparent skin, the exact skin you would have if you lived in a specific environment, one without the sun, weather and the many other things we have had to adapt to upon surfacing, over the ages unto today. Yes, humanity and our true technology existed long before life on earth, we made earth habitable while life and humanity are themselves billions of years old, so the fact is we have not gotten to any moon alive or living because we are incapable and have been factually lied to, severely crippled and delayed by them withholding the truth, while they propagandize truths and facts for artificiality, for the sake of power and profit, influence and control, for gods to remain gods and kings to remain, kings. In many ways you can see the N.W.O much for what it is and how they have come to dominate by withholding factuality that destroy "their" artificiality, for if they did, they would no longer have power or control, irrelevant and completely unnecessary. Maybe when the truth of how Einstein and Stephen, along with many others theories turning out to be fairy tales and art of the imagination and the imaginary, maybe then deep space travel could become a possibility and human will finally land on the moon by reverting to "his" humanity, man becoming human the whole holy thing once again by his humanism, humanness, dignity and the freedom these exist only to facilitate, the free will and the willing, thus endless possibility. The saddest part is they have no idea how badly they have affected history and the future, fact remains because of the lies we are told, we are more than 1000 years behind where we should long already. Something only achievable if information is truthful and shared openly with all, the fact that anything is hidden, top-secret or classified is to manipulate, much as they have been forever now, hey everyone wants to keep a job right, also consider all that is now and throughout history, in fact inspired, propagated, preached and advertised to collect data, not just of the responses of humanity to man's tyranny and mentality, but also the effectiveness of the weapon that is enhanced upgraded and utilized, next time around with these newly gain understandings perpetuating the artificiality, its power and authority, so we can expect they will try all the toys before it's all said and done. A Big Rock. NASA not long ago was propagating news that they were to attempt to explore the heavens and space, however, the Black Night Satellite is one part of very many that have been sent in many different directions throughout the universe and into "Outer Space" long before "Gods" and "Men", These probes seek Planets, Suns and the other Energies that are the minimum necessity for life and living. upon locating these energy's, the pigeon returns to the Ark, The Ark is ("Earth", "Record") and a significant land formation that's located in northern Canada today. These probes will return and encapsulate Earth from the Firmament, upon doing so these satellites work in unison ("The Grid") to support life and earth as it prepares for the next step on of our journey to gather, recover, give life and to safeguard the record of all life's memory, our only responsibility. when the earth is once again its smallest, thus upon its contraction, earth, and all things become a solid, a "Pit" or "Seed", once this is accomplished, we will begin our very long journey. Nukes and The Mighty Glory. Are Nukes for mass destruction? Yes of course, along with any country that would use them. the logical answer is if ever they are to be used it would be used to destroy all things, not a winning solution. While the actual intention and reason were not necessarily for "War", when we have had much more advanced weapons for a long time before. Consider the simplest satellite that can be weaponized very easily. A Nukes purpose is and has been since their inception propagated and widely misunderstood as mass weapons of destruction, which they are but not since the advent of the New World Order, these devices and the true intent is to cleanse and sanitize the air and lands that are the result of "Man's" calamity that will bring Devastation, Destruction, Diseases and Decay at the pinnacle of an Artificiality Ending, leaving earth a very toxic place. Nukes are technically a weapon of peace and mercy, there will be many bad things coming, 5G sold as a necessity to facilitate the automation of murdering and killing machine as "they" run deeper into the shadow and hide. "It Is Not Them Against Them, It Is Us Against Ourselves and Each Other, For We Are the Manifest, Thus Effect of the Matrix." "Let Them Kill and Murder Each Other. We Only Have to Clean Up" "They are going to watch and interact with it via Remote Piloting, Ai and The Automated Killing Machine. Once it is said and done they will appear again as Alien, God's, Angels and Kings to rebuild according to the New World Order, Matrix Reloaded. They tell you metaphorically and symbolically what is going to happen, Star Trek and the Cell Phone, so that you are not aware while it happens already in different parts of the earth, because we can share information so easily now a day this sort of deception no longer works, however, it still desensitizes us from realizing an actuality and from becoming alarmed by it, very much like desacralization the reverse of sacralization and occurs when a formally dedicated religious structure such as a church or religious school is given over for another purpose outside of the particular religious organization which dedicated it for a sacred purpose. It is not China or Russia or Syria vs. the USA, they work in Unison under propagated Deals, Tariffs, Attacks and Wars, while it is only "us" murdering ourselves. If you stand for Humanity and a Humanness, without the matrix, we are all that exists. "They Will Be Watching They Will Be Interacting". 50-50 Technology or Humanity. We are at the 50-50 technology or humanity. you are the manifestation of its reality, I stand for humanity. global warming and reality earth is expanding drought and icecaps begin to melt expanding much as it has many times before it will at one point contract again flooding and ice freezing his land contracts the great fire water never leaves earth so in fact impossible for earth to ever run out of water rather there it gets trapped deep in the earth's crust fire where it is forced to the surface again eyes upon contraction the great flood the water entering the crust is the primary cause of the earthquakes and volcanoes we are seeing now and can expect to see much more in the near future at some point dimming the sun cooling the earth thus triggering its contraction and the formation of the ice. Consider the dinosaur and massive trees lived while the earth was smaller providing the thick atmosphere necessary to support them as the earth expands the atmosphere becomes thinner resulting in smaller lifeforms and trees this is the primary reason for the beginning and end of many species and ancient civilizations still unknown this process is been recorded in the magnetic fields of solidified magma as this expansion also affects our magnetic pole causing it to flip and has been measured to have done so thousands of times from the beginning they will tell you it's global warming and all that sheet but it is, in fact, a natural earth process it is this expansion and contraction that course continents and mountains to form along with the current and weaned it's literally a living entity has.
