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Found 4 results

  1. Makes you Think... Reality could be a Dream inside one persons mind.. just like the movie Vanilla Sky and Inception.. "1000 years in 8 hours" and we are all trying to wake up.. But it could be, that only some people in this reality are Real and the rest of us are just Projections... What if psychopaths were given an opportunity to change themselves by being imprisoned in a dream world for 8 hours that seems like 1000 years.. They keep re-living their past in the dream, until they can change themselves.. Reality is repeated until the psychopath behavior is cured.. 1000 years in 8 hours.. There might only be a few hundred or few thousand psychopaths placed inside this dream world, until they overcome their psychopathic behavior. And the rest of us are just Projections... Maybe the people that experience constant Deja Vu's are the people serving the 1000 years in 8 hours prison sentence, and because their past keeps repeating in the dream, their mind notices things that have already been experienced. Even the Projections would come to experience these Deja Vu's... The dream happens on repeat over and over again, until the psychopath has been cured.. But what would happen to the dream if the individual realized its a dream.. could they control the dream, or is the dreams reality based on rules like in the real world.. This Could have Happened or Is going to happen.. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/10697529/Prisoners-could-serve-1000-year-sentence-in-eight-hours.html?fbclid=IwAR2AMgKccRl1RcxMUbrbGg8CqNx54pwKzo7x6jMw3-4dZJtH7cs8JMXFXgY https://socialunderground.com/2018/01/black-mirror-biotech-prison-sentence/
  2. I wanted to share my most recent interview as I feel it covered Lucid Dreaming and other deep topics in some very helpful and meaningful ways. The interviewers did their homework so we discussed even deeper aspects of reality such as deja vu linked to past dreams known as Deja Reve, or already dreamed. How dreams and reality are an interconnected system. How to control and program your dreams to dream about what you want. I even talked about my only first encounter at the age of 14, and my pre-life struggle before I got sent back into this system. I think it's a gem, so hopefully, you will too. Enjoy!
  3. As all humanity came into this dimension via the womb it would be prudent to talk about it and break it down.
  4. Donald Woodward

    External Consciousness

    External consciousness is starting to take shape in quantum field theory. I see it as a way to interpret shared experiences that reside in a field of external consciousness, like a quantum field. Each of us will have similar or different experiences within the field and it is our minds own interpretation of these experiences that give us ideas and thoughts. Some of us may have similar ideas from the experiences while others are totally different. I am only now understanding how propaganda and mind control play such an important role in how we interpret our experiences. I also see how difficult it is to share ideas, when the words needed are either no existent or taboo from using. When we have to use words that are religious or supernatural, most people will automatically dismiss the ideas as crazy. I prefer to say I have an imagination which I am going to use to explore every possibility and not allow myself to even trust my own interpretations because I could have been influenced by propaganda.