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What the Hopi say is responsible for these Earth changes

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This last month or so I ran across this when searching my stored stuff for an article about Venus having been a comet in the past (and looked for it in response to a recent article about Venus having once been potentially habitable until some event happened.)


I'd completely forgotten about it and though I found it interesting I also thought some of it was disturbing.  I still haven't read all the pages (or chapters?)


The website wasn't up for long before it went 404 but thankfully some people had the foresight to archive pages to thewaybackmachine, and luckily I had the original links handy.


I'd thought for a bit that I'd gotten the link to this from a description of guests, three Hopi elders, that were being interviewed on the Art Bell program, but I researched that this past week and found that Art Bell had interviewed the Hopi elders in 1998, and this website is from 2007.


I've thought to call the Hopi (there are contact numbers and departments, haha not sure which one this would fall under) just to verify it is authentically Hopi, but just to read it seems sufficient that it is legitimate.


As for truth?  Who owns the truth?  Nonetheless, it's an interesting consideration and there's no time like the present to share it.  It had about fallen into obscurity but, me thinks, worth a look just cos and why not.


What are your thoughts about it?


Part 1 of 3


The Sacred Path of Migration


"Perhaps the greatest difference between native religions and pahana religions is this, we believe in God and evolution. We believe God's greatest work is through evolution. God is the Divine Artist, evolution is the Divine Art, we are His clay, Death is His kiln."


"It is said that religion opposes evolution by maintaining that life was created by God. The Truth is a wondrous affirmation of God as the original Creator and the continuing Developer of His creations. The Truth confirms God’s original work and the on-going marvel of His creative evolution.


Mankind has long sought explanations about himself and his world. One of his concerns has been the search for the force, which governs, the Mongko, the laws of the Universe, another has been an explanation for the development of life on Earth. Existing concepts of evolution have formed largely around Charles Darwin's "The Origin of Species." Darwin envisaged evolution as many small transitional changes in the genetic structure of organisms with offspring varying slightly from their parents, and as one small change proved advantageous it was implemented and added to by later changes which introduced further improvements.


However, all efforts to trace the origin of man are dependent upon a fossil record that is unable to provide an unbroken pattern of development between man and his progenitors, the fossil record provides evidence that evolutionary changes take place in a series of sudden and repeated adaptations which render organisms suitable for dramatically changed environs.


The destruction of colossal structures such as the Mayan cities of Yucatan and the burial of Leptis Magna illustrate the chaos wrought on Earth by an unseen agent of Nature. From the Menhirs of Carnac to the Nazca lines of Peru, enigmatic monuments bear evidence of the disappearance of prehistoric man and in sudden and unexpected cataclysmic changes. The force, which acted on Mother Earth, did not distinguish between temples, palaces and simple domiciles; it swallowed all structures in its path.


What agency produced such powerful paroxysms?


The ejection of a core from a planet causes the inward collapse of a planet and the subsidence of all structures on the planet's crust. The ejected core settles very near to the body of the Mother Planet and is known to man as a Lunar body, Moon, or natural satellite. When a core is ejected the host planet caves in breaking and burying most surface structure, hence the need for a spade when you go in search of prehistoric artifacts (which are in fact our legacy from Earth, when Earth was in the position of Mars).


For clarity's sake I will start with Mercury. Mercury is not a planet; Mercury is an ejected core (a Moon). Mercury's host planet, David, entered the Sun during the last Purification along with the core, which occupied the position now occupied by Mercury. The order of the solar system was different, (it is best to reproduce the order by drawing it as it was before the last Purification) in first position and closest to the Sun was Hermes, a core (identical to Mercury); in second position (now occupied by Venus) was David a planet (identical to Venus) which occupied the position now occupied by Venus; in the third position was Venus with Mercury appearing in the sky over Venus (as does the Moon appear over Earth); in the fourth position was the Earth, home to many species including early Homo Sapiens. Just as there are many races on Earth in this orbit, so too there were many races on Earth when she occupied the orbit now occupied by Mars. The structural differences between races on Earth in this orbit are slight and so they are grouped and referred to as "racial differences". The structural differences between races on Mars are more pronounced and archaeologists believe those differences to be representative of many different "species". Great structural differences between primates and humans exist here on Earth and are clear to see and it is therefore easy to understand which differences are special (pertaining to species) and which are racial (regional).

During the last Purification one core and one Planet (Hermes and David) entered the Sun and were converted into energy, not destroyed: the inhabitants of David did not enter into the Sun; the Solar System creates life and brings it to perfection; the purpose of this great work is not to use painstakingly perfected life for fuel. The gift of eternal life is granted to man in the completed form.


After the last Purification, when the Solar System settled down, Mercury occupied the first position, Venus occupied the second position and Earth occupied the third position along with our Moon (the ejected core of Venus). When Venus ejected her core and made the transition into her present orbit, her core, (now Earth's Moon), remained here in the third orbit. Phobos and Deimos were ejected from Earth during her term as Mars, nano seconds before she made her transition into this orbit.


During Purification all planets are attracted one orbit closer to the Sun but their cores remain in the earlier orbit making the transition during the following Purification. Therefore, during the coming Purification, Mercury and Venus will enter the Sun and be converted into energy (transformed into the new Sun); Earth's moon (the erstwhile core of Venus) will enter the orbit vacated by Mercury; Earth will eject her core and Earth will enter the orbit vacated by Venus (the ejected core of Earth will remain in our present orbit); Mars will enter this orbit (Earth's ejected core will be Moon to Mars). Jupiter will enter the orbit presently occupied by Mars (being closer to the Sun Jupiter will no longer be a member of the "jovian" group, she will be a "terrestrial" planet. There is a great deal more to this such as evolution through death prior to planetary transition.


