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Politics the great irrelevance to Human Life ....

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This is the title of David's latest video ... Brilliant title .... https://youtu.be/SK9u6FcROO0



Humanity is about to flip over into an advanced spacefaring civilization ...no work , freedom for all . This will come about after full disclosure and the high tech , horded by the SSP is released to the surface population ....


The existing political structure will disappear overnight . Not only is it dangerous to true freedom and democracy , being easily infiltrated .... But in the information age it has no function!    


The way the transition will occur is as follows .... Everyone on the planet (who wishes so) will choose a designation ... a sequence of numbers and or letters , as long as it's not already taken any thing is allowed ( I'll have oz93666) .... this designation will be linked to the person bio-metrically and will replace what is presently their phone number , email , facebook etc ... it will allow voting rights (within the zone of residence)  and will also allow property , vehicles etc to be linked to them proving ownership.  


So everyone has voting rights . Anyone can propose a vote ... All is done on line .... For example someone can propose a vote to decriminalize all drugs (within the UK zone) ... after online debate a vote is taken , only by those resident in that zone  , and the decision implemented , all within a week ....


No middle men politicians , no delays  ... Zone boundaries are also open to adjustment by vote ... Scotland can elect independence .... Birmingham can adopt sharia law if the majority within that zone (Birmingham) want it. .... France and the UK could vote on total integration , no borders of any kind , both areas living under the same laws.  



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I've contemplated a system of true democracy similar to what you describe. The trouble is to build such a system and have it uncorruptible you must totally destroy the present system and there lies the problem, how do we do that? and what do we do in the time between the destruction of the old system and the creation of the new as there would be anarchy. even with all the new hidden tech building a utopia takes time.

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