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The Hz sound question and healing a disabled child

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Hi All,


So I am trying to heal my disabled child through sound (as well as other methods outside of sound). We are listening to loads of Hz frequencies Oms and Releases (528 Hz, 432Hz) though you Youtube on my laptop.... now my concern is can YT and my laptop replicate these frequencies, or is it just a sham? I love this music myself, but I want it to benefit my daughter.... I do not want to be a dog barking up the wrong tree..


She has had loads of BioAcoustic feedback done in the clinics we visit - and I really need to understand these results, but this is my failing


So how can I ENSURE that I am replicating the right frequency for MAXIUMUM healing? I think headphones may not be practical with my daughter (she has autisim, possible CP, she is 2 years 7 months) and developing but as slow as possible i.e. she can not walk or talk at them moment - her expressions are limited, she can not communicate, but can identify basic signs and symbols. i.e. orange cat, green frog - she has hand clenching issues as well as dribbling and balance/coordination problems.... but anyway, I am not here to pour my heart out - I am just looking for as much information as possible to heal her as much as we can... with Frequency


So how can frequency help her? How can we PLAY the right sounds to her? I just have heard that YT and laptops/mobile phones dont work? I would like to know why and how we CAN make it work (if we need to buy amps/gear not a problem)...


Thanks for your helps guys and gals


Love and peace

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I'm unconvinced there is any evidence that sound has any healing properties, although patients that were in a coma have sometimes reported that they could hear music and voices. But pure tones? I doubt it, but if it gives you hope then it won't do any harm as long as it's not the only treatment.


The tones generated by online tone generators (this for example https://www.szynalski.com/tone-generator/) are accurate to within one or two cycles per second (Hz) and will be reproduced as such in through your computer's speakers or headphones. That site allows the tones to be generated as sine, square, triangular or square waves waves (click on the ~ symbol to select.)


My background is not medicine but broadcast engineering. Nevertheless I doubt the actual frequency you chose will make any difference, as long as it's not too loud and it soothes your daughter.


You might come across various esoteric arguments claiming some Nazi/Illuminati conspiracy of music detuning ("A" being 440 Hz rather than 432 Hz) as explained by this site: https://jakubmarian.com/the-432-hz-vs-440-hz-conspiracy-theory/. It's all nonsense.


But I hope any music therapy helps your daughter. Good luck.



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Jimbo, the 528Hz Miracle Tone stuff sounds nice and relaxing so that alone might be good for your daughter.

However for the best audio quality don't use YouTube, they use some heavy duty compression.

The $0.99 mp3 download from Amazon should be better.

However, even mp3 is not ideal. It uses some really clever methods to hide noise but it does create artifacts - sounds that were never present in the original.


If you want to hear it for yourself rig up a system to convert a pure sinewave to mp3. Listen to the result. You can hear the added distortion.

You can do it on your laptop with the right software.


I did a quick search for the CDs but all I could find were mp3 downloads.

IF Meditative Mind are as good as they think they are I would expect them to know not to use mp3 and to sell real CDs.


Then we get onto tuning and musical scales...

Equal Temperament is what you are used to. Every song, tune, orchestral work you have ever heard is Equal Temperament.

The 'Perfect Fifth' is not a perfect fifth in equal temperament.

For the simple relaxing sound-scape you want for your daughter and no matter what tuning they use  'A 440Hz', 432 Hz, 528Hz the scale used should be one of the Just Temperaments. There are many of them!

For the relaxing background the 528Hz gives I would be looking at a pure Pythagorean tuning.

Your Chakras will thank you for it, they were around for millenia before Equal Temperament came on the scene.


The right software will let you create never-ending 528Hz Pythagorean Scale soundscapes. You might want to ask a musician friend to help.

Starting from scratch on your own will take a while...


You can get a nice sound system for your laptop for a £100 or less. It will be mains powered, have 2 small speakers and a subwoofer to handle the low frequencies.

My Yamaha system is 20 years old and still works fine.

For serious listening I have a proper big HiFi - and yes it will be better! Not cheap though.


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Google 'Harry Partch' for more than you wanted to know about Just Intonation and why 43-tone per octave tuning is best. You might even find some mp3 files. One of my favourite composers.  

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On ‎12‎/‎13‎/‎2019 at 5:43 PM, Jimbo said:

..she is 2 years 7 months) and developing but as slow as possible..


The good news there is that she IS at least developing..:)

The key question is "Is she happy"?

If she is, all well and good, so why not just let her go on developing without trying to rush her..:)



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