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The Fisher of man

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Trump are you an IDIOT The US show up late Lose's almost no one from the US was killed. Those that when like veitnom where the dumbest of US peoples not the best. then make movie's, how n they alone saved the World in the second World War.your full shit


Canadian want out these shity alliances. We WILL LOSE NO MORE for the US fuck up or any one else. for you pedo's Includes the UK



Your chit dose NOT fly dingoballs dump every time u open your mouth you kill the Republicans. You Dishonor to your people an your nation in front of the AO. because of you n putting shit on head nether of your 2 nation will prosper. in fact i go out my way after my death both or all of your nation  China n the UK well on the way of joining. WE as Canadian and the world CAN NOT TRUST YOU. Enjoy Prison

Lastly Trump didnt lie when he said he asked Canada for no favors. see that was the 1st truth u said to date. an i been wait for your month to flip off..  nnnooooo You threaten the young lead in submitting. by force an assassination was the threat . U can now ask the Canadian leader ship.


If they say no I prove it by what going on in the news at the time. and my GOD like imagery


Canada WONT fight your battle chit munger. WE do not pay you. you pay us.

Skys I got the shots shit wad's If I were you 2 I be worrying about how all this will effect you and your nations AFTER my death. WHAT I will do to those that disappoint me.




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