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The fake right

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I have spoken about the 'fake left' which is the authoritarian-left that is actually being steered by the elites but instead of a nebulous and broad critique of the military industrial complex, the intelligence services, the freemasonic establishment, the neoliberal cartelist corporations etc i want to create a thread that can specifically zero in on where the right wing of the political dialectic is also being controlled by the elites

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One key area i feel needs exploration is the creation of the 'alt right'


For example i listened to Milo when he came on the scene and doing a bit of background reading found that he was gay and half jewish which is all fine, that doesn't mean anything in and of itself but it was interesting that he became a kind of leading voice within a movement that on the surface seemed to be pushing back against wokeness which has been crafted around identarian politics and many people, it seems, allow themselves to be coraled into groups according to their identity so....


I listened to Milo with an open mind and i thought he made a lot of valid points but then he seemed to then conclude his talks by having a jab at islam and was pretty aggressive in his terms of how what he perceived as this problem of islam should be dealt with


Now this seemed strange to me because i don't see that he is really that threatened by islam. Sure there have been many muslim migrants into the west but the reality is that muslims don't control the central banks, they don't control the war mongering media nor the military industrial complex nor do they control the immigration policy in western countries


So who ultimately DOES have a problem with islam? I would say the zionist enterprise has a problem with islam because the zionist enterprise is expansionist and wants to create the biblical 'greater israel' which means displacing or controlling the muslims who neighbour israel


I would put in this bracket of 'the zionist enterprise' the sabbateans such as the rothschild cabal who control the central banks (some might call them 'wall street') and i put freemasonry (compartmentalised but at the top controlled by kabbalists) in that bracket which i believes wants (at its top) to reinstitute the temple of solomon on temple mount in jerusalem where the al aqsa mosque now stands and i would include chabad lubavitch which like the sabbateans is a lurianic kabbalah cult that has a messianic, supremacist world view


This presents the challenge for the zionist enterprise of how to remove the al aqsa when they know this would provoke a backlash from islam? One method is to create what has been called in the corporate news a 'clash of civisliations' between the christian west and the islamic east that would enable a rocket or missile to hit the al aqsa so that it could be destroyed in the fog of war. Also a large conflict like that would turn western opinion against islam thereby providing the moral smokescreen behind which a damaging blow could be made against islam


Such a conflict would also pull the west in and get the west to fight the war for zionism. For this reason i believe that the alt right is being steered towards a hostile position against islamic resistance to the zionist enterprise

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Now its very possible that the mass immigration of muslims into the west may have been orchestrated to further turn public opinion against islam in order to harden the hearts of western populations so that they remain apathetic in the face of violence against muslims in muslim lands

Study Finds Bots and MAGA Supporters Pushing #IraniansDetestSoleimani Hashtag

A social media disinformation expert studied 60,000 tweets from nearly 10,000 accounts using the hashtag #IraniansDetestSoleimani and found that the most common phrases in those users’ biographies were “Make America Great Again” and “Trump.”

January 10th, 2020

The hashtag #IraniansDetestSoleimani has been trending on Twitter this week, as users voiced their opposition to the recently assassinated Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani. The hashtag remained one of the most popular amongst users in the U.S. and Western Europe. But similar viral sentiment was not expressed across the Middle East, least of all on Iranian Twitter, leaving one to wonder, who are these Iranian Soleimani haters?

The story became stranger still after Middle East and social media disinformation expert Professor Marc Owen Jones of Hamad bin Khalifa University in Qatar analyzed the trend. Jones studied 60,000 tweets from nearly 10,000 accounts using the hashtag and found that the most common phrases in those users’ biographies were “Make America Great Again” and “Trump” – not somebody noted for his support among Iranians, or Muslims more generally. He concluded that “once again that the online right wing MAGA movement is boosting the trend that seeks to indicate that Iranians actually hated Soleimani.”

Some strange, but unsurprising things about the incredibly voluminous hashtag "Iranians Detest Soleimani" (via @maasalan ), I sampled around 60,000 tweets from around 9753 account using the hashtag. The most common noun among biographies was "Make America Great Again" & "Trump" pic.twitter.com/I0uqq5WuEo

— Marc Owen Jones (@marcowenjones) January 7, 2020


Jones also studied the most frequent users of the hashtag, those who were most vociferously voicing their opposition to the recently slain general. He found that they had typical machine-generated usernames with a common first name followed by a string of numbers, and had extremely generic profiles, with little personal data and default, plain displays on their page.

