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Greta Thunburg

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45 minutes ago, JOUP said:

 Go to you tube and enter BT turn on 5g in Coventry birds fall from trees dead,,,,,,, I have just signed up brand new to this site and seen your comment on 5g thought I would send this so that you could possibly forward on.


I'll post a video and info on the 5g thread.


Edit .... Deca started a thread about this today



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Old Holloywood Has-Been Jane Fonda saw an opportunity to get back in the spotlight,  by getting all dolled-up for a phoney photo-op arrest in Washinton DC, inspired by Greta Thunberg and she may get an award for supporting actress, but Greta takes the Oscar!


I want to be as brave as Greta: 🙄


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On 10/17/2019 at 2:22 AM, rooey said:

Doesn't Stephen sound like a dodgy bastard and the merchants possibly in cahoots with slave traders 


Yeah so what I'm interested to know was who was stephens handler?


Runciman says that stephen was handed a note by jesus himself! So it seems that someone who wanted to provoke another crusade was traveling around the country trying to manipulate gullible children and in stephen he found his useful idiot. It seems the person even impersonated jesus! Also Runciman says that some priests accompanied the children and perhaps they are the puppeteers. lets continue the story:




''In the year 1230 a priest arrived in France from the east with a curious tale to tell. He had been, he said, one of the young priests who had accompanied stephen to marseilles and had embarked with them on the ships provided by the merchants. A few days out they had run into bad weather, and two of the ships were wrecked on the island of san pietro, off the south-west corner of sardinia, and all the passengers were drowned. The five ships that survived the storm found themselves soon afterwards surrounded by a saracen squadron from africa; and the passengers learned that they had been brought there by arrangement, to be sold into captivity. They were all taken to Bougie, on the algerian coast. Many of them were bought on arrival and spent the rest of their lives in captivity there. Others, the young priest among them, were shipped on to egypt, where frankish slaves fetched a better price. When they arrived at alexandria the greater part of the consignment was bought by the governor, to work on his estates. According to the priest there were still about seven hundred of them living. A small company was taken to the slave markets of bagdhad; and there eighteen of them were martyred for refusing to accept islam. More fortunate were the young priests and the few that were literate. The governor of egypt, al adil's son al-kamil, was interested in western languages and letters. He bought them and kept them as interpreters, teachers and secretaries, and made no effort to convert them to his faith. They stayed on in cairo in a comfortable captivity; and eventually this one priest was released and allowed to return to france. he told the questioning parents of his comrades all that he knew, then disappeared into obscurity....It was not the little children that would rescue jerusalem''

-Steven Runciman, 'A History of the crusades III: The kingdom of Acre'









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what a dreadful story. plus a reminder there are loathsome cretins in this world who deserve nothing but the sword 

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