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Grumpy Owl

"Extinction Rebellion" - the new money making scam

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BBC News:

'I gave up a six-figure salary to join Extinction Rebellion'




Andrew Medhurst was a high-flyer. He earned a six-figure salary and had worked all over the world for the likes of Lloyds Bank and HSBC.

But he gave it all up to join Extinction Rebellion.

It was around Christmas last year when he suddenly snapped. He was designing pension plan policies aimed at encouraging young people to put money away for the future.

But after reading up on climate change, and as he reflected on the scorching summer of 2018, the 53-year-old came to the conclusion that pension schemes "looked almost fraudulent" because the effects of global warming threatened the future those young people were saving for.

He handed in his notice at Nest - the National Employment Savings Trust - and told colleagues he was leaving to campaign for the planet. His banking background made him an ideal person to look after the group's finances and donations.


One could argue that he gave up one career in fraud for another one.


At the age of 53, this fella is about eight or nine years older than me. I don't remember it myself as I hadn't long been born, but does Mr Medhurst not remember the "scorching summers" of 1975 and 1976? My mum certainly remembers, and there are family photos of myself as an 18 month old, grinning cheekily and happily enjoying the sunshine in our garden in Dudley in 1976.


This guys story reads a lot like the story of our current Chancellor Sajid Javid, who gave up a £3m pa job with Deutsche Bank in 2009 to 'pursue a political career'.



"I've done my fair share of damage," he admits, having led a high-carbon lifestyle largely "out of ignorance". Nowadays he avoids flying and is not ashamed to be seen in frayed tops that have the odd hole.

However, as a former businessman he also brings a certain gravitas to the matter. As leader of the organisation's finance team, he spends his time focusing as much on revenues as on revolution.


The press has pointed to the way it is "raking in" money from members to support its operations and Mr Medhurst says the group has raised more than £2.5m this year.

Between the beginning of March and the end of September, gifts from large donors - those giving £5,000 or more - totalled £1.2m. The list of benefactors includes the rock band Radiohead, which gave the organisation £300,000.

Meanwhile, an online fundraising page has attracted another £1m from smaller donors.

And the donations fund a sophisticated financial operation, with two limited companies in the UK and plans to set up an international branch in Europe, which will pay for the group's activism around the world.


But, perhaps surprisingly for an activist organisation, the group's biggest outgoing is its payroll.

Activists can claim so-called "volunteer living expenses" of up to £400 a week, which set the group back £130,000 for the months of June, July and August alone.


Apart from pissing a few people off with their 'protests', this group is achieving nothing of note. Yet, it is raking in millions of pounds from 'members' and donations from virtue-signallers such as Radiohead. And it is paying its own 'activists'?


Climate change is a massive financial scam, and Extinction Rebellion is just a massive financial fraud.

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On 10/27/2019 at 4:24 AM, Grumpy Owl said:

Climate change is a massive financial scam, and Extinction Rebellion is just a massive financial fraud.

I totally agree

Here is a suggestion for the Extinction Rebellion, if you want to do something helpful and positive  ,instead of lying on roads a foot paths ,get up off your collective privileged asses, grab a shovel and go plant a tree, it will help remove carbon from the atmosphere, expire moisture  to help with any drought conditions and help lower the water table so good agricultural land is not ruined by salt. But of course its much easier to lay around make a noise and actually do jack shit

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It’s another expression of inversion in this twisted reality. Wage a war on co2 which gives life to the planet, and the ‘solution’ is going to be the smart grid which 5G is essential for, emitting emf radiation which is an actual environmental hazard. 


No regular person has even heard of emf radiation and it’s annihilating he birds, insects, bees, plants and humans. You only have to notice the increase in our health problems to easily see something isn’t right, we are supposed to be in the peak of our evolution. Regular people are too brainwashed to recognise this, even if you tell them and show them evidence. We will wake from our slumber soon though! 

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5 part series exploring the elite interests behind extinction rebellion who are using astroturfing to steer society towards their planned for technocracy:

Astroturfing the way for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

By UN Extinction 7 months ago


This is an introduction to a series of articles entitled ‘Astroturfing the way for the Fourth Industrial Revolution’.
Here are the links to the other parts:

1) Dr Gail Marie Bradbrook: Compassionate Revolutionary… for hire?
2) Political Charities and the Brave New World of Professional Activism
3) Green Gail and the Technocratic Industrialists: Citizens Online’s Digitopian Nightmare
4) Extinction Rebellion and the Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism
5) #XRSpaceJunk 5G & Citizens Online: Industry Agents, Digital Acolytes and State Agitators

The first major clue came in the form of a presentation [2] given by Gail Bradbrook, one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion (XR for short – the main British group advocating for Climate Mobilisation) at Off-Grid Festival a number of years ago, promoting her Compassionate Revolution/ Rising Up! concepts/brands. In it, she referred to Otpor!, the ostensibly ‘grass-roots’ instigators of the Serbian ‘Bulldozer Revolution’ of 2000, as ‘just a bunch of kids’. She also spoke glowingly of Gene Sharp, whose strategies were applied in that and each of the so-called ‘colour revolutions’ that subsequently swept through various parts of the globe, culminating in the Arab Spring, which in turn inspired many to participate in the Occupy movement.

