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Found 1 result

  1. Its the 'Brexit' election, or is it? The Conservatives are campaigning on the back of a slogan of "Get Brexit Done". The LibDems are campaining on the back of a slogan "Last chance to Stop Brexit" And the Labour Party? Well, no-one is really sure are they, and they are seemingly campaigning on the back of a promise of "free stuff for everyone" while trying to avoid talking about Brexit altogether. The Brexit Party have found themselves marginalised, and people are waking up to the possibility they are just a faction of the Tories, having stood down in a number of seats, thus denying many voters the opportunity to vote for a party that wants a 'real Brexit', not some rehashed version of Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement that will not actually see the UK leave the EU. I'll start this thread off with an observation on a 'seat to watch', namely Birmingham Hall Green. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birmingham_Hall_Green_(UK_Parliament_constituency) Roger Godsiff was the Labour MP from 2010 to 2019, but was deselected by the party following a row over his support for the Anderton Park Primary School protestors. He is now standing as an independent in the 2019 election taking place on Thursday 12th December (the results of which - for the superstitious amongst us - will be known on Friday 13th December) Mr Godsiff enjoyed a huge majority at the last election in 2017 (see link above) as a Labour candidate, and it is worth noting that the Hall Green constituency also includes the Sparkbrook and Sparkhill areas of the city, which have majority Muslim populations now. I have already observed at least one pro-Godsiff election poster on display in a shop on Stoney Lane, Sparkhill, which I pass by on my bus journey to and from work. I will be keeping an eye on the result of this one, as it will be a useful barometer to see if the local Muslims will continue to just blindly vote Labour, or whether the local imams are advising their congregations to back a man who supports them instead. On a side note, it will also be interesting to see if local Muslims continue to vote in their numbers for Jess Phillips in neighbouring Birmingham Yardley, despite her involvement in denouncing the protestors at Anderton Park.