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How do you deal with the bullshit?

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6 hours ago, megatron3 said:

Zionist fear-mongering at its finest !

So this isn't Greta when she was younger ?


greta disaster-girl.jpg

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On 12/31/2019 at 8:18 PM, Dawn said:

I woke up angry this morning. Anger is not a typical emotion for me, but I have just been boiling over all day. All over trivial things...the moles that are tearing up my yard, the piece of shit window installer that left sawdust in every corner of my house, my washing machine not getting things clean, etc..


I lead a pretty solitary life, but when I do venture out into the world I try to shine bright and bring love wherever I go. When I run into conflict I look within and try raise my vibration so I don’t run into yucky people anymore. But I’m tired of blaming myself. I have been such a good little awakened one. Spirit came calling 6 months ago and I listened. I changed my whole life. I forgave, I shed judgement, and I was super excited about finally having a purpose.

I was naive in thinking that just because I got a glimpse of the matrix, that I’d be living out my days singing in the forest like a Disney princess. 

It’s quite a let down...still having to deal with all this mundane garbage once you realize that you are infinite. And knowing that it’s deliberate... It’s not just something that happens; either my higher self wrote this or some dark entity is fucking with me.


As David Foster Wallace said, “I just don’t want to play anymore”. Only I’m not going to kill myself. There is no fucking way I am repeating this level. But, I am starting to look forward to death.. So I guess I will stop living my polite little quiet life, and burn this motherfucker down. 



As long as you live you have the chace to make a small, positive impact on the lives of other people, as well as your own. It might be tempting to wish for the end game but who is to say that misery will end with death? if you are always focussed on the big picture and see nothing but a mass machine of control and fear then it will weat you out. You need to spend time focussed on your own life. The path will give small glimpses of reality but you have to learn to stretch those periods out. IMO only when you spend more time living spiritual life, while still having your feet on the ground,  will you be free from the cycles of return.

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