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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I'm new here but fascinated by symbolism and numbers. (The number 23 comes up a lot for me, as well as 7s, if anyone knows anything about these.)But I mainly wanted to talk about this painting by David Nordahl of MJ reading to kids in the forest. This painting is absolutely chock-full of Satanic symbolism which I realised after having heard Icke's talks. Yet the picture is in MJ's book Dancing The Dream (page 51), a book which is otherwise completely benign and positive. I look at this painting and I'm just speechless; how could anyone, including MJ, not notice the deeply unsavoury imagery?There's an owl up the top; the kids closest to Michael are all white and the surrounding ones are non-white; there are rabbits (?); a seated red figure juggling five glowing orbs; fairies; a red 'underworld' at the bottom of the painting which looks to be full of Bosch-like scenes, and one of the white boys looks like he has an artificial leg. Most disturbingly, there's a white boy near Michael's feet who is face-down with his pants half-down.
  2. Starting a new series of blogs on a topic that I have found fascinating for years and have come to the conclusion that it's a gigantic lie that's been nearly 100 years in the making. the TRUTH about what's going on inside North Korea. NORTH KOREA EXPOSED: IS NORTH KOREA THE REAL ROSWELL OCCULT PLAYGROUND? North Korea and its secrets. Rumours suggest that the secretive state Korean is actually China/USA/Russia occult experiment base that’s intentionally constructed to keep reporters away and information internal. While it’s pretty much established that the Roswell incident was a decoy by the US government, sources who have been given assured anonymity are claiming that North Korea is actually the real Roswell. No footage of everyday life for the reported 25 million population every emerges through leaks or even state TV broadcasts in North Korea. Small crowds are shown in the capital when Kim Jong Un speaks and stock footage of troops marching but never an active town or province. While many observers write this off as the control the oppressive regime have but a lack of large groups of people beyond a few thousand has been noted as extremely suspicious. Communism by its very nature is bolstered by the strength of the many together working anonymously for a common goal. Footage and photography inside North Korea is marked by the eerie lack of evidence of the apparent 25 million strong population residing there. The lack of footage or even still photography outside of small groups in Pyongyang in a country with a 25 million strong population should but doesn’t raise concern. While North Korea is a notoriously secretive location that is known to be hostile to outsiders, especially Western journalists, this doesn’t explain the lack of leaked imagery or video by non press sources. Full Article : NORTH KOREA EXPOSED: IS NORTH KOREA THE REAL ROSWELL OCCULT PLAYGROUND?
  3. Does anyone know if it is pre-requisite for freemasons who want to achieve higher acceptance, to sacrifice a member of the family? Usually one of their children? I'm thinking of high-up media masons in particular.
  4. Have you ever gone back and watched movies you thought you'd seen, after your awakening? I'm just starting the process. During the most intense period of my awakening {which was a 4 day period, 3 months ago} I saw a childhood friend of mine, who is high up in the Mormon church make a tongue in cheek comment about Birdbox to a friend of hers. Then I realized, Birdbox was actually meant to be viewed from the opposite perspective it was told from. Yes, it had the formula of a typical horror flick and we can't help but root for America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock, but if you look a little closer.. The people who took their blindfolds off were soooooo happy and they just wanted others to see the light. Sandra Bullock and her children "Boy" and "Girl" were the miserable ones. They refused to see the light and they ultimately took refuge in a school for the blind. I think that is a pretty cool double layer in itself, but I guess it depends on who is defining the light. The mental asylum escapee in Birdbox used photographs to wake himself up once he had been let in the house. The most prominent photo is of an Octopus face guy, Cthulhu, one of Lovecrafts Old Gods. {Looks just like Davy Jones in Pirates of the Carribean}. And remember, the asylum guy is obsessed with the children, "Give me the children!! They need to see the light". Now the reason I was combing my old friends social media pages is because I had made a troubling connection. The short of it is that I was looking into a pedo ring I found on Instagram and I started to see that the pedo code was evolving. A lot were still using the pizza and ice cream lingo and imagery to advertise children, but others were using a camping code. Camping, smores, {Flash}light, Bears etc. I had found a video on Backyard Camping by Mormon propagandists Cam and Fam, where they say; It's sure hot out. It's 90 degrees and our air conditioning is broke...lets go camping in our backyard! {With our baby} And then it hit me, I remembered my friend's posts a week prior about cooking S'mores in the backyard with her boys and then another that said, it's sure hot out. It's 90 degrees and our air conditioning is broke. Lets go camping in the basement. My friend was sending out the damn code. In rewatching Birdbox, there was indeed a scene where the kids were indoor camping. They even labeled the tent "camping". The head scratcher was this had all started with