Every planet has its own color spectrum, sound spectrum and density spectrum, working our way inward from Pluto the density spectra increases, the Morning Star having the greatest density in the Solar System. Density spectra are not unlike other spectra in their way of impacting on us. We can hear a limited range of sound, we can see a limited range of colors and we can perceive with all of our senses a limited range of densities.


In this world it is well known that the density of Venus is greater than that of Earth while the density of Mars is less than that of Earth. Bearing this in mind and using water as a medium, if water on Mars is of a lesser density than water on Earth, how do we perceive water on Mars? The fact is, we don't perceive it. It is there, but we have no perception of it because it is outside of our density spectrum, just as we do not perceive sound, which lies, outside of our sound spectrum. The same applies to vegetation on Mars, it is there but it is outside of our density spectrum. We could walk through a river on Mars, we could walk around on the floor of Hellas Basin, water is to us less dense than our atmosphere and we are unable to perceive it. We could walk through a jungle on Mars passing trees and prehistoric creatures without being aware of their presence because they lie outside of our range of densities. We could pass right through a tree, we could pass right through the walls of a cave where occupants dine noisely, we would be unaware of them and they would be equally unaware of us.


Our ability to perceive with any of our senses is limited by spectra. Our ability to perceive other life in this Solar System is due to the limited range of our density spectrum. For us to perceive our brothers and sisters from other worlds they have to adjust their density (the density of their bodies and their craft) to fall within the range of our spectrum. This (the ability to adjust spectra) is a science, which we will master swiftly when Earth becomes the new Morning Star. Our brothers and sisters to whom Venus is home, lie outside of our range of spectra, we do not lie outside of their range of spectra, the inhabitants of Taalawsohu (Venus) have unrestricted perception of spectra, as will we when Earth enters the most prized of all orbits where She sits on the throne of Heaven and is crowned as the Morning Star, the brightest jewel in the sky."


Archived link - Sacred Migration

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Part 2 of 3


"Science does not always correctly distinguish between environmental changes, which are caused by nature, and those, which are caused by man. The warming which is melting the ice shelves in West Antarctica is one case of mistaken identity. The warming in the region is thought to be caused by (the Industrial Age) discharging "greenhouse gases" into the upper atmosphere. The truth is very different."

"The cradle of the changes in the world climate is the Weddell Sea in West Antarctica. The Weddell Sea is the Earth's Yoni; the point where her Core (unborn Moon) will come out, so understandably there is a lot of activity going on under the Weddell Sea floor as her time to give birth draws closer. The activity is increased from late August until early October. Can you guess why? And what does this tie in with?


The Antarctic area (about 14 million sq. km) greatly increases during winter when sea ice forms at the periphery, and the world climate is very sensitive to the extent of the winter sea-ice. Sea ice insulates the ocean from the atmosphere, stabilizes the surface water and maintains a balanced Antarctic atmosphere. A balanced Antarctic atmosphere is important to a balanced world atmosphere.


Lately the Antarctic atmosphere has been increasingly agitated. Higher than normal (and climbing) ocean temperatures and rapidly melting ice is disturbing the atmosphere. Less sea ice results in reduced reflection and insulation, and this has a direct effect on the Antarctic atmosphere causing local weather changes which impact on the world’s climate.


Hitherto, stable polar conditions exerted a balancing influence over the Earth’s climate. Now, rising temperatures in the Antarctica translate into large fluctuations in world temperatures, as well as typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes. Peter Barrett (New Zealand's Victoria University of Wellington) compared Antarctica to a person with declining health. "It's like someone who's declining in health and until the problem is well advanced it's not terminal," he said. "This is a wake-up call." The Earth is in labor, and since pregnancy is not an illness, the analogy is not entirely appropriate. Though several biblical references to the condition of the planet(s) have been excluded, a few remain.

"Birth-pangs" has been interpreted variously as "sorrow", "struggles", "tribulations", but it appears correctly in (some) Greek bibles and in the New International Version.

Matthew 24, verse 7 There will be famines and earthquakes throughout places, but all these things are the beginning of birth-pangs.


Mark 13, verse 8 There will be earthquakes in places, there will be famines, beginning of birth-pangs these things are.


The sea ice pack stabilizes ocean conditions and stable ocean conditions maintain a stable world atmosphere. Without the ice lid, the ocean temperature loses heat to the atmosphere. Presently, the amount of heat lost to the Antarctic atmosphere is significant. The greatest consistent rise in temperature in the Southern Hemisphere is taking place in West Antarctica (the vicinity of the Weddell Sea) where the meteorological records of the British Antarctic Survey Faraday Research Station, show a rise in mean annual air temperature of 2.5 °C, though this figure may appear small, in terms of the affect on sea ice and the atmosphere, it is great.


The mystery of the changing world climate is not really a mystery, and man is not to be blamed: a butterfly is flapping its wings in Antarctica...."


