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Anti-Brexit British Media

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11 hours ago, Seanx said:



So did Christianity. Remember the inquisition and the slaughter of hundreds of thousand of women, oh sorry ‘witches’ by the church. 


should we  ban that too?


btw, how do you ban ideas? 


what do you mean should we ban Christianity ?


it was all ready removed from the political structure more or less , so yes , it's pretty much been banned other than a form of worship


if it were up to me we would be banning the works of Karl Marx if they took the form of political parties , much in the same way you can read Mein Kampf but you can't start the National Socialists up again :)


I don't think anyone should be allowed to hold democratic office who is also a card carrying member of a communist party or oganizations , for example


it's just insanity


but you will say I don't know what I'm on about and there are no communists anymore or something


which is amazing denial of reality , another favorite past time of yours when the narrative doesn't suit




oh look ! what a surprise


all of your talking points are on show at the Marxism festival 2019 !



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just in case you missed it I thought I'd re post this for you guys




an interactive walk around the gulag , just in case you might want to find out whats in store with your '' democratic socialist '' policies :)


you are welcome !


c ya there boys !


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Part 3 

12 (twelve) days before the leave date, Channel 4 broadcast another identity buster, with its' documentary on the crew of the 16th Century Royal ship, THE MARY ROSE, that sank in 1545: "Skeletons of the Mary Rose", March 17th 2019). Analysis of some of the skeletons of the hundreds onboard revealed that the crew were not exclusively white nor English. Some were from the Mediterranean and some were of North African descent. A BBC online article on the story led with the headline and sweeping generalisation: "Mary Rose crew 'was from Mediterranean and North Africa'" (March 16th 2019). 


11 (eleven) days before the leave date, there were 3 TV programs of note – 2 on ITV that explored race and nationality in English football. "Out of Their Skin" (ITV, March 18th 2019) - a repeat - charted the rocky rise of black footballers in English football. Following that program was another ITV repeat – the aforementioned "Football's Foreign Legion" with a Brexit comment from Robert Peston. On BBC2 was another repeat – the last episode of "Cunk On Britain", in which spoof presenter Philomena Cunk concluded the series by saying of Britain, "...what sort of massive country am I?" (rude word insinuated). One of the writers for that spoof series was the former Channel 4 Head of Entertainment, BEN CAUDELL (a BBC Executive Producer). 

Part 4 below

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I believe that is (a) one of the biggest and fundamentalist issues facing everyone. The public watch more sports and other useless shows than they do the news, the news is on for what? 10 minutes? And brexit is mentioned what? 1-2 minutes. How long is football on? More tv shows than news.

it seems that quite a few people are suggesting that brexit is everywhere when in fact it really isn’t.

People that bring Brexit into sports and see sports ( which is something I do not believe even exists ) as a field to bring Politics into it and use sport as a fantastic fuel starter needs to grow up.


The people were given an option. 

Now they want to blame others.



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RT had a piece today about british troops being prepared in a bunker for a 'no deal' scenario but seeing as the government and the political class as a whole are intent on scuppering no deal brexit so that they can keep us as a colony of the EU by keeping us in the customs union it would be far more realistic to consider that the troops are being prepared to police the brexiteer reaction when the government finally betrays the 2016 referendum vote and scuppers brexit


is it a coincidence that the british army are holding an international exercise with other NATO nations that are seeing 10,000 troops from other nations deployed in the UK at the EXACT time of this new extension of the brexit deadline?


The government and elites are REMAIN. They ain't deploying troops to use against remoaners. they are using them to police the dissident brexit voters who went off script and did not support the globalist EU agenda.


10,000 troops from 13 countries arrive in the UK for major exercise

The UK will boost its defensive capabilities by hosting a major international military exercise for two weeks from 30 March 2019


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Let´s hope a no deal happens next week.


A little light relief!


I´ve been told on good authority that Mrs Saxe-Coburg-Gotha has got the paper work in order for Asylum and for the Corgis´ pet passports

and is ready to get back to her roots in Germany!


"A paper mache figure depicting Queen Elizabeth running for asylum towards the EU is seen during the presentation of the floats for the upcoming Rose Monday parade in Mainz, Germany, February 26, 2019"





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