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Found 3 results

  1. Free Info


    Who is afraid of Scientology? To ask this question is to answer it: The term Scientology actually means: KNOW HOW TO KNOW The phantastic book "DIANETICS" by L. Ron Hubbard which unfortunately a lot of people still don't understand, is badly abused by a small self-serving group of people who call themselves "Church of Scientology". It is totally missused for quite a different Purpose than it was actually written for by the author. L. Ron Hubbard recognized the reality of the dual human brain and the existence of the magnetic (reactive) and electrical (analytical) minds. He recognized the ever evolving "evolution of consciousness" caused by the higher resonance of the radically increasing frequency of the cosmic light-field and the imminent occurance of the great cosmic event: The reentry of our solar system into the galactic photonlight-belt, and the consequent alignment of our sun with the galactic central sun. By also recognizing the dark causes behind people's fears and compulsions, L. Ron Hubbard also recognized the dark machinations of the worst criminals who manipulate and rule the magnetic minds of humans for thousands of years now. The "magnetic" programming of "humans by humans" was and is called "education", it was and still is practiced and enforced today with the use of special methods, such as "religious rituals" and in many cases also with the application of "Drugs" (learning pills) or by inflicting "fear and pain". Such foreign programs, deliberately hammered into people's magnetic minds, can be compared to "viruses, worms, trojans or spyware" which are not part of "the book of life". The programs inflicted on unsuspecting and unconscious people in this way are the most vicious and the true cause of all human Madness! I'm convinced, that with the imminent great cosmic event and the associated radical increase of the frequency of the electrical cosmic lightfield, all of humanity will finally wake up into a higher electrical consciousness and realize "WHO and WHAT" we really are and becomes aware again, that we are not our bodys and also not our minds, but will realize, that we, as sovereign metaphysical beings (SOULS) are able to control and dominate our own magnetic minds ourselves. Self-Scan and Self-Cleaning will be possible! Thus, we are back to the question: Who is afraid of Scientology? They are: All those, who have something bad to hide and keep dark secrets deep in their magnetic consciousness (mind)! All the criminals and servants of darkness, thieves, liars and deceivers, murderers, rapists and childmolesters! All of them fear Scientology! But, their time is up, we are on the threshold of a NEW AGE! Your Free Info 🌞
  2. Free Info

    Awakening To Zero Point

    Many people claim that climate change would be caused by humans. However, this is not my opinion, I prefer the thesis of the well known american geologist Gregg Braden in his great presentation back in 1996 when he described the science behind the weakening of earth's magnetic field and how it relates to the cultures of the ancient world and what they call the "Shift of the Ages". The videos titled "Awakening To Zero Point" in two parts are now available on YouTube in improved Quality. Must be seen! Your Free Info Video Part 1: Video Part 2:
  3. This is all fascinating, exciting even cool. But what about the potential dangers holograms with artificial intelligence may provide to privacy and our personal lives? Will a learning AI hologram lie? Will it get jealous of your current boyfriend or girlfriend? Will a jealous partner ask AI hologram private information about you in home habits, who you have spend the night and what you may say about them when they are not around?