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Found 2 results

  1. Donald Woodward

    Archon Stories and Writing

    I have watched so many of David Ickes' videos, it is sometimes difficult to tell if an idea I have was mine or something I heard from him. I want to connect stories concerning how years of living as a vessel for archons. I want to write, don't know how, but I write everyday and most of my subject matter is about how lucid my imagination is concerning the subject of archons, gnostic text, reptilians, etc. I am 6 years old now and I lived a life full of experiences, some had supernatural events, good and bad, but over all, my life was fun. I traveled to places like Korea, Philippines, Guam, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and places in the states. I have a lot of good "war stories" and I like to tell them. Since I was around 14 years old I had a good imagination about sharing my body with a supernatural reptilian shaped image. I always tried but never succeeded in writing stories about how I was a vessel for moving something from location to location as well as sharing all my experiences with this something (reptilian?) because it existed in a different realm. I even shared a name which over the years, I learned meant jinn, like I have said, I have a good imagination. I always wanted to write my life experiences, but I am old now and although I write, I focus on the subject of external consciousness and connections the the quantum field theory. Now days, I describe supernatural events as "the wind" as a way to identify how some things get manipulated by something so powerful it is capable of keeping questions about it from taking place. I use mind.com/mucker59 as my place to post. What David says is synchronistic with what I want to write about, I question if it is even my idea or his. I would like to have a way of putting together stories and this really might be the place to do it. Visit mind.com/mucker59 to get an idea of what I am trying to do. Like David, I don't need it to sound any more insane than it is and I am trying to connect external consciousness with quantum theory as a way to make it sound more understandable.
  2. Donald Woodward

    External Consciousness

    External consciousness is starting to take shape in quantum field theory. I see it as a way to interpret shared experiences that reside in a field of external consciousness, like a quantum field. Each of us will have similar or different experiences within the field and it is our minds own interpretation of these experiences that give us ideas and thoughts. Some of us may have similar ideas from the experiences while others are totally different. I am only now understanding how propaganda and mind control play such an important role in how we interpret our experiences. I also see how difficult it is to share ideas, when the words needed are either no existent or taboo from using. When we have to use words that are religious or supernatural, most people will automatically dismiss the ideas as crazy. I prefer to say I have an imagination which I am going to use to explore every possibility and not allow myself to even trust my own interpretations because I could have been influenced by propaganda.