4/ Network graph of the hashtag "Iranians Detest Soleimani". Interestingly, the 3 most vociferous accounts tweeting on the hashtag are shown here as the largest nodes, mirammiran, nadiaNadia98232560 and noname71888129. All of them have generic looking profiles. No dp, no banner pic.twitter.com/Sd1sQZxuMs

— Marc Owen Jones (@marcowenjones) January 7, 2020


This is an increasingly common occurrence in conflicts, as groups attempt to control the narrative on the new online battlefront. In November, during the midst of a U.S.-backed coup against President Evo Morales, thousands of newly created bots boosted a Spanish-language hashtag #BoliviaNoHayGolpe – in English meaning “there is no coup in Bolivia” – attempting to legitimize the ouster of a democratically-elected leader. In Venezuela, too, the local U.S.-supported opposition attempted to increase their popularity and reach through manipulation of Twitter. In October, a senior Twitter executive, Gordon MacMillan, who was the editor for the Platform for the Middle East and North Africa (including Iran), was unmasked as an officer in the British Army’s 77th Brigade, a unit dedicated to psychological operations, propaganda and online warfare. These incidents are some of many that underline how governments and other powerful organizations increasingly see the Internet as a battlefield for public opinion.

Although major American media have labeled Soleimani as a monstrous “blood-soaked,” “terrorist mastermind,” “as evil as Osama bin Laden,” there is little evidence to suggest most Iranians share the same opinion. A 2019 survey by the University of Maryland found that “General Soleimani remains the most popular Iranian public figure,” with 59 percent of the country viewing him “very favorably” and over four in five of his country folk having a positive opinion of him overall. This was true across age ranges.

The tense Iran situation threatens to spill over into war. While backing away from military retaliation, President Trump has vowed to place further sanctions on the country. The U.S. also accuses Iran of shooting down a Ukrainian International Airlines flight that crashed near Tehran Wednesday. A poll published Wednesday by Morning Consultant showed that a plurality of American respondents (47 percent overall) supported the drone assassination of Soleimani, although they agreed it made America less safe. Despite this, only 23 percent could locate Iran on a map of the world and only 28 percent could find the country on a zoomed-in map of the region.


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6 minutes ago, muir said:

Now its very possible that the mass immigration of muslims into the west may have been orchestrated to further turn public opinion against islam in order to harden the hearts of western populations so that they remain apathetic in the face of violence against muslims in muslim lands..


Personally I can't figger out why the jews in our countries haven't spoken out against mass muslim immigration, bearing in mind that jews will be the first to get the chop if Islam ever takes over in our countries?

Below- the future midnight knock at the door by the Sharia Police-


"All jews will come with us, NOW!"


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The brexit election


I'll come back to the issue of trump and my thoughts on him but first I want to look at the boost the tories have had in the UK recently due to the latest election. Now this election in my opinion should never have happened because a situation was created whereby the election became effectively a second brexit referendum as the tories were paying lip service to brexit while the labour party were being slippery bastards about it but really everyone understood that labour was anti-brexit.


Now this is unfair on the electorate because they may support brexit but not the policies of the tories or visa versa they might be against brexit but not support labours policies so by making the public vote for political parties on an issue that was not necessarily aligned with the policies of the relevant parties is unfair.


Its easy for me to be high and mighty and sit back and say 'well i didn't vote' but the reality is that if other brexit voters did that then labour would have won and they would have spiked brexit. So i felt in a very difficult situation with this election in that out of principle i didn't want to vote for either political party both of which is see as masks on the same face who simply advance different aspects of the same conspiracy but at the same time i was hoping that brexit would be kept alive


Brexit was kept alive but aside from my referendum vote I can't say i played any part in that despite wishful thinking!


the same thing occurred with the scottish independence referendum where i voted for scottish independence but i don't support the SNP who are busy turning scottish cities into 'smart cities' bathed in a soup of DNA harming wifi while trying, it seems to get scotland back into the fascistic EU and overseeing the launching of satellites in the north of scotland that will be used to form the internet of things smart grid technocracy


I supported REAL independence not a break away from the UK only to re-attach and merge with the EU. I saw scottish independence as an opportunity for the creation of whole new parties that might achieve the things for scotland that i wanted to see such as land reform


Equally with brexit i hoped for the Uk to have a chance for a fresh start that might see things such as the adoption of the bradbury pound as a challenge to central banking hegemony. However now I am concerned that the elites may have other plans for us beyond brexit. So leaving the EU is only half the battle. Now the struggle begins for what comes next

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6 minutes ago, Dropship said:

Personally I can't figger out why the jews in our countries haven't spoken out against mass muslim immigration, bearing in mind that jews will be the first to get the chop if Islam ever takes over in our countries?


