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Zombie Apocalypse

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Anyone paying attention to the  output from Hollywood over the past decades could not have helped but noticing a theme being very strongly pushed ...

The Walking Dead , or Zombie theme , MJ's 'thriller'   ... Halloween type stuff ... Basically people shuffling around in a trance , trying to grab and eat other people ...

For a reason which is totally beyond me this has caught on big time .... literally  MILLIONS of people annually dress up like zombies and go on "zombie walks"  in many countries of the world ...

Zombie Walk ,Pittsburgh USA 

Having studied and practiced ceremonial magic I know very well the effect of such mass events . The people involved are unknowingly using their mental/psychic  energy to manifest for real a zombie apocalypse.

Is that what they truly want???


The NWO know it's not enough to just release a virus , first they have to prepare the public to welcome the idea , get us to think it's real cool to be a flesh eating zombie , this creates a conducive psychic atmosphere so when released the virus will run , and not peter out .

I have just come across the first real indication they do in fact have such a virus.


Captain 'K' (randy cremer) has been well vetted and is a very credible source ... he says the military has training camps , where real people infected with this virus are used as live targets to train soldiers. 

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Do you reckon Bill Gates’ disease/ virus X has something to do with this? 

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11 hours ago, Seeker said:

Do you reckon Bill Gates’ disease/ virus X has something to do with this? 


I'm a bit out of touch with the latest news ... a search brings up many headlines like these ....

Bill Gates Warns About Global Killer ‘Disease X’: Millions Will Die ....

Many videos of him going around lecturing thousands  of people  "get ready , millions will die" .... Why would he do that , what does he expect us to do about it ???


He's conditioning the minds of the masses ... many will believe him ... This is the main work the controllers do , try to convince us a nightmare is coming , and if enough people believe it , it will come because we use our mental psychic power to help it happen ....


Same as  Elon Musk ...." AI will end humanity ... it's summoning the Daemon"  ... then he starts an AI company to make it happen  ...lol 


Just as Gates tells us a plague is coming , then creates a company breeding plague carrying mosquitoes to release on us ..lol 


You couldn't make this shit up !! 


But the most important part is to first convince us what they want to happen  is coming , if we believe it we unconsciously use  our mental energy to manifest it.


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Just an addendum to the above post ....


Some might have thought I was being unfair to Bill Gates ... Bill tells us he's breeding sterile mosquitoes in an attempt to wipe out malaria .... Although I had no evidence , It was a no brainier to me he was up to no good ... Now we have confirmation from this article , published only yesterday .....



More adaptive mosquitoes likely to kill millions in South America

Mike Adams | Natural News - SEPTEMBER 18, 2019 32 Comments 
GMO Experiment Goes Horribly Wrong: “Mutant” Mosquitoes Could Cause Mass Death



Remember the two-year experiment to release genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild to eradicate all the mosquitoes?

For years, we were all lectured by scientists and GMO pushers who insisted that genetically modifying male mosquitoes to be infertile would cause the termination of nearly all offspring as females mated with the GMO males. The result, we were told, would be a mass die-off of the mosquito population at large, saving human lives by avoiding the catastrophic effects of mosquito-borne disease.

At first, the experiment seemed to work. For the initial 18 months of the experiment carried out in Brazil — in which 450,000 genetically modified male mosquitoes were released into the wild — mosquito populations plummeted. But then something happened.

As published in the journal Nature, in a study entitled, “Transgenic Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes Transfer Genes into a Natural Population,” the very same modified genes we were told would never be passed to “in the wild” mosquito populations has, in fact, done exactly that.

Powered by these new genes (and combined with some behavioral adaptation explained below), the mosquito population surged back. Even worse, now the wild populations of mosquitoes in Brazil have these “mutant” genes which were combined from Cuba and Mexican mosquito populations, meaning these new gene-enhanced mosquitoes are now a kind of “super mutant” insect that may be resistant to all sorts of insecticides......

Full article here .... https://www.infowars.com/gmo-experiment-goes-horribly-wrong-mutant-mosquitoes-could-cause-mass-death/


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