  2. Six Million Dollar Man

    The SpaceX thread

    SpaceX announces first private passenger on lunar Starship mission Skip to 28:30
  3. Here are the links for the high-resolution images for anyone interested in checking them out (sans the last two, couldn't find them): 1. ~5.00 https://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/frame/?AS14-71-9911 2. ~8.00 https://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/frame/?AS14-71-9906 3. ~8.40 https://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/frame/?AS14-73-10173 4. ~9.15 https://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/frame/?AS14-71-9892 5. ~10.20 https://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/frame/?AS14-71-9917 6. ~11.00 https://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/frame/?AS14-71-9903 7. ~12.36 https://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/frame/?AS14-71-9905
  4. Shalom aleichem, I mentioned in another thread that NASA has evidence that being in space degenerates the human body but has been largely suppressing it. I will present some of that evidence below. The importance of this evidence is to show what happens to people when spending time away from their planets in space. It also explains that when aliens lost their worlds (by horrible choices) and were forced to live in space they degenerated/fell into spindly, fragile, infertile forms that now need human DNA to survive. They hide their true forms with hypnotic induction (producing false images of good looking men and women), padded clothing, prosthetic noses and ears, and wigs. The same choice that led to their fall is coming to us. The above fallen races have been with us for millennium and known in world scripture as Nephilim (fallen, cast out, rotten), Anakim, Emim, beasts, demons, and other names. You have been conditioned to believe there are a variety of good and bad space travelling aliens, but that is a lie. Terrestrial beings, like us, are meant to remain evolving upon their worlds until they reach the culmination of their evolution, when they can wisely and safely travel in space. The aliens we are encountering are fallen from their natural, terrestrial state, to where they must find worlds they can use to survive. To that end they have been covertly taking control of our world to make use of us (enslave us) for their needs. We have not yet reached our crowning point of evolution, but we are on the verge of getting there if we hold fast to the Earth through the coming changes once more (we have gone through these changes six times before). When this knowledge becomes meaningful to you, please SHARE it with your brothers and sisters of the Earth. Read the below posts for further explanation.
  5. Shalom aleichem, I've posted in another thread that there are very important truths that are being kept from us, like needles being hidden within a haystack of lies and misinformation. When I posted that earlier, mentioning that indigenous peoples and world scriptures remain the few remaining sources telling us of the importance of our Mother earth, and that few were listening to them, there was no response. People cling so tightly to what they've been led to believe that it is very difficult to receive the knowledge they need. To find the truth we must keep open minds, like children, as we patiently search to find the pearls of great price. As a brother, I am presenting knowledge you need to safely progress through the coming times, but it will be up to you to make use of it, or not. In a nutshell, here's what trustworthy sources are telling us-- There is a natural process that periodically progresses life upon the planets of our solar system, it is a “birthing” process happening again now and is the true cause of Climate Change-Global Warming, and the increasing number and severity of storms, earthquakes and volcanic activity. The Hopi call these times of great changes “Purification Times.” The Earth is our nurturing mother who has carried us through six of these past evolutionary changes, as seen in the fossil record. If we remain immovable from the Earth one more time we will receive our perfected life. One of the Hopi's highest Spirit Laws, or Pootskwani, is Tutskwa I'qatsi, Land (the Earth) and Life are One. NASA has been suppressing knowledge that when humans go into space their bodies begin to degenerate. Many of the aliens infesting our world were once like us who degenerated into their present forms (not the ones they wish to show us) because they lost their home worlds and were forced to live in the abyss of outer space. The terrible choices they made that led to their present predicament is coming to the people of our world-- To remain immovable from the Earth and progress to our crowning forms of life, or desert the Earth, when fear and lures are used to drive us from her. Soon, these fallen aliens will announce their presence on Earth through every media source and will claim to be our friends, saviors, angels, or even our creators (have you not noticed how the onslaught of Ancient Alien programs have been strongly implying aliens are our creators). These alien outcasts squatting on our world will claim our world is about to be destroyed (a lie) and if we follow them we will be saved. They will use lures about how wonderful their world is with amazing technology and very long lifespans. But advanced technology does not mean they are advanced biologically. They are liars and deceivers who need our DNA to prolong their existence. They need us, we do NOT need them. If we follow them we will be horribly used and will forever lose our chances to progress. Events to come are given to help you believe when they occur, and to make wise choices when it's time to make them. Please choose wisely. THE EARTH IS YOUR HOME, TRUST HER.