Archived link - Weddell Sea

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Part 3 of 3


Mother Earth


Our Home Planet

"As scientific understanding has grown, so our world has become dehumanized. Man feels himself isolated in the cosmos, because he is no longer involved in nature and has lost his emotional "unconscious identity" with natural phenomena. These have slowly lost their symbolic implications. Thunder is no longer the voice of an angry god, nor is lightning his avenging missile. No river contains a spirit, no tree is the life principle of a man, no snake the embodiment of wisdom…No voices now speak to man from stones, plants, and animals, nor does he speak to them believing they can hear. His contact with nature has gone, and with it has gone the profound emotional energy that this symbolic connection supplied." (Carl Jung)


Each one of us has wondered "Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?" The answer is that we are merely waiting, and though it has seemed an intenninable time, and it has been difficult; it has been very worthwhile. Now we must harvest all our faith in Nature and in God and greet the approaching final stage of evolution with courage and rejoicing. Only one chance is given, we can only evolve in unison with everything in Nature. If we miss this chance to complete our Pattern of Evolution, all else in Nature will go forward and we will be left behind.


We have coexisted with all of Nature since the beginning of Time, we are interconnected with all of Nature and must function together synchronously until the Time of Purification. We can do nothing to hold back Nature, and so we must accept the weather changes which signal the Time of Purification and the continuation of evolution of man and all Nature on the one Universal Road of Life that is represented in Hopi by Wuwutsim, Soyal and Powamu ceremonies.


"In Hopi the "myths" are meant to explain the Truth but sometimes they make it unclear because they give it an atmosphere of fantasy. The "myths" are not really "myths"; they are a way of explaining Truth to a people before we have an understanding of science. The Truth has always been with us, science is a newcomer. (On the Internet and in the books my grandfather read about his people he said).... "I can see they like to mix Truth with blind words to trap people who must not know every sacred matter. I am sorry for this but I can understand their reason, and it is not easy to explain to my pahana brothers and sisters their reason. But I feel knowing some of our "secrets" (which we have only hidden because it was safer) you can better understand us."


We all know this world is changing, weather is changing and people are changing. Some people have become better than they were and other people have given up hope and have become worse. Many people who have wondered 'what is happening to the weather' and 'what is happening to the young people'. Native people know why the weather has become unpredictable and many young people are lost, to us this is not unexpected, to us it is the sign of the end of one Era and the beginning of the next. Our prophecies speak this knowledge to us...."When you can see plants bloom out of season, know that the End is near and you must get your house in order. When young people shave their heads and will not follow the advice of their parents, when parents are afraid of their own children, know that the End is near and you must make yourself ready to walk the line of Sacred Corn."


The Sand Painting of the Sunflower within Hopi knowledge describes the process of our beginning with our Earth in our Solar System. In the Bible, this process is the six-day creation in Genesis and symbolic of the six eras during which Earth occupied the six outer orbits. The seventh day of rest refers to the period of equilibrium during Earth's occupation of the present orbit. The description of creation in the Bible is intended to convey the different stages from a formless planet to one, which supports "every herb bearing seed, every tree, every beast of Earth, every fowl of the air, everything which creepeth upon Earth, and man." We are presently in the period of equilibrium, God’s Day of Rest. God will again commence "work" during excitation and will be our last step in this journey to higher life form with our Earth.


On December 26th 2004, our Earth experienced a strong contraction. Many do not understand what is happening upon our planet. Many do not understand the weather changes. Our Earth is undergoing a very natural process, which has taken place from Age to Age. This process brings life to a higher-evolved state of being with everything in Nature. This Holy Event explains the true origin of the Moon. It is the Truth for all planets and their moons.


The truth about the origin of our Moon is known and has been suppressed.


"Consider for instance our Moon, if indeed all craters on our Moon were "impact" craters they would show evidence of skid marks caused by meteoric movement made after every impact, there would also exist, on the lunar surface, proof of overwhelming meteoritic activity in the form of meteorite material, such evidence does not exist, the impact theory includes the pulverization of all meteorites and their ultimate complete disappearance. Without exception every lunar crater has uniform cross angles, for this to be caused by meteoritic impact every meteorite would have had to rain down on our Moon from every conceivable angle and strike our Moon at right angles to the surface (while bypassing Earth who remains unscathed by a torrential rain of meteorites which should have struck her before bouncing off her surface and striking our Moon). Lunar, (and many other), craters are caused by gaseous emission. The boiling, blistering, Core is ejected and conditions below "freezing" cause blisters (or gas bubbles) to burst and settle into craters. The lunar surface exhibits lava seas and gaseous craters in keeping with what would be expected of the surface of an ejected Core (a new Moon).


The attempts to share sacred knowledge of the Holy Event that is unfolding under our feet is so people understand the naturalness of the Event, because the climatic changes will increase both in quantity and intensity, and a very tragic day will come when the Illuminati, using science as a medium to get their message across, will use the Earth's pregnancy to strike terror in peoples hearts. The Event involves the Birth of the Aeon (the inner-Core which is an unborn Moon) through the Earth’s Yoni in the Antarctica, it will be preceded by strong birth-pangs, and certainly there will be great upheaval, but without the upheaval there would be no Purification, no Renewal, no *progressive* evolution.


The ones who ‘control’ this orbit were here before us. Long before our Earth occupied this orbit their planet (which is now Venus) did so. When their planet underwent a 'shift' to a higher orbit, the dark ones, also thought of as, the ancient ones, transgressed God’s Laws and remained behind in space-time.


There are those who always have and always will use fear tactics to lure people into space-time, and keep them in space-time by tempting them with prolonged life, even ‘immortality’ but there is no immortality in space-time, ‘et in Arcadia ego’. The human body is vulnerable to death even in space-time. There are those who will be loyal to God and remain on Earth to celebrate the Birth, and there are those who will watch the Birth from the dark world that stalks our reality.


