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With all the fires in Australia at the present time the catch phrase in the media is, unprecedented and bugger me they are now  linking that  with the word catastrophic I have heard the two words enough recently to last me  the rest of my life. Apparently these are Australia's worst fires and of course it didn't take long for some fire fighter to start rabbiting on about climate change . Well I will have to call them on it , unprecedented and catastrophic BULLSHIT.

Back in the day when I was a teenager I was a member of a volunteer bush fire  brigade in the national park just north of Sydney  and attended quite a few large fires.

The worst fire I had seen was in my mid 30's when that particular national park went up in flames, The Gosford expressway was closed and I caught the last train back to Gosford from Sydney , they closed the rail as sheets of flames were going over the train I was in, tens of thousands of people couldn't get back home ,that was Friday ,by Saturday you could not see the sun at midday due to the black ash reining from the sky and when it was finished a good majority of the national was gone ,and I mean gone there was nothing. When you have a large fire you will have some trees spared others with partial damage and others that are now smoldering stumps   , but with this one there was nothing just rock and dirt as far as you could see.

The conditions that preceded this particular fire was a dry westerly wind and a temperature of 45 deg C for a week and a half before all shit broke loose.

They are banging on about the fires getting worse from ,wait for it , climate change.

Lets have a look at what I believe is the real cause of worse fires. Back in the day when I was in a bush fire brigade we would preform maintenance in the form of back burning  , you would light a fire front in winter against the wind with drip torches, the fire would burn very slowly allowing the fauna to escape but more importantly the fuel load on the ground would be reduced ,due to the greens that practice was stopped on environmental grounds, now what happens is you will get years of fuel build up in the bush ,10 ,20 ,30 years worth and when the conditions are just right, up she goes ,there is many times more damage than there needs to be all the animals are fucked because they cant get away quick enough,and all this while the greenies are sitting in their air conditioned office  and wouldn't know a drip torch, knapsack or ma-cloud tool if they fell over one. Just as side note they stopped the fox fur trade back in the late seventies to great fanfare and patting them selves on the back ,now we have very few ground dwelling native animals smaller than a wombat ,well done.

If you can blame it on climate change you will push the agenda and take the spot light of the real reason for worsening fires.


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Sorry to keep going but I have just had a thought and it doesn't happen very often so I don't want to waste it, it's funny what you think of when you have the mind numbing exercise of replacing fly screens

This global warming crap and agenda 21 was first introduced back in the late 80's  at the Rio Earth Summit and don't quote me but I think it was 1989. Obviously they would have been working on the plan for a good many years prier to it's introduction   .Me being someone that that doesn't trust the powers that be at all ,looking back I find it a rather large coincidence back burning was stopped about 1976 approx 13 years before global warming was introduced,so we would have at least that number of years worth of fuel build up as a prelude to the carbon scam. If there was a fire around then it would have been ,see we told you and if there wasn't and there were many more years of fuel build up so the fire would be much worse when it dose eventuate ,we now have ,see we told you    I think they call that a win win situation

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