on one hand we keep hearing about how aggressively israel is trying to repulse mass immigration into what many zionists see as a jewish homeland while they build walls around themselves but on the other hand we saw IsraelAid actively involved in assisting migrants landing on european shores


We also learned of the involvement of powerful jews like george soros in assisting mass immigration and also in the role of NGO boats in acting as a ferry service for migrants across the mediterenean sea when the international protocol is to return people stranded at sea to the nearest port which in the case of north african migrants would be somewhere like tripoli and not all the way over the sea to ports in italy or greece etc so clearly there was an agenda at work


At the same time we had communist merkl verbally signalling to migrants that europes doors were open and we saw that guidebooks had been created and handed to migrants advising them how best to move around europe and where to go to get the best welfare


There is also the notorious video of the jewish head of paedia barbara spector saying that jews will be at the forefront of the transition of europe into a 'multicultural mode' and the reality is that her organisation is funded by the rothschilds who were also famously behind the creation of israel


Hopefully this thread will shed some more light on what's going on

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The growth of the chinese empire


The chinese are expanding at a phenomenal rate and are essentially taking over africa whilst creating a corridor of trade across the old spice routes to the levant and beyond.


James Corbett traces in this video clip the role of the skull and bonesmen (of the yale secret society in the US which is a recruitment ground for the CIA who recruit from the old illuminati bloodline families from europe who get 'the tap' on the shoulder while at yale university to invite them into the order) in the education of mao in china in a yale offshoot school and his advancement in politics to become the chairman of china


This would on the surface seem to be anomolous that the most privileged bloodlines of the west would advance the centralised control of china but as Corbett goes on to show in the clip the neoliberal cartels of corporations of the west who lets face it are all owned by those very same privileged bloodlines that get recruited from elite schools like yale and harvard in the US or oxford and cambridge in the Uk into the intelligence services, are the very same corporations behind the growth of the chinese economy and its evolution into an authoritarian, totalitarian state that is a technocratic merger of communism and monopoly capitalism.

China and the New World Order




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Chinas one-belt-one-road scheme: beyond brexit?


I have supported brexit as i see the EU as an elite run fascistic project but i do have concerns about what the elites will do to try and turn the brexit situation to their advantage


For example they could claim we have brexited while effectively keeping us tied to the EU or they could pursue another agenda altogether. The big danger on the horizon is the growing chinese empire which is really been created by the western neoliberal cartelist corporate cabal which we call the sabbateans and which was also behind the bolsheviks and the rise of the nazi war machine as well as the election of FDR to president in the USA


Prod Sutton labels this cabal 'wall street' and he calls them 'corporate socialists' because what they do is use government to enable them to create corporate monopolies ie cartels while they squeeze everyone else out of business


Those are the same forces behind the EU but they are also the same forces behind the rise of technocratic china and they control the big tech companies that are building the infrastructure behind the technocracy ie the smart grid, the internet of things, the facial recognition, the digital currencies, the autonomous vehicles, the drones the darpa robots etc


So the danger after brexit is that the tories will take us into chinas one-belt-one-road scheme which is pursuing the old spice route across from china to the levant and britain could be positioned as the western most node on that empire. This could explain the willingness of the tory government to embrace the huawei 5G technology which the US is rejecting for having backdoors in it. Effectively the freemasonic establishment of britain is rolling out the 5G smart grid control system and is using the chinese technocracy's tech to do this which itself has really come from what the left would call the neoliberal corporations in the west or what we would call the sabbateans or the rothschild cabal


So that is my big concern with brexit: that we will be sucked into the chinese technocratic empire:

US officials brand possible Huawei 5G rollout in UK ‘act of madness’ as MI5 plays down US fear-mongering

14 Jan, 2020 02:43 / Updated 4 hours ago
In a bid to pressure the UK into barring Huawei from Britain’s 5G rollout, US officials reportedly went as far as to imply that allowing it on the market would be “madness.” The fears were dampened by the UK spy chief, however.

The US has upped the rhetorical ante on its largely unfounded claims that Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei will severely compromise a country’s cyber security if it is allowed to work on any of the world’s burgeoning national 5G networks.

A team of high-ranking US officials, including those from the National Security Agency (NSA), were set to present supposedly damning evidence to the UK government on Monday, arguing the equipment supplied by the Chinese company may come with hidden ‘backdoors’ granting Beijing access to critical British infrastructure.

In the wake of the meeting with the British ministers, the Guardian’s Dan Sabbagh quoted US officials as saying that using Huawei technology for 5G in the UK would be “an act of madness.” It’s unclear exactly what proof the US officials presented to their British colleagues, as several major US allies, such as Germany and India, have so far found no compelling reason to ban Huawei from their own 5G networks.