All of Mother Earth’s history did not unfold in this, the third orbit from the Sun, Mother Earth started out in the orbit, which is presently occupied by the planet Pluto. From that far outlying region Mother Earth experienced Purifying changes, which carried Her, step by step, closer to the Sun. During every Purification the organisms present on Mother Earth were adapted to exist in the changed conditions of Mother Earth’s new position within the Solar System. As Her organisms drew closer to the Sun, functioning as an enormous incubator the Sun acted on Mother Earth’s chosen organisms to thaw them and perpetuate their development. The next Purification will be experienced during this present generation and will transport Mother Earth, and Her organisms, into the orbit, which is presently occupied by Venus, the Morning Star (Taalawsohu).


Mother Earth is the Great Goddess who gathered us to her breast, sheltered us in her caves, provided us with nourishment from her body and worked tirelessly towards our evolutionary improvement. "I pray that people will not abandon our Mother Earth now that we stand on the very threshold of our own perfection. I pray that people will not abandon our Mother Earth now that her work, on our behalf, is almost complete. I pray that in our Mother's hour of greatest need people will prove themselves to be loving and loyal children and that they will not abandon her but will instead advance with her and reap the highest reward the Universe has to offer to mankind."


Live your life in brotherly love, and put aside all fear of death, for death has no sting, and the grave holds a reward for the righteous. Through rebirth we shall inherit the incorruptible body of perfect, completed man. This Time mankind must anticipate the Event at the Weddell Sea with joy in his/her heart. This Time there must be no fear and no evacuation. Everyone should know that we are on the verge of being presented with a choice that affects them at the utmost level of their soul, and everyone should be in possession of all the facts before making such a decision.


The "Universal" Catholic Church believes it is withholding the information because mankind is not wise enough to understand the truth, "and anyway, we have Purgatory (Arcadia, Seventh Heaven, Space-time etc.)" But we know that Purgatory is the Antechamber of Hell. Have you visited Vatican City lately? Have you seen how the Church flaunts symbols of the truth everywhere? What is her purpose if not to taunt? Shouldn't she be more modest since she has no intention of revealing the truth? And then there are the so-called secret societies, the very ones who exploit the truth for wealth and power. They have been dressing it up as religion and revealing it since time began (so to speak), but only to a select few, all in the service of something entirely opposite to God.


Cest nest pas un pipe? Without a shadow of a doubt the truth about the coming Day of Purification when the Core (an unborn Moon) is ejected/born from the Antarctic Weddell Sea cannot serve any wrong purpose. To withhold it is a brevatio manus Domini.


It is a well-known fact of science that the earth's rotation slows at a rate of 0.005 seconds per year. It remains to be discovered that the Earth Heart (Core) rotates in the clockwise direction, opposite to the asthenosphere and the lithosphere. The slowing of the Earth’s rotation is due to the increasing weight of the core. What will take place when the weight of the core exceeds the weight of the earth? A Holy Event, the Day of Purification, in which everything in Nature will evolve to higher life in unison.


Between now and the Birth of the Aeon, the weather will become more unpredictable, there will be more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, because the Earth Mother is in the throes of labor. Anyone who departs the Earth, out of fear of the upheaval, is departing from his or her own evolution into the ‘New Man’. For those who remain on the Earth, not departing from Her body and wholeheartedly embraces Her Birthing, yes, of course, we will die but we will be reborn, and evolve to higher life *physically and spiritually. Dying is as natural as breathing, without death there is no rebirth in the one, true Heaven: The Morning Star (called the Fifth World/Taalawsohu in Hopi).


All people should know that the widening of the Yoni (scientists call the ozone hole) in the Spring months of the Antarctic are caused by the Earth's birth pangs.  Once the truth becomes general knowledge the Day of Hatching will be a Day of Great Celebration, not a day of fear. Those who do not stay in real-time to celebrate the hatching will be deprived of the next level of evolution; rather, they will be coerced into space-time."


Mankind has yet to evolve to the final step upon the evolutionary journey in our Solar System. What is to come upon our Earth will be a physical and spiritual event. There are earthly bodies as there are heavenly bodies. As with man's earlier bodies, this present body is not yet completed. When a Planet reaches this orbit in a Solar System (as we presently are with our Earth) know that we are at the brink of renewal with Her.  In the moment that our Earth gives birth to Her inner Core (an unborn Moon) our Earth will become lighter and fly like a Phoenix closer to the Sun and we shall all be changed reaching the highest state of being our Solar System has to offer in God's Plan.


Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.


"We have long been dissuaded from disclosing the facts and the psychology used to dissuade us, fear tactics, is the same as the psychology that will be used to persuade mankind that the Earth and everything on Her is going to be annihilated. Their other argument, that mankind is too naive to grasp the truth, is a blatant falsehood. God longs for mankind to know the whole of revealed doctrine, only then can S/HE be certain that there will be anyone around to say, with understanding and feeling, "Annuit Coeptus". Not annuit coeptus to a new world order that is in reality an ancient space-time world order dressed up as the Harlot of Babylon, but Annuit Coeptus to God.


The words 'Annuit Coeptus' that appear on American money are frequently wrongly interpreted as meaning "He has favoured our undertakings", it means no such thing. Annuit is the word from which "annual" is derived, and means 'yearly' coeptus (coepi/coepio) means beginning, (from which the word 'inception' is derived). The meaning of the term is: annual beginning, in the sense that the day of one's birth is one's annual (yearly) beginning, and it is spoken to convey the message: Happy Birthday."


