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David Icke Banned from Australia

The War on Free Speech by this International Empire, the truth is so dangerous bodyguards are need to protect it, so that truth is stopped from coming out, so lies can get the traction they otherwise don’t deserve and wouldn’t get.

Their censorship will be their own coming undone if people choose to investigate why these things are happening?
Why do they need to happen?
Who is “protecting” who?
What from?
Why aren’t people allowed to make their own minds up?
Why does a difference of opinion threaten you so much?

If you’re secure enough within your own beliefs and POV then you’re not so insecure that you need to silence others whom have a different opinion from your own, or fear those who potentially challenge you and yours.

Towers of Falsehoods are being protected very carefully by making the truth and illegal tool, a weapon of war comparable with mass slaughter that those silencing you are actually very much responsible for, truth is only used by preachers of hate, anti-Semitics and Conspiracy Theorists.

Wake the Fuck Up!




Aleister Crowley ISIS Ritual-Continuation of WWII


Scientific Illuminism - Aleister Crowley - Aldous Huxley



Full Original Thread:

Conspiracy theorist David Icke should be banned from Australia





P.S. - After posting a thread and then making amendments to it, Bold content seems to want to change back to standardised text.

This seems to happen sometimes, othertimes it stays as it should...

This will become a pain in the arse. Maybe it’s a device based compatibility isuse.

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Guest Atramento

Thanks for your post but please dont use that POS Churchill.

Complete and utter murderer for the bankers.



Evidence of the same import is furnished by Jane Adams and charitable English persons, and the liberal periodicals, as distinct from the daily newspapers, have printed columns showing the terrible ravages of an illegal and indefensible blockade which inflicted the horrors of war upon the feeble and helpless, those recognized by the laws of nations and humanity as entitled to protection when not within the sphere of military operations and in no way responsible for or contributing to them.

The armistice was signed November 11, 1918, but so relentless was the English policy of crushing the German people that Winston Churchill, on March 3, 1919, declared in the House of Commons: “We are enforcing the blockade with rigor.... This weapon of starvation falls mainly upon the women and children, upon the old, the weak, and the poor, after all the fighting has stopped.” (“The Nation,” June 21, 1919; p. 980.)

The appalling heartlessness which, not content with inflicting starvation on a whole nation—for we will not mention Austria in this connection—designed to add to its horrors still added injuries, is exposed in the terms of the treaty, by which the German people were required to give up 140,000 milch cows and other livestock. Witness the following Associated Press dispatch:

Paris, July 24 (Associated Press).—Germany will have to surrender to France 500 stallions, 3,000 fillies, 90,000 milch cows, 100,000 sheep and 10,000 goats, according to a report made yesterday before the French Peace Commission, sitting under the presidency of Rene Viviani, by M. Dubois, economic expert for the commission, in commenting on the peace treaty clauses.

Two hundred stallions, 5,000 mares, 5,000 fillies, 50,000 cows, and 40,000 heifers, also are to go to Belgium from Germany. The deliveries are to be made monthly during a period of three months until completed.

A total of 140,000 milch cows! Forty thousand heifers! To be surrendered by a country in which little children were dying for lack of milk, and babies were brought into the world blind because of the starved conditions of the mothers!

'1683-1920', by Frederick Franklin Schrader



At the present moment we are bringing everything to a head with Germany. We are holding all our means of coercion in full operation, or in immediate readiness for use. We are enforcing the blockade with rigour. We have strong Armies ready to advance at the shortest notice. Germany is very near starvation. The evidence I have received from officers sent by the War Office all over Germany shows, first of all, the great privations which the German people are suffering, and, secondly, the danger of a collapse of the entire structure of German social and national life under the pressure of hunger and malnutrition. Now is, therefore, the moment to settle. To delay indefinitely would be to run a grave risk of having nobody with whom to settle

03 March 1919 Churchill





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22 minutes ago, Atramento said:

Thanks for your post but please dont use that POS Churchill.

Complete and utter murderer for the bankers.


'1683-1920', by Frederick Franklin Schrader


03 March 1919 Churchill








Don’t worry.


I don’t support Churchill anymore than I support General Wesley Clark.


But I’ll use what they’ve  said or apparently said to my advantage...




Zionism versus Bolshevism.

A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People

By the Rt. Hon. Winston S. Churchill.





Winston Churchill was at one time before his rise to power against these people at least politically speaking.


Yet when they made him their puppet, his rise to power and his drive for control blinded by his own greed and delusions to keep his throne, he secretly sold out what was the British Empire, to these internationalists whom we fought their wars for and bankrupted the Empire and handed it over to these International Bankers who peddled the wars on all sides.


Not to be confused, I see this as a Overt British Empire operation, handed to a Covert British Empire Operation.

The same people then continue to go on playing the same game largely using the United States as their war machine to accomplish exactly the same task they was using the British to accomplish.

While of course hiding behind the Lobby to occupy International Politics, behind that of the Jews using Israel and Zionism as a catalyst. They’ve done this of course so you can’t point them out upon their actions, or else be equated with Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler etc.


Exactly so they could do this!

That’s why those wars happened, along with population control and no less than satanic sacrifice and rituals of war etc that’s why from a Great Depression where no one had any money, but  war debt can so easily be accumulated and money lent to people who couldn’t lend money previously...

It was a scam, a lie, as is all the financial system of a fixed rigged economy so we will do what those whom control society through the economy want us to do for them. That’s if we fall for the lie...

Those Wars are continuing. They’ll do it again if they have half a chance, gaining even more territory for their control just as they’re doing through International/Rothschilds Zionism within the Middle East.


Even terrorists can have the unfortunate habit of telling the truth now and again.

Which is unfortunate for them.

Thats why that truth needs a bodyguard of lies to protect it, so they can keep their seat of power and occupation over their people they’re deceiving.



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Occult Forces Movie - Freemasonry - New World Order - Ritual Symbolism




For anyone starting down this research path and this is new to them what I’ve posted above and this history, here are some other links of previously inspired posts on the old David Icke forum. 

Some of these are about that history and how because of these historic deceptions, a lot of politics today continues to deceive us along the same lines while they’re still carrying out this agenda and selling it to society as something else altogether.


Jews - Zionism - Bolshevism - Divide and Rule


Freemasonry and King Solomon’s Temple International Zionist Objective



US Pivot to Asia - “Containment of Communism” History Repeating Itself



Jerusalem King Solomon’s Temple Zionism/Freemasonry






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Mustn’t say bad things about them - Why not? Why are these the only group of people who can’t be questioned or condemned?


France to criminalize anti-Zionism




Macron says France to treat anti-Zionism a 'form of anti-Semitism'



They have an International Protection Racket going, an International Conspiracy to Control and shutdown debate while attacking, discrediting and undermining anyone who threatens that Control.

Yet to say that is “anti-Semitic” when the evidence of political pressure and control, media control and discredit campaigns are more than obvious by these groups you can’t, or shouldn’t speak about.



Slander and defame people in the aim of removing slander and deformation!




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Australian government shocked by backlash over David Icke ban - here's the ultra-Zionist Israel front-group behind the ban exposed in 2012








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