Washington has long tried to persuade London into shunning the Chinese tech giant. In December, US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien argued that once Huawei is given a green light in the UK, Beijing would “steal wholesale state secrets, whether they are the UK’s nuclear secrets or secrets from MI6 or MI5.”

Such an ominous prediction apparently did not strike a chord with the British intelligence community itself, however, with head of MI5 Andrew Parker telling the Financial Times in a recent interview that he had “no reason to think” the intelligence sharing agreement between the UK and the US would be in any danger if the British government refused to shut the door on Huawei. 


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Trump and the zionist enterprise


David Icke was a critic of trump from the start calling him the candidate of chaos and we have certainly seen plenty of that including a strong polarisation of american society. However perhaps that polarisation had already begun during 8 years of obama/clinton and really what trump did was pull off the bandage and expose the wound. Obama / clinton had shoved political correctness down americas throat whilst gutting the  middle class and clearly much of the electorate were desperate for some sort of change. The naive optomism that had seen me buy obamas autobiographical book about his father along with the biographical book that was also in the shop windows as that time that detailed his rise through chicago activism and read them faded as we saw business as usual continue with foreign wars and domestic social engineering.


The whole left v's right racket in the US seems to work as a good cop / bad cop routine that is played on the public. The elites know about the demographic make up of the public and they have complex analytics that enable them to read the public on various issues. The trump campaign, bankrolled by ADL sponsor sheldon adelson played a very savy campaign where they pandered to what sections of the public wanted which has seen them labelled 'populists' but really they haven't delivered on much of it so just because they pandered to the popular vote doesn't mean they are true populists as they may merely be playing a part to garner votes. This pattern commonly seen by politicians in the run up to elections of making promises they have no intention of keeping has led to david icke suggesting that politicians actually sign a contract that they will carry out their policies if elected because otherwise why should we believe a word that comes out of their mouths?


Trump said some stuff about vaccines and 911 truth and the TPP and climate change that were really so off-message with the cabals agenda that he managed to build peoples hopes. For me personally the vaccine issue is a massive one as i see that as one of the pillars that is holding up the whole rotten ediface which is why the vaccine compensation courts the government set up to protect the vaccine companies from being sued when their products harmed people, are held in secret out of the sight of the public or press. Trump elected Robert kennedy to chair an investigation and to me this was like all my christmas's had come at once. kennedy has done incredible work and his childrens health defence website  https://childrenshealthdefense.org/ is a brilliant resource but as with so many of trumps early promises there has been little mentioned since leading me to view his campaigning as just more of the usual pandering to the public but this time with a view to pulling in the support of people who have started to switch on to certain issues. The possibility that a link might have been made between vaccines and autism by the president of the US was a potential game changer because if a big lie falls the whole ediface shakes and totters and peoples minds suddenly open to the possibility that they might have been lied to on other issues too.


This is why certain narratives are so protected because they uphold the whole stinking lie factory. Trump touched on those issues but has failed to push them home showing that the elites are having to be more savy in garnering votes. In practice trump has proven himself to be a zionist puppet and this latest assassination of the head of the iranian revolutionary guard feeds perfectly into the yinon plan of israel to destabilise the middle east (more in my next post). Trumps recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel also feeds into the messianic plan of the lurianic kabbalists to build a third temple on temple mount which according to their prophecy will then mark the rise of their messiah who will rule the world from jerusalem having raised his chosen people above all other peoples.


So how could a human leader act as a messiah for jerusalem that could enslave humanity? Its not possible. What would be possible is for a non human messiah such as a silicon consciousness in the form of what is being called 'artificial intelligence'. AI sitting in a closed circuit in a laboratory can only control what it is hooked upto in its circuit but in a world where everything becomes connected to an 'internet or things' through a 5G 'smart grid' that is able to shoot concentrated beams of microwaves at targeted individuals, an artificial intelligence that is connected to such a grid gains control of every single appliance that has become wifi enabled and made 'smart' which is going to include all vehicles that are to become electric and autonomous by 2030 (the target date of UN Agenda 2030). If the AI wanted it could run the autonomous vehicle you are traveling in into a tree or lampost and the newspapers would simply record this as an 'accident' caused by 'mechanical failure'.


Further to this a technocratic society would grade each citizen and give them a 'social credit score' according to how well they complied with whatever set of dictats was deemed 'politically correct' at any given moment. If a person criticised the system their score would lower and they would be frozen out of loans, jobs, travel and other goods and services of the corporate dominated system. Democrat presidential hopeful andrew yang has proposed a social credit score system.


