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phil stone

Frank Bruno

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Apparently Frank Bruno has a mental illness. Id like to see David Icke and Frank Bruno having a blether just to see if he's got the kind of mental illness I think he might have.


Its a terrible illness where you believe the world is full of selfish cliquey power hungry condescending arsehats shoring up a pyramid of even more power hungry cliquey selfish arsehats. Of course, this is a hallucination because, as the bbc et al keeps reminding us, the world is full of lovely nice responsable people who would never try to rip you a new arsehole because they didnt think you were grovelling low enough.


I find alot of sporty people a bit meaty brained for my liking then a bit anti-interdimensional energy being after the apocalypse but ones who get buzzsawed by their own crowd stand out to me as witches in need of broomstick lessons so they can properly fly and cackle above the madding crowd.

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