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The Apprentice

Nuclear explosion in Russia

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Five scientists killed in a mysterious nuclear blast in Northern Russia last week were buried on Monday. Questions remain about the incident, but U.S. officials believe it may have involved work on a new nuclear-powered cruise missile, and could have contaminated the region with radioactive waste. 


The scientists were employed by the Russian Federal Nuclear Center, a research institute run by Rosatom, Russia's state nuclear energy corporation. They were posthumously awarded the Order of Courage, a state award that honors "brave actions committed while performing one's military, civic or professional duty with risks to one's life." 

"We laid to rest our colleagues that tragically died testing a new special product," Alexei Likhachyov, head of Rosatom, said in a statement Monday. "They passed like true heroes." 


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Originally reported over a week ago as well - (That's not a criticism of you)


Along with the fact it was a minor spike (As detected in the west) The article above  seems to be rather over sensationalising the damage and using Public panic - as justification - to cause panic.


They also blew up an ammunition dump in the last few weeks as well - that's impressive footage , but thankfully no fatalities- Vodka and explosives dont mix Comrade

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