me following the trail of a Hollywood occultist pedo and his followers. At the heart of Mormonism is Satanism? Both Mormons and Occultists are working with Zionist Hollywood? ..We've known about the Catholics and their unhealthy interest in children for a long time... My brain was and still is swirling at the scope of this. Some of them think child love is the purist form of love and the quickest path to the light. For others it's just a way to get rich, high off adrenochrome, or to please the old gods with sacrifice. But everyone seems to want kids. I know I need to read more of David's stuff on these connections. There is just so much to look at. The same writer that gave us Birdbox, gave us Arrival, a movie that teaches us that we can time travel if we just learn the ancient language. I know I need to rewatch all Disney films. I just saw Maleficent for the first time. Ha! Sleeping Beauty told us that Aurora=Dawn=Light can only be awakened with true love's kiss. Now Maleficent comes along and tells us that the prince's kiss won't work. True love can only exist between a somewhat evil adult wearing the horns of Baphomet and a pure beautiful child. What other movies have you noticed seem to promote the pedophile or occultist agenda. {That don't appear to at first glance}
  5. hello. i need david ickes email id please. i am under mind control experiments all my life. i am a woman from india. i have occult interference in my life and people are overtly targeting me now. all my life i have suffered from severe anxiety and my parents set me up on 20th may 2019 for immense psychological trauma. they are now feeding me stimulants to kee me awake and i have developed severe insomnia now and even 10mg zolpidem twice a day doesnot help me. i have seen my neighbours are acting bizzare and my relatives are acting strange too.facebook banned my accounts even though i gave them my number. my parents have left me with very little money and right now i dont even have a proper mobile smartphone. i have one tizen os based very cheap smartphone. i have suffered from severe static electricity shocks all my life. and i pass out frequently now so i dont know what is happening to me when i pass out. i get double vision when i take high doses of sleep medicines after extreme sleep deprivation. i get very little sleep now.my dad has fed me clonazepam since 2006 redgularly as i have recently found out without my knowledge and its shocking because i had been sleeping extremely well till february 2019. i have been abused with drugs and wrong medications and they fed me olanzapine for years without me knowing what it was for. i have not been given medicine for anxiety but schizophrenia for years without my knowledge to set me up on the course of life that i am now. i have been a hum hearer since 2002 and since 10th of july this year it has intensified and sounds ominous.this hum too keeps me awakw at night and neighbous deliberately make sounds at night to keep me awake.on 9th of july i had a fight with my father in early morning hours and he openly threatened to kill me and said he better had killed me with drug overdose . my parents have been deliberately trying to provoke me to get into fights and this has intensified since 20th of may 2019 the day my overt targeting began. i have suffered from sleep paralysis all my life and recently i experience false awakenings and extreme nightmares since 20th may 2019. my parents said once because of the carelessness of my mother an ember of coal fell on my eye and i got a scar on my eye and which later they rubbed anti scar creams on. that was when i was just a few months old.my parents along with many members of my extended family have been remote neural monitoring me. please help me.
  6. I don't have much time any more to write, maybe I will after I get some sleep, and I am no longer working for Fedex's bs company. A lot of people are interested in the shipping company I was talking about that mainly promotes occult/Saturn worshipers. When full time is exclusive to mostly occultist. I call it the "Company from Hell" for short b/c it is the worst I have seen. They are bussing around drugs and working for a large part for the black markets and anything they sell. Their specialty is getting their workers addicted to meth and other drugs, so they control a drone worker population of occultist, x cons, and pyramid schemers. Then there is part-timers, but even still there are a lot of occultist that are part time too. Not all full timers are occultist of course, but your seeing a consistent rate of about 90 to 10 percent. They abuse their workers so badly, I have no idea how they have been keeping the unions away. "Promoting within" is one of their mottos -- they rely off temp work and often unreliable 20 year olds that end up finding other jobs. They are never concerned about "keeping people". You will also see mostly gender bias (ill get at that in another day it gets into the Saturn stuff), ageism, racism, and unsafe work conditions. If you are a female, basically are expected to do 5 to 10 times what a man does, b/c the mentality and culture is so Saturn saturated. Never seen a guy get yelled at for anything at this place, even when they are doing...….say about 50% to 90% less. Well, very rare occasions. Numerology wise, their founding date is "666" with ties to the Clintons and probably the Clinton foundation. 6/18/1971. Little Rock AR Most of us here know of the Clinton's crimes, just not the LINK - LINK LINK. That was letting them get away with the vast majority of it!!!! X marks the SPOT. Where it "goes down" as in all the occult happenings. Them Amber Alerts, and we will get into that at a later date.