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8 hours ago, Seanx said:

.tell me  how you see, for example  how a new England or Scotland would

like when the uk ELite and ei ELite have been brought  down.


that's for the people of those nations to decide


But lets pause for a moment to consider the resources of those countries. Scotland has a measly 5 million mouths to feed with large amounts of arable land in which to grow crops. It has a massive coastline and large amounts of fishing available to it. It has oil reserves so could be energy self-reliant. Scotland also has incredible natural energy resources with the pentland firth able to generate 25% of scotlands energy use through tidal power. Scotland has just given the go ahead for the creation of a subsea link that will link up a windfarm on shetland with the mainland. Scotland also has an abundance of water.


England on the other hand is overcrowded with 55 million mouths to feed, less oil reserves, water shortages in the south (it gets a lot of its water from wales) and less potential  for renewables although it could develop its wave power more. England does however provide a land bridge to the continent so many goods have to pass through english territory


So post brexit i see the british isles having to make deals with each other to meet their individual needs. If you would like to get a feel for the kind of ideas i'd like to see implemented then have a look at my solutions thread (see link below) but whatever was done a currency independent of the central banksters would be vital


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