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From Food for the Gods ; DavidIck.com

its in the flippin the detail.


the People's above. With all the technology have a high interests in these critter's. These are the people's look at there people's in a galactic sense. wondering / knowing.

what plans we think we have planed for them. Base on our world to day. Keeping in mind. these people's would have the ability to cause the ability to have caused what we coined as the great flood. shown mean there your prove.


we all are killing them. In the people's above us eye. We all guilty. And i don't really think you at see the big image in

We doing more then nothing because we all accelerating it by playing games. This proves We ; you do not see it.


Man KIND dose not have the right to capitalize on these critters or WATER.

I don't care about how many angel's can dance on the head of a pin.

This statement prove you have no clue an you learned nothing.

An these are from Mars, wake up snaps fingers  I am showing you,,, Not of earth. the art recreated is earthy be cause I am earthly


where some ASS monkey say you have a god given right. You don't. I don't.

All that was written by a man.


Today we that man a LAWYER.


It's in the detail



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this is about my friends an I . Kelth. our new friend young man from Chines. an what he did not know.

The Rocker Cinder an his friends Moonie Val Wildthing We have pottie-mouths

We talk about UFOS governments an religion in North  America 


An all the crime an corruption in Canadian US of A political parties That fake up Government an RELIGION.

In order to line there own pockets.


We talk about how 50,000 dead children are found under just 1 school. an how Canadian are frankly mortified to look under any other of these schools.

Then I took the time to slowly explain how How these governing parties. Took the time to cover this all up..Multiple murders. CRIMINAL case's.. That never seen the light of day. Like renegade Russia Nukes.. Sold for BMW's.


Then those very same parties Whom want to be elected After a generation maybe 3 of hiding an covering up these crimes of the Child molestation. an the CHILD MURDER's. With not 1 charger laid against any of these Government parties. want to be elected to be trusted to RUN Canada


Quite the eye opener for young Kelth



The viper head spitting venom. Speak for it self.



What I am willing to do for them. 

All while we game 76 


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Posted (edited)

these Iceland images are posted here for the reason n posse of showing. what wait and what has always been here doing it job.


A power point if that taste better, going down.

These Images are not in order or in matched Glyph's. they posted here to identify a location an a events. The time an space around that event time line is also important.






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