"Stay on Earth in real-time. Real-time was established by God in the beginning of creation. As S/He created all things S/He created real-time, read Genesis, God created all things in six progressive days and S/He rested on the seventh day, thus the Bible opens by revealing clearly that God worked and rested within the seven day week.


When they begin to announce the ejection of the Core as a fearful Event that will annihilate all things on Earth, let me assure you, our Earth Mother is our biological Mother; She has no intention of destroying us. Earth does not fly into the Sun bearing Her children. She flies closer to the Sun to become the next Morning Star.


Those who stay and "hold fast to what they have" will inherit light and Heaven, those who abandon the crust of this Earth will inherit darkness and the ‘other’ place. There is a hell and it is the ‘abyss of outer darkness’. When you know the Event is on the horizon, celebrate and pray: Annuit Coeptus Deus!"


Archived link - Mother Earth

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I should add this recent article  published just 10 days ago.




Russian scientists say they've found the highest-ever 'flares' of methane in Arctic waters


In previous trips, Semiletov said he found methane at 3, 4 or 5 parts per million at these sites, well above the average atmospheric methane concentration of 1.7 parts per million. On this trip, some of the measurements were up to 16 parts per million.

Semiletov said he embarked on 30 to 35 expeditions over the past 15 years, but on this one there were some surprises.






I just found it interesting and worth noting perhaps because this phenomenon is happening in the Arctic Sea, whereas the Weddel Sea, where the Hopi claim the Earth's core will eject from, is located at the opposite pole.

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In the 3rd part, the reference to "the ancient ones" touched off a bit of a memory for me.



The ones who ‘control’ this orbit were here before us. Long before our Earth occupied this orbit their planet (which is now Venus) did so. When their planet underwent a 'shift' to a higher orbit, the dark ones, also thought of as, the ancient ones, transgressed God’s Laws and remained behind in space-time.


Way back when I was searching for pictures of people/entities that I thought might be reptilians (I even put the term "shape-shifters" into flickr for instance just to look over the results) I also traveled through Bohemian Grove streams and I ran across two pictures between both streams that appeared to have something in common that sparked my imagination and piqued my curiosity and so I saved them just like one would save a note for future reference.


I had a really hard time locating these.  Photobucket has hijacked all my photos and blurred them out.  I went and deleted a ton of photos and it appeared to be fixed but then it wasn't long before I began getting warning emails again that I had exceeded my limits and my images were distorted again.  On top of that, the forum that had the Bohemian Grove thread in which I had these posted changed hands, that is the board providers switched from zetaboards to tapatalk boards and every page url and corresponding topic number completely changed and I had no access to the original topic url in order to try and search for it in thewaybackmachine archives.  I did a lot of fruitless searching.  Then I got an idea which strangely worked... I clicked edit (out of necessity because right-clicking didn't get anything but a tapatalk msg) ...to get the photo image urls and I put them in the waybackmachine and strangely they were there... archived.  I was gobsmacked but very happy.  I'd earlier gone to the links of the original sources but they just weren't seeming quite the same plus colorzilla which I used to zoom in to take zoomed-in screen shots within the image no longer has the zoom feature.


Ok, too much 'splainin already.  On with it.


From flickr 'bohemian grove' stream





From flickr 'shape-shifter' stream






"shape-shifter ancient guardian"






It's probably nothing it just appeared to me to be something of similar quality whatever it is or isn't.


Original links:




Archived links to pics:








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how do you figure that this from the hopi? there is nothing in my opinion that shows that a hopi person wrote the text 

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Interesting, and it relates to what A Brother posted yesterday in the 'Putting It All Together' topic.



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16 hours ago, rooey said:

how do you figure that this from the hopi? there is nothing in my opinion that shows that a hopi person wrote the text 


That's a good question rooey!  I had to think for a moment because after-all, I had ruled out that it was the three Hopi elders that had been interviewed by Art Bell, just why did I think it was from the Hopi?  So, I figured I'd better sort it out as it was nothing I was conscious of.  It had been a very long time since I encountered this and for one, I needed refreshing.  I thought the terms used were exclusive to the Hopi but I couldn't be sure.  I suppose the answer was right in front of me, in part 3, where it said "Dying is as natural as breathing, without death there is no rebirth in the one, true Heaven: The Morning Star (called the Fifth World/Taalawsohu in Hopi). " but I missed that, or rather didn't do a page search for the word "Hopi" in the posts here.  What I did was to take the term "Taalawsohu" and add "Hopi" to an Internet search which had interesting results and then I went to the main index page of the archived website, and this time started at the bottom of the blank buttons in the left column and opened a few pages and did a page search on each for the word Hopi.  Three out of five contained it.  I'm going to post one in full here, just because it's kind of interesting.  I suppose now that instead of wondering whether I should refer to the content of the button links as pages or chapters I should just refer to them as "messages".


