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The Apprentice

Salinity and the collapse of empires

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In this world and all there is science we have seen many stories of why empires collapse, here is a sleeping giant in the monocrop paradigm, in a word Salt, the ever changing climate and the over working of land is rendering up to a million hectares of land all but unuseable yearly.

But this problem is not a new one, during the height of empire in the middle east they eventually went hungry after 1500 years, but today the problem is ten fold and ten to twenty times faster today with modern farming methods, in the video is a picture of what is coming to a place near us in many parts of the world.



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Now add the other trends that add to crop problems like the earlier and earlier colder weather right when the harvest needs to ripen, in the video is shows how and acumulation of problems can create global problems, if this continues and at a certain time the mass fllout will occur.


Remember the Northern Hemisphere produces surpluses that feed sixty five countries who cannot feed themelves.



If and when the SHTF our immediate problems all depend upon the largess of the controlling govenance, the more admin there is at the time of the problem, governs the size of problems to come, admin remember produces nothing to the running of their immediate environment, same goes for religions and both are reliant on what they can get directly from the people themselves.


In such difficult times all houses will try to survive but will not contribute towards it, other than steal you hearts and minds in order of getting at what is real.


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