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Found 2 results

  1. this is my youtube upload of what appears to show harry enfield's teeth shapeshift. i noticed in a christmas episode of his comedy sketch show 'harry enfield & chums' some bizarre changes in the teeth of harry from normal to lizard/reptilian-like and all in between as he played one of his regular characters of a boy being badly behaved to his little sister. is this proof that such creatures exist or what do you think caused this to occur ? i'm definitely bought on the idea that reptilian shapeshifters exist after seeing a lady change her face from human to reptilian and back again right before my eyes a number of years ago.
  2. I am aware of David’s theory and I do believe that reptilians are here, I know people who have had unbelievable experiences with the Alpha Draconian's which David describes in children of the matrix. They are the tall albino reptilians who from what I heard was feeding off children’s fear. So consistent with the elite rituals. I 100% believe in aliens in ancient times, there’s endless evidence for that. Now the hard one I have trying to explain to people is the shape shifting reptilian idea. I fully understand about how everything is a hologram cuz atoms aren’t solid, the bloodlines are weird and all that. What other decent evidence is there about this theory please? I have seen the Arizona wilder interview but the average person doesn’t want to sit for 3 years listening to it as they won’t believe a word of it anyway.