Grandfather's Final Message
"Nakwa brothers and sisters,
It is in my heart to share the knowledge of native people with our brothers and sisters, I have not much Time to do this because I will soon walk the Line of Sacred Corn, and so I will find another way to share what I know and hope I can reach many people and touch their hearts and bring them to a better understanding of our Earth Mother.
When I refer to God I say "Him" but I am equally comfortable with "Her", in fact, I do not know which gender I use most, but one thing is very sure, when I say "God" I always refer to our Earth Mother or to an aspect of Her. Life is one great aspect of Her, Land is another great aspect of Her, and Death is another great aspect of Her. She controls the Underworld, and She controls this Fourth World, when we were in the Third World, we were with Her and thus it was She who controlled the Third World. When we go to the Next World, which we call the Fifth World, this same Earth Mother who has always nourished and supported us, will also be the controller of the Fifth World, but there will be a difference, She will release more control into our hands, because in the Fifth World we will have the good hearts and the wise minds not to abuse our control.
We have different names for Her different aspects, in Her aspect of Death She is Masau, and as Masau She is male. In her aspect of Land She is our Mother and She is female, in Her aspect as life she is Spirit and She is Male. There are many aspects but they are not different Gods, they are the omnipotent Earth Mother, and in my humble view, for whatever it may be worth, this is the case with all old religions. Many native people do not like their belief system to be referred to as "religion" because it brings to mind the Christian missionaries and all that they inflicted upon the "heathen" native people, but I do not have this problem, I am a religious man, and my religion is very old and as valid as any other great religion. I am Hopi. My religion is called "the Hopi Way" or simply "Hopi". I want to leave in this forum the essence of my religion. If I were to brew it all down to its essence, what would I have in my hand? Evolution.
I have had the great blessing of my Mother to travel in India, China, Africa, Europe and of course Turtle Island (America) the Land of my birth. Turtle Island will always be Turtle Island to me. Nobody *discovered Turtle Island, *We were born on our Land, She gave to us this Land when She gave our Lives. We Love and Honor and Respect Turtle Island. It was a giveaway. Not a discovery. Our Land was renamed after an Italian by the name of Amerigo (I think his second name was Vespucci), because he was the first Caucasian man to Land on it, but he did not discover it, he stumbled onto Turtle Island, and yet it was given his name. That is water under the bridge, but as I say, to me it remains Turtle Island.
What is the essence of my religion? To *serve my Earth Mother who has given all to me, and to serve Her we must honor Her, Respect Her, and obey Her. To obey Her is the hardest part we might say, because She appears to be silent, therefore how do we know what She wants from us? She is not silent! She is very eloquent, but She does not speak with the language of words, at least not to us, I am sure She does use words when She speaks with Her brother and sister Stars, but our ears are deaf to Her voice, just as we are deaf to other sounds, such as the dog whistle. There are many sounds our ears do not hear; Her voice is among the sounds we cannot hear, so She communicates with us through sign language. We call this sign language "symbols" and we have to train our senses and our mind to interpret Her sign language, just as if we are learning a foreign language.
We learn to understand Her symbols quickly, because, once She sees we are trying to understand Her, She is overjoyed, and She does all in Her Power to help us. Symbols are natural to native people all the world over. It is our first language! Our native language takes second place to symbols. As we move through our Lives our senses and our minds are always alert to symbols, we might be so absorbed in symbols that we cannot hear our brother calling to us in our native language! Our dreams are very important, we shape our lives according to our dreams, and we search our dreams for Her guidance and direction. One of the first lessons we learn in Life is to pay attention to our dreams and to learn to understand them. The course of my Life has been governed by my dreams, and will continue in this way. I would be lost without my dreams. When I think back, it is through understanding my dreams that I learned to understand symbols, and thus I moved on to searching for symbols in my daily Life as well as my dreams. What a rich language! An all-encompassing language! One symbol has so many levels! One symbol can say so *much more than one word!
Last night I dreamt I was pulling a cloth out from under autumn leaves, the cloth was heavy and I soon noticed it was not simply a cloth, it was part of a dressing gown, and then I noticed (by the weight) that it was on a dead body. I did not pull more. I stopped. I noticed that by pulling I had cleared the leaves off two socked and slippered feet. Male feet. I did not uncover the face of the male. I asked a man who was nearby to inform the police. With a heavy heart I went indoors. This dream told me so much! I know only two men who wear socks, slippers and dressing gown. One is Keith and the other is Ken. One of these will die in Autumn when the leaves are thick under Trees, they will die after they take a bath, when they are almost ready to go to bed, not in the morning because neither of these men wear socks under their slippers in the morning. They will die indoors and not outdoors (even though they were covered in leaves) and they will not be ready for death. The face was hidden from me, but by the weight of the body I can guess which man will die this Autumn when the leaves are thick on the ground. I will be informed of his death in the Morning of the following Day. But if I keep alert when I see the leaves accumulate on the ground this Autumn, I will receive a sign *before he dies, and this is important to me, because I will get a chance to say goodbye.
To read symbols we have to become a tracker, I think of symbols as being tracks for which I look. The first step in beginning to serve God is to be the best human being we can be, the second step is to look for Her words to us, and to respond in a good way to Her voice, 'Yes, Mother, you call me? I stand alert! Show me a sign and I will do all my best for you." This second stage is an enlightened state of being. No need for a priest or a temple, in this second stage a man can communicate one on one with God. We do not need to hear Her voice to know She wants us to honor all Land and Life, She is Land and if we wish to honor Her we must honor Her body also. She is the giver of Life, of Spirit, and we must honor Life wherever we find it.  It is easy to honor Life in our families and friends, even a terrible sinner can do this, but we must honor Life also in strangers and in our enemies, we must honor Life in even those people who abuse that Life, because the Life itself is Sacred, and that it is abused is terribly sad. Where we see Life being abused, we can try to guide that person to a better understanding of Life.
Respect and Honor are very important to native people. The Respect and Honor we earn from others as well as the Respect and Honor we give to others. We Respect and Honor our God and all Land and all Life, *and all Death. We do not shun Death, and if we have walked a good Road, we do not fear Death because Death is the doorway to a new body, a better more evolved body, and a better Life in the Fifth World. In the Fifth World where finally a good man can live in a peaceful World Where all men and women are brothers and sisters and Live in perfect harmony with Nature. But if we have not walked a good Road, we do fear Death, because we fear reprisals! If our walk has not been good there will be no better more evolved body for us, and no peaceful Fifth World, at least not in our Next Life! Even when we fear Death we nonetheless Respect and honor Death. We have the gift of Life because we are not strangers to Death. We have Lived and Died before, and the fact that we are still in this Fourth World means we have not yet perfected our actions and our service to Mother Earth, we are still here in our imperfect bodies and in this imperfect World because we are still struggling to *know Her and to serve Her and to bring ourselves to as good as we can get, given our present physical limitations. Those who do not fulfill their potential return to this state of being, those who do fulfill their potential move on to the Fifth World (Which pahana calls Heaven but which we recognize as the Star "Taalawsohu" which is also called the Star of "David', and which pahana calls the planet "Venus").
