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Found 1 result

  1. Robin

    Waking others up

    It's now 2 years ago I found David Icke's material. It has been hard coming to face the true reality of our world. I had to change how I perceived everything entirely. But what's even harder is making others understand. From what I have experienced most people can't handle the fact that they have been buying a lie. They go in an instant denial, and try to ridicule you. Others are polite enough to listen, but they don't buy into it any further, because they dont see or understand the severity. And since I think the only way to get us out of this is to spread the information to others. Personally I have never been a great speaker, or a guy that can easely sway peoples opinions. Thats why I hope to find some valuable sources from you guys. Sources that can strengthen my argument and prove to people close to me why I am so invested in these so called "conspiracy theories". I think video's or articles that expose the deep rooted corruption of our govnerments, and corperations for that matter, are the best ways to get new people started in the process of awakening. I hope you wonderful people can assist me with my research, and that this thread will be a help to others who are in the same struggle I am. Lets spread our idea's now we still can. And I'm sorry if the grammar is a bit off, I'm not a native speaker. Have a nice day ladies and gentlemen.