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Are there any genuine Flat Earth believers here?

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The way I think about it is: would their be any psychological difference between a flat Earth population and a Globe earth population? Just like the nature of reality....where many think it's a physical reality, many think it's a simulation that we impact upon - the consequences are DIFFERENT. Not everything that happens or is said to happen, is possible in each model. So for the former, could you say we were running out of ..resources on a flat plane? Or could you say we needed to depopulate? Perhaps it's easier to imagine these on a faithless, Godless Globe earth or baal Earth?


It MIGHT be a globe but realistically it isn't and it never was or maybe it's size is immeasurable. However, that still don't tell us the nature of reality which is the foundation. Just like,  how they turned indeprendent thought/critical thought into conspiracy theory - they turned this topic into a joke BUT they also control both sides. It isn't a globe. If it's a globe and I say it isn't? What does that change? Nothing. If they lie and say it's a globe, then I have to ask WHY...they want people to think that...


But they push all agenda, to split the mind. The question is why? To rule over us? Who are they to rule over us? But some people use science to prove it's a globe? That's showing a lot of trust in liars.  If you conduct an experiment, and you get a result but that result may be as a result of an unknown variable that you found later, you would have to start all over again......you don't just pick and choose. If their is one lie in science? Why should we trust? We hold to account. Budging for nobody. 


They admit much is wrong but still people feel the need to pick out bits they think they know, thinking it's legitimate but it's not worth our time. 

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