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Any flat earthers about?

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On 10/13/2019 at 5:47 AM, Octopus said:

Perhaps it's both or neither at the same time. If Earth is an information field maybe it seems flat when your in it and round when your outside of it, or possibly some other answer we haven't discovered yet.



Sorry folks, I've been following this discussion for quite a while now, but without interfering, until a few days ago, I drew your attention to the great scientific Video THE SECRET BEYOND MATTER. It only astonishes me, why only so few respond? 

My Question: 

What would you say, if there really is no earth at all and everything is just a five sensed perception of light-signals (information fields) which is decoded in the brain, so it is just an illusion in the mind which does not exist anywhere else??? 

That humans have a completely different perception than animals is also possible, for example, how do flies perceive the universe? or fish? or birds? 

When we look at the flat screen of our 2D-TV or at the flat screen of our 2D- PC's or Cell-phones or a 2D-photo, the earth actually appears flat. But when we see a 2D-image in the 5D-Image (picture in picture) on the spherical screen of our visual-centre in our five sense brain we indeed see the earth as a ball!

David Icke, Harun Yahya and also Elizabeth Klarer (blessed) and many others speak or have spoken about this all the time. 




I think it's time to turn on our personal antenna (PINEAL GLAND DIRECT ACCESS) and tune-into the divine UNIVERSAL WIDE WEB (uww). 


So, take it easy people and go online!


Your Free Info 😀



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