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Found 1 result

  1. The I Am a... Prison Mentality Textbook Definition here fitting in appropriately with this Political Correctness Safe Space Bullshit. Hopefully I can shine a light on why it’s actually being instigated... Safe spaces used to inhibit free speech on campuses, inquiry finds Bureaucracy and confused guidance limit free speech, although problem not ‘pervasive’ The joint committee on human rights (JCHR), chaired by Harriet Harman, said its inquiry had not uncovered wholesale censorship of debate on university campuses as some media reporting had suggested, but warned there were nevertheless factors at work that actively limited free speech in universities. While some of these involved attempts by students to prevent debate of contested issues, the report also blamed university bureaucracy imposed on those organising events and restrictive guidance to student unions regarding freedom of speech on campuses. The committee’s report, published on Tuesday, said that although the problem was not pervasive, intolerant attitudes – often incorrectly using the banner of no-platforming and safe space policies – were nevertheless interfering with free speech on campus. It said safe-space policies, originally intended to ensure that minority or vulnerable groups felt secure, were being used by some people to seek to prevent the free speech of others whose views they disagreed with. The committee, which is made up of MPs and peers, identified problems with overly cautious student unions worried about breaking the rules; unduly complicated guidance from the Charity Commission, which regulates student unions as registered charities; and fear and confusion surrounding the government’s anti-terrorism Prevent strategy.“ https://www.theguardian.com/education/2018/mar/27/safe-spaces-used-to-inhibit-free-speech-on-campuses-inquiry-finds Safe Spaces and what are they about? - What can they be used for? Solomons Seal of Approval Safe spaces are being made deliberately to create places of Respect, Liberties and Freedom. At least symbolically and ritualistically speaking... As though these are liberal, the enforcement of our freedoms and liberties that shouldn’t need enforcing beyond ourself individually and collectively, they shouldn’t need imposing and any institution that does so you should demand action that such is changed or else leave and look elsewhere. We shouldn’t need any zones here or there but these forms of self expression and protection should be everywhere or else they’re nowhere and don’t exist beyond the more and more limited bounds of self expression and spaces in which we can and can’t enact our freedoms or feel safe. These are the perfect symbolic merit of a projected illusive reality we are projecting fault lines of everywhere to divide us, so we can be ruled and live a prison reality while offering our brain on a platter to those who are imposing this bullshit as medicine, as that’s why they’re doing it an there’s so much more of these illusive barriers being projected as our reality that people become fixated on, confusing the symbolism with how reality. Meanwhile, the subconscious mind is being fed this and picking up on it to be abused later even if you’re not consciously aware of it. Waking up is opening the subconscious into the consciousness, not all the time but fluctuations when necessary by becoming aware, dipping your toe into the ocean of Pure Awareness that we all are and information is made available to you by opening your mind beyond the bounds of this prison reality. You simply need to them trust your instincts and intuition this prison reality is encouraging you to give that authority away into external institutions that need to engineer your mind. This has many methods and ways of usurping authority and powers of enacting our freedoms elsewhere if it’s not a “Free Speech zone/Safe Space Zone” as though by their enactment we are like in an Alcohol Free Zone so Laws can commence by way of symbolism but in this sense it’s already been inverted so we are basically in an alcohol consumption zone and that Freedom of Speech is the new alcohol and drug of choice that needs banning moreso than ever, you can’t enact your free speech unless you’re in one of those so called limited “Zones” or else fear coming under attack and no doubt being called a Nazi, Preacher of Hate or an Anti-Semitic if you enact such rights. The reality is the opposite as is often the case and the people imposing a state of tyranny and then branded anyone whom points this out as the tyrants, are the ones whom are the real tyrants. If you’re not being labelled and anti-Semitic you’re doing something wrong or don’t know what’s going on and should instead accept this as a badge of honour in enacting your rights! You can’t feel safe unless you’re in a “Safe Space” which has been deemed such by a people whom wish to control you, take you’re freedoms and authority away... Safe Space - If it was on fire is it still a Safe Space? Where would people go to be safe then? Probably stand in the fire no doubt as the symbolism is being confused with the reality and such a people suckered in by this can’t see the forest for the trees and it’s quite honestly taking the absolute piss! These zones are stomping grounds for bullies and they’re made by the biggest bullies the worst over! Furthermore, these are like the fermenting and building of Towers of Falsehoods. A synthetic imposed Impeded impoverished reality that should be an insult to anyone’s intelligence. Like the Twin Towers, these Zones are deliberately being created to be attacked, come under affect and be used for political advantage, agendas and motives - Meanwhile freedoms are banished everywhere else... For purposes of False Flag Attacks, so we can have so called “Islamic Extremists”, “New IRA/Fraction Groups” and such groups can be said to have attacked such zones - which ever group would be more politically advantageous - and politically can be setup, as though those groups are attacking these zones are the ones attacking our Free Speech, our Freedoms, Security and Liberates in which We All need to Respond and Protect and stand together United against those whom wish to remove these principles from our way of life from which we should all feel threatened etc. We need more Security and Demand something must be done by those external authorities whom created these “Zones” and they’ve gotya of course! This is central to why they’re being setup and those that are doing so are the True Terrorists against such Freedom of Speech, desiring the Removal of Our Freedoms and Liberties and overall are a hindrance to our Safety they couldn’t give a damn about, they make people less and less safe by their agendas. They equally stage the location like this, along with the said group they wish to setup for attack. Then along this scale, enter Problem - Reaction - Solution This is something to be careful of and prepared for. We should be against such zones and respond with the fact such zones exist everywhere of nowhere! The Zones themselves if it isn’t already clear are being made and setup to be attacked to get such Political Spin they otherwise couldn’t get and frame without their creation. They're setting up such a Tower like this to invert the symbolism they’re creating within it when such a False Flag inevitably occurs against such a Zone. They’ve effectively been given the Seal of Approval for such to actually occur and then frame them as “the governments anti-terrorism Prevention strategy” when they’re being setup to inspire terror upon these specific Zones to spin the political debate from the inspired attack they’ve setup the groundwork for encouraging into happening, to play off of the symbolism and is no more no less than a ritual hunting ground to commit terrorism that otherwise wouldn’t be an open door, nor be able to misdirect off. As it’s the public they wish to inspire a divide, a response and hatred within. They are always the people played off and no true terrorism ever finds the terrorists responsible it’s always random people, of symbolic and ritualistic merit. They're Unsafe Zones and Zones of Ignorance, as always the opposite of what’s politically spun is the reality.