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Grumpy Owl

New sun-driven cooling period of Earth ‘not far off’ - apparently bullshit

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One of my friends on Facebook recently shared this video, which I haven't watched yet admittedly:

What I found more interesting is that when I saw his post on my FB newsfeed, right below it was a 'Related Article' linking to the following:



Sky News Australia interview falsely claims that global cooling is coming soon

"the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is misleading humanity about climate change and sea levels, and that in fact a new solar-driven cooling period is not far off"

SOURCE: Alan Jones, Nils Axel-Mörner, Sky News Australia, 17 June 2019  

Inadequate Support: These claims contradict all the available data and published research on these topics. There is no support in the scientific literature for the claim that solar activity could significantly cool the climate in the decades to come.
Scientists have established that observed climate change and sea level rise are clearly caused by human activities, primarily the emission of carbon dioxide through the burning of fossil fuels. Solar activity cannot explain recent warming, and even the occurrence of low solar activity in the near future would have an insignificant effect on human-caused warming.
What is this horseshit? I guess this is what is meant by "the science is settled"
If anyone would like to do some digging and find out more about this 'Climate Feedback' organisation (and in particular where they get their funding from) please feel free.

Climate Feedback is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to science education. Our reviews are crowdsourced directly from a community of scientists with relevant expertise. We strive to explain whether and why information is or is not consistent with the science and to help readers know which news to trust.
Please get in touch if you have any comment or think there is an important claim or article that would need to be reviewed.



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Anyone claiming any science is settled is not a scientist and maths isn't a science but a tool that scientists use.

David has videos on the subject and has called it a hoax.

The Sun has certainly been up to something recently if you've been paying attention to the weather worldwide.

She's responded to the recent suggestion about Dorian when it formed to sidestep Puerto Rico...


..and to one about giving Japan a gentle squeeze as She finally passed a cyclone lengthwise over it.

Apart from those two suggestions I feel, since the Autumn of 2018, it's been all Her own choice and intent.






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