What she failed to disclose to her audience is the fact that Otpor!, the groups it subsequently spawned in other countries, and Gene Sharp, were all funded by the National Endowment for Democracy: an American NGO whose activities run parallel to the regime-change objectives of the US government, widely considered [3] to be a ‘plausibly deniable’ above-ground arm for CIA meddling. Another notable oversight from her talk was any mention of what replaced the corrupt governments that these activist movements toppled: slick neoliberals, passing ‘reforms’ that enabled the rapid re-organisation of their economies to suit western multinationals; and in the case of Egypt, the coming of the Muslim Brotherhood to power – later to be replaced by the military dictatorship of al-Sisi, which persists to this day.




Furthermore, it is now known (by way of Wikileaks’ ‘Global Intelligence Files’) that one of the leaders of Otpor!, Srdja Popovic (who after his success in Serbia went on to found CANVAS, a ‘revolution consultancy’ and receive substantial funding from NED for organising groups in other countries) is well-connected to STRATFOR [4], a private intelligence firm “that gathers intelligence on geopolitical events and activists for clients ranging from the American Petroleum Institute and Archer Daniels Midland to Dow Chemical, Duke Energy, Northrop Grumman, Intel and Coca-Cola.”




STRATFOR is widely considered to be the private security division of the American intelligence services. Founded in 1996, STRATFOR came to prominence during the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 when its ‘cutting-edge analysis’ provided everything that the mainstream news networks needed to know. The company’s geopolitical analysis on the ‘war on terror’ is head-lined by the likes of the Associated Press, Reuters and the BBC. Without going into great detail (that we’ll do later), an influential figure within STRATFOR named Ronald Duchin promulgated a formula for incapacitating anti-corporate activist movements, which Max Wilbert, in his book ‘We Choose to Speak & other essays’, describes as follows:

“STRATFOR advocates are dividing movements into four character types: radicals, idealists, realists, and opportunists. These camps can then be dealt with summarily: First, isolate the radicals. Second, “cultivate” the idealists and “educate” them into becoming realists. And finally, co-opt the realists into agreeing with industry. This is how movements are neutralized: those who should be allies are divided, infighting becomes rampant, and paranoia rules the roost. To combat these strategies, we must understand the danger they represent and how to counter them.”

As unlikely as this may sound to some of you, we would contend that isolating the radicals, educating the idealists into becoming realists, and co-opting the realists into agreeing with industry is precisely what the Climate Mobilisation movement is engaged in doing. Fear not – we’ll be providing ample evidence for our accusation below, and in the articles to follow.

And lest you feel that we’re placing undue emphasis on Gail Bradbrook’s reference to the events in Serbia, we’d like to point out that Gene Sharps’s long-time employee Jamila Raqib (who has now become the Executive Director of Sharp’s Albert Einstein Institute, following his death) just so happens to sit on the Advisory Board of ‘The Climate Mobilization’ – a group set up by Extinction Rebellion’s ‘Director of Fundraising’, Margaret Klein Salamon.


Jamila-raqib-Advisory-Board-Climate-Mobi Jamila Raqib.

In addition, if we look at the references/further reading list in XR co-founder ‘Roger’ Hallam’s ‘How to Win’ [5] (on which much of XR’s strategy appears to be based) he names Popvic’s ‘Blueprint for Revolution’ as “the KEY TEXT!”:

“A must read on how good organisation and a determination to have fun are the key to mass participatory action to bring down autocratic regimes – from the people who have done it, so you can’t argue with that! Again note that the context is taking on dictators – but as the subtitle implies – these mechanisms and techniques enable you to “change the world” – and increasingly they apply to the political realities of the western “democracies”.”

Well, they certainly ‘did it’, we’ll give you that much. Given that XR are promoting the ‘colour revolution’ model, it stands to reason that an essential component of this model would be (as it was with the ‘colour revolutions’) the financial backing of those who stand to benefit from the changes brought about by such ‘activism’; as well as the collusion of the bought-and-paid-for media that serve those interests. And yes, that very much includes The Guardian – those charming cheerleaders [6] for ‘liberal’ imperialism. As it happens, it appears that this very same model is about to be rolled out in Venezuela [7], as America tries to install its puppet,
Juan Guaidó, to enable more efficient extraction of Venezuela’s oil resources

In 2011, Journeyman Pictures released a 27-minute documentary called ‘The Revolution Business’, which provides a rare view behind the facade of the manufactured ‘colour revolutions’. Considering how closely XR appears to be following their lead, we reckon that you might do well to take a look at it.



read on here https://nowhere.news/index.php/2019/04/01/astroturfing-the-way-for-the-fourth-industrial-revolution/




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