Owi, Venus the Morning Star is *very important to native people, the exact positioning of Venus is crucial to our ceremonies. We believe Venus "overlaps" with certain points on our Mother, the San Francisco Peaks is one of those points. We believe the summit of San Francisco Peaks, and other equally high places, "merge" with Taalawsohu, and our Katsinam return there when they go home. I heard an elder speaking a few Days ago "only one who is initiated can know about the Katsinam" and this is very true! This is a great Sacred matter, native children cannot know about this until they are old enough to understand and then they are first initiated, but I will say this: in a broad sense only, they are our departed Spirits who act as our Guardians. They watch over us, they protect us, and they are also very concerned about our behavior. When we say, "they come in the Clouds" we mean *exactly this. As I already said, we are not able to hear all sounds, neither are we able to perceive all colors. We use only a small part of our brains, our senses have limited access to our neurons, if we cannot see and hear all things, then we must not scoff to hear a man say "our Katsinam come in the Clouds." A man said to me "this is the most difficult part of your belief system for me to accept". Strangely this same man believes in UFO's, so do I, but it was strange to hear him say it is difficult to accept our Katsinam can go about in Clouds because I also heard this man say (a few months earlier) "I saw a UFO with my own eyes! It was in a cloud formation. One minute it was a cloud and the next minute I clearly saw a brightly colored, rainbow-like, crystal space ship. I saw it for a few seconds before it merged with the cloud again!"
Maybe he saw the transport of our Katsinam. One thing we can be very certain of, our Katsinam probably do go around in fancy crystal space ships, but our Katsinam will *never invite us into their spacecraft. They will never entice us to leave our Earth Mother. They reached their own Great State of Being by living on our Earth Mother and by *dying on our Earth Mother! They did not run off in the spacecraft of *aliens! They evolved to a higher state of being because they walked a good road and died at the end of their time and *evolved into a better body and into the Fifth World.
I remember the words of a Catholic priest who tried to convert my father: "Jesus *died for us, and He also said we must die to receive Heaven. We cannot just climb a pearly staircase in these corrupt bodies and ascend to Heaven, we must first die and be born again in new incorruptible bodies." And then this priest sighed deeply, "Oh how that term is misunderstood! A whole new religion has blossomed as Born Again Christians, but to be born again, first we must die"! My father said what difference does it make? The Born Again Christians also follow the Teachings of your Master, so in the end they won't go wrong." When I heard these words I thought how similar this belief is to our own belief, "Without Death there is no Door to The Fifth World."
When I speak like this many people say, "Of course we must die, we have no choice!" We believe we may face such a choice at End Time: Live forever in these corrupt bodies, or die and evolve to perfect bodies. We believe there are many aliens who inhabit our Universe, and as with people here in our own World, some are good and some are bad. All the good "aliens" have died and evolved to a higher Life form, a Life form that can live closer to the Sun. We cannot see them, but they are there, and they always occupy the Morning Star in any Solar System. These good brothers and sisters know very well the rewards of the final human form, they know the peace that comes along with having the *full use of the evolved human brain, and with hearing the full sound spectrum through the evolved human ear, and seeing the full color spectrum through the evolved human eye. They know the Love and Respect that comes with the wisdom of using every neuron in the evolved human brain. They would *never deprive us of these great gifts of Life and evolution. They would never entice us to leave our Earth Mother! *Only by remaining with Her can we achieve the final step in our evolution.
Again, some may say, "We have no choice but to remain with Her!" We believe the choice will come. We believe that aliens will come and try to convince us to leave Her and go with them. They will come when End Time is upon this World. We all know that End Time will be accompanied with devastation, with tidal waves and earthquakes and volcanoes. We believe that when this is happening the aliens will descend on our Earth Mother and use everything in their power to convince us that we should leave. "Your planet is going to self-destruct! Come with us, we Live in a beautiful World where there is only good health and peace; where there is no poverty, no hunger, no disease: indeed they will even stoop so low as to call their world "Heaven" "The Fifth World" "Paradise" and other names of glory which are used to describe Taalawsohu. But if we listen to them, if we go with them, we are assured of *desolation. These kakyakyauna (terrible and ungodly) aliens are ancient (by our Earthly standards), and some of them have very beautiful bodies, but how did they get their beautiful bodies? How long can their bodies remain alive? Having stepped out of Nature and natural processes, having turned their backs on evolution, how do they sustain their Lives? (Imooyi, you have heard me speak of this, will you please explain why they *need us and what can become of us, and our children, if we go with them.)
We believe we have always been around, and the bones the archaeologist's dig up are the bones of our previous bodies. In other words, we were here from the beginning and we evolved from the earliest form through all the primal forms of man to become Homo Sapiens (who we call simply "man") Neanderthal, Homo Erectus, Cro-Magnon etc, we have walked in all those forms, and we have one more change ahead of us. I read a book by Carl G. Jung wherein he calls the final form "Homo Maximus", this name feels good to me, I think he must have been inspired by Spirit when he "realized" this name, I believe it will stay with us.
My last caution: evolution is a fact; we can see the proof in fossils. Why would aliens who have remained faithful to their Mother and received the reward of evolving from Homo Sapiens to Homo Maximus try to persuade their less evolved brothers and sisters to abandon their Mother in the very Time running up to evolution? They would not.
Owi, End Time will not be a picnic! Death is not usually easy. But people are dying every Day. Thousands of people die every Day and we don't panic and try to bolt into alien space ships! We accept this Daily mass Death of our brothers and sisters around the World as *natural. We hope they have walked a good road and that they will evolve to become Homo Maximus. But when End Time is upon us some of our brothers and sisters will panic, because it is unusual, because they have never (in their living memory) witnessed such mass destruction and Death before. And the aliens will  *gratefully open the doors to their space ships to every willing runner! Because they *need us! We do *not need them! They will descend like flies and pluck us off the Body of our Mother. I wish I could be here at this Time, I would do my best to stop as many brothers and sisters going with them as I could. But I believe I will walk the Line of Sacred Corn before End time, just as I believe many of my younger brothers and sisters will remain here and face End Time.
You will notice that I capitalize the T in Time. Native people have an inherent Respect of Time. We view Time differently than our Pahana brothers and sisters. In a way it is also a Deity to us, because it is an aspect of our Earth Mother. The aliens who will try to entice us to leave our Mother have learned to manipulate Time, they can move around in Time, (and this probably sounds as ridiculous as saying "our Katsinam come in Clouds") but it is true. They can go backwards and forwards in Time and in this way they can extend their Lives, but however ancient they may be, they are *not immortal. Their bodies age albeit it takes a longer Time. Even though they may look young and beautiful, by now they are very old. And their youthful appearance is superficial. Their internal organs are ancient and must be continually replaced. This is not what we want for our children and ourselves. It is not what I want. I want the incorruptible body of Homo Maximus! I don't want to have my gut sliced open from Time to Time and my innards replaced. I want incorruptible internal organs. On Taalawsohu we are *given the gift of Time. We are wise enough and responsible enough to receive the full knowledge of Time and not to abuse it. On Taalawsohu we will also be able to go backwards and forwards in Time, or remain in a perpetual present Time, but we will not have stolen this Great Gift ahead of evolution, ahead of God’s Will, we will have earned this with our loyalty and courage.
My last words: perhaps the greatest difference between native religions and pahana religions is this, we believe in God *and evolution. We believe God's greatest work is through evolution. God is the Divine Artist, evolution is the Divine Art, we are His clay, and Death is His kiln. Walk the good road my brothers and sisters, and we will surely meet up in the next World!"


