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Tommy Robinson deleted from Facebook

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21 hours ago, sapf0 said:




Fall for what? Ive sen the multiple videos recorded by people. The police marched them miles. They then proceed to attack the innocent, shout "Allah Akbar", "Fuck the police" etc.., and the police done absolutely nothing. Open your eyes for god sake. The way some people are following Islam is a MAJOR problem. We've been very tolerant over the years, and now they want to c control what we teach in schools. I refer to there fact the school in Birmingham just wants to inform kids that 'some' kids have 2 dads, and 'some' have 2 moms, so as the kids in question do not face discrimination. If we as a progressive 'Christian' nation bow down to this ideology. What will 'offend' them next?



How do I post videos? I have one from a ringleader of these protests....


If its a Youtube video, just paste the link, the forum software will do the rest... :)


They are protesting again this afternoon at Anderton Park Primary School in Sparkhill:


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