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Found 2 results

  1. This is BIG news! Most of you will not be aware of the amazing news regarding some of the recent progress in our solar system that relates directly to Earth’s Ascension (humanity’s shift from 3D to 5D consciousness) and its effects on humanity. As far as Ascension goes, we are currently at the 12th hour, and we had the first ‘Ding’ on the 7th of July this year, and we’ve just had the second ‘Ding’ on the 15th of August!! Unfortunately, very few people know about it as it is not mainstream news. Much of this news comes from our very close and dear friend, Joanna Fay, from heartstar.org, who is fully awake and aware and in constant communication with Star family. I’ll explain what all this means. The Saturn-Moon control grid has finally been dismantled and transformed back to high light transmissions. This control grid has been sending the vibrations of limitation, separation and lack into the collective consciousness field of the earth for aeons. Saturn (and its moons) has gone through a massive clearing of 4th dimensional technology that was created and mis-used. Some of the moons of Saturn that have very cold vibrations have been used as network hubs for this remnant 4D tech. This is Maldekian technology, after Maldek blew up (it was between Mars and Jupiter, its remnants forming the Asteroid Belt), with tethers to the Earth via various points. Humanity, under the influence of this 4D tech network, has been prevented from connecting with the higher vibrations of Saturn, which are extremely beautiful and light, instead connecting with the network that projects Saturnian energy as cold, controlling, isolating, separationist and alienating. This has kept humans in the struggle mentality of ‘no pain, no gain’. The control grids are actually generated by Mars, Saturn, Pluto and their moons. Mars was cleared back to high light transmissions in 2018. Pluto was cleared on the 7th July this year (7-7) and transformed back to high light transmissions. It was vibrating the death programme – ‘transformation through destruction’, and has been constantly sending these energies through the lower matrix here on earth as future dystopias, whether in movies, global warming, future catastrophes, alien invasion hype, war, dying planet Earth, mass extinction crisis, new Ice Age, etc. Pluto-Saturn together are now sending beautiful rebirth frequencies. With the success of the 7th July mission we entered the 12th hour. The 11th hour began on the 11-11-11 (11th November 2011), so we have been in the 11th hour for almost 8 years of Earth time. As everything is accelerating so much now the 12th hour is looking like it will be a lot shorter. A clock chimes 12 strokes at the 12th hour, and we have just had ‘Ding 1’ on the 7th July. The reverberation of Ding 1 resounded through the earth field, the grids, the nodes, the pyramid network, the solar system, after which we have 11 Dings to go. Now we have just had ‘Ding 2’ which completed on the 15th August. The 8th August was the peak of the Lion’s Gate energies and the 15th of August was the ‘Closing of the Lion’s Gate’ as well as a full moon. According to star family, the 15th August was a ‘reset of the planetary field’. This was the completion of ‘Ding 2’. There have been attempts by earth-based groups to reinstall the ‘old’ Saturn hexagon control programme’ within the Moon. The ‘old' Saturn control network was transmitted to the lower 4D grid that was around the Moon, as a transfer station, from which it radiated into holding points/vortices around the Earth. At this stage of transition between the ‘old and the new’ in the human collective consciousness, certain parties are trying to keep generating the old matrix programme, ie. keep it looping in the collective psychic field, so that even though there’s now nothing ‘behind it’ holding it in place from Saturn, Pluto or the Moon, they can use human collective focus to keep the illusion of that matrix active and apparently ‘real’. Ironically, it is the mental focus and emotional charge of many in the ‘awakened’ (awakened to conspiracy) community that is being used to keep elements of the programme looping, as many believe in the Saturn-Moon control scenario. And as they have attached to it, their beliefs and emotions keep it energised as an active illusion within the collective energy field. As the light frequencies continue coming in and stabilise, strengthening the New Earth vibration, that looping will gradually fade out, becoming redundant in individuals and then the collective. We’ve been in a particular ‘window of grace’ since late 2012 to allow for this shift/Ascension, and this time window is now accelerating. A few years ago there was a slowing of momentum, but a lot has changed and there has been much acceleration last year and this year. Many in the ascension community called for an acceleration in 2018 and again this year, and this call has been answered and met. The third Ding is not far away. Each Ding will be noticeable vibrationally, building upon the vibration of the one before. Through the 12 will come the 13th Dimensional Ascension spiral!
  2. I don't have much time any more to write, maybe I will after I get some sleep, and I am no longer working for Fedex's bs company. A lot of people are interested in the shipping company I was talking about that mainly promotes occult/Saturn worshipers. When full time is exclusive to mostly occultist. I call it the "Company from Hell" for short b/c it is the worst I have seen. They are bussing around drugs and working for a large part for the black markets and anything they sell. Their specialty is getting their workers addicted to meth and other drugs, so they control a drone worker population of occultist, x cons, and pyramid schemers. Then there is part-timers, but even still there are a lot of occultist that are part time too. Not all full timers are occultist of course, but your seeing a consistent rate of about 90 to 10 percent. They abuse their workers so badly, I have no idea how they have been keeping the unions away. "Promoting within" is one of their mottos -- they rely off temp work and often unreliable 20 year olds that end up finding other jobs. They are never concerned about "keeping people". You will also see mostly gender bias (ill get at that in another day it gets into the Saturn stuff), ageism, racism, and unsafe work conditions. If you are a female, basically are expected to do 5 to 10 times what a man does, b/c the mentality and culture is so Saturn saturated. Never seen a guy get yelled at for anything at this place, even when they are doing...….say about 50% to 90% less. Well, very rare occasions. Numerology wise, their founding date is "666" with ties to the Clintons and probably the Clinton foundation. 6/18/1971. Little Rock AR Most of us here know of the Clinton's crimes, just not the LINK - LINK LINK. That was letting them get away with the vast majority of it!!!! X marks the SPOT. Where it "goes down" as in all the occult happenings. Them Amber Alerts, and we will get into that at a later date.