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Argument Thread .... Moderated / Moved Posts

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17 hours ago, ink said:

Would it be correct to state that members wish moderation to exist .... BUT only when it aligns with their personal beliefs and actions?


Nothing personal, but I have previously expressed the view that the best ever Icke forum was the Harris forum, and we managed to exist without moderation.


I don't think we need moderation..... logic and intelligence will win in the end.... and the butt-hurt and baffled will eventually have to bow out because their errors are made plain. This is how the old forum used to operate....  


That's just my opinion. However some people use the moderator team as a weapon.... they complain every five minutes when they're the ones starting shit. I never started anything, only responded to dicks trolling me....if you think I'm going to go crying to a moderator because of some cyber nobody...no, I'm going to try to defend myself. 



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Why do some folks feel the need to make a drama out of their exit by asking for their account to be deleted? 

Can't they just leave quietly without making a statement of their suffering and by proxy, blaming other members for their own fragility? 

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