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About a week ago I was visiting a thread in which a lady made this comment:



There is a very interesting small book about entities going from one dimension to another and how it could appear to both sides as two different things because of the change in the physics for each dimension. "Flatland" by Edwin A. Abbott, written a long time ago. Makes you think.


and in another post she added this comment:


See, I am not the only one thinking it's inter-dimensional. Flatland book helps you understand the different perspectives from one dimension to another.



So, okay, it intrigued me because of this topic (subject matter) and so I headed to ebay and bought the book.


I'm only to about the 13th page and it is something to wrap one's head around but very interesting.


Though my speed reading through what I've previously read hasn't turned it up (didn't spot it) I'm pretty sure I encountered the term "Space-time" somewhere in there. 


It's really a whole lot and I should read it near my laptop so I can look up the unfamiliar words I've seen for more in-depth understanding.


But to cut to the chase in the explanations about many things it is stated that there is a constant attraction to the South and somewhere something about a gravitational pull to the South, something like that.


At any rate, it caused me to want to put the term "gravitation towards Antarctica South Pole" into search and see what came up.  (In a respect, it seems like a code book of sorts but then that is my love for the abstract which often results in interesting insights for a lack of a better term I suppose.)


Something came up. 





What is causing SUPER-GRAVITY in the frozen wastes of Antarctica?


SCIENTISTS have located an enormous object hidden under the frozen wastes of Antarctica which is so vast it causes extraordinary changes in gravity.


Fri, Jan 20, 2017


Some researchers believe it is the remains of a massive asteroid which was more than twice the size of the Chicxulub space rock which wiped out the dinosaurs.

The “Wilkes Land gravity anomaly” was first uncovered in 2006, when NASA satellites spotted wild gravitational changes which indicated the presence of a huge object sitting in the middle of a 300 mile wide impact crater.


Ralph von Frese, who was a professor of geological sciences at Ohio State University when he discovered the "killer crater" in 2006, said: "This Wilkes Land impact is much bigger than the impact that killed the dinosaurs, and probably would have caused catastrophic damage at the time.


"All the environmental changes that would have resulted from the impact would have created a highly caustic environment that was really hard to endure. So it makes sense that a lot of life went extinct at that time."




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