Jobs would be lost to automation as AI and its robots took over and citizens would be given digital currency in the form or 'universal basic income' to allow them to buy rationed goods in accordance with the technocrats CO2 targets. If a persons social credit score dropped, their amount of UBI or their access to it could be curtailed.


In order to make a payment with the digital, state-hand-out tokens they would swipe a microchip that would be implanted in their hand which would also track their every movement and also control their ability to travel through doors and vehicles etc.


Policing duties would be taken over by military grade robots designed to travel anywhere that could physically hunt down and eliminate or control humans. Darpa which has its roots in the pentagon and also has ties to social media such as google are working on such robots and they are not being made to help old grannies across the street.


It is through such a system that a silicon consciousness would be able to control every man, woman and child on the planet in total subjugation and behind all of the dialectical political theatrics played out by the 'left' and 'right' these agendas are all rolling out swiftly regardless of which political party is in power

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The Yinon plan to destabilise and balkanise the middle east...

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

The Infamous "Oded Yinon Plan". Introduction by Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, December 28, 2019
Association of Arab-American University Graduates, Inc. 3 March 2013


The following document pertaining to the formation of “Greater Israel” constitutes the cornerstone of powerful Zionist factions within the current Netanyahu government,  the Likud party, as well as within the Israeli military and intelligence establishment. 

President Donald Trump has confirmed in no uncertain terms, his support of Israel’s illegal settlements (including his opposition to UN Security Council Resolution 2334, pertaining to the illegality of the Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank). In recent developments, the Trump administration has expressed its recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. 

“Greater Israel” will be part of the forthcoming March 2020 election campaign.  Netanyahu has pledged to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank.

“Today [September before second 2019 elections]I announce my intention, with the formation of the next government, to establish Israeli sovereignty on the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea.” (emphasis added)

Despite his indictments on grounds of corruption, Netanyahu’s leadership win will contribute to consolidating anti-Arab sentiment within the Likud party. 

Trump’s “Deal of the Century” is supportive of the “Greater Israel” project, which also consists in the derogation of Palestinians’ “right of return” by “naturalizing them as citizens of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere regionally where they reside”.

Bear in mind: The Greater Israel design is not strictly a Zionist Project for the Middle East, it is an integral part of US foreign policy, its strategic objective is extend US hegemony as well as fracture and balkanize the Middle East.

Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is intended to trigger political instability throughout the region.  

According to the founding father of Zionism Theodore Herzl, “the area of the Jewish State stretches: “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.”  According to Rabbi Fischmann,  “The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.”


When viewed in the current context, including the siege on Gaza, the Zionist Plan for the Middle East bears an intimate relationship to the 2003 invasion of  Iraq, the 2006 war on Lebanon, the 2011 war on Libya, the ongoing wars on Syria, Iraq and Yemen, not to mention the political crisis in Saudi Arabia.  

The “Greater Israel” project consists in weakening and eventually fracturing neighboring Arab states as part of a US-Israeli expansionist project, with the support of NATO and Saudi Arabia. In this regard, the Saudi-Israeli rapprochement is from Netanyahu’s viewpoint a means to expanding Israel’s spheres of influence in the Middle East as well as confronting Iran. Needless to day, the “Greater Israel” project is consistent with America’s imperial design. 

“Greater Israel” consists in an area extending from the Nile Valley to the Euphrates. According to Stephen Lendman,

A near-century ago, the World Zionist Organization’s plan for a Jewish state included:

• historic Palestine;

• South Lebanon up to Sidon and the Litani River;

• Syria’s Golan Heights, Hauran Plain and Deraa; and

• control of the Hijaz Railway from Deraa to Amman, Jordan as well as the Gulf of Aqaba.

Some Zionists wanted more – land from the Nile in the West to the Euphrates in the East, comprising Palestine, Lebanon, Western Syria and Southern Turkey.”



The Zionist project supports the Jewish settlement movement. More broadly it involves a policy of excluding Palestinians from Palestine leading to the eventual annexation of both the West Bank and Gaza to the State of Israel.

Greater Israel would create a number of proxy States. It would include parts of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, the Sinai, as well as parts of  Iraq and Saudi Arabia. (See map).

According to Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya in a 2011 Global Research article,   The Yinon Plan was a continuation of Britain’s colonial design in the Middle East:

“[The Yinon plan] is an Israeli strategic plan to ensure Israeli regional superiority. It insists and stipulates that Israel must reconfigure its geo-political environment through the balkanization of the surrounding Arab states into smaller and weaker states.

Israeli strategists viewed Iraq as their biggest strategic challenge from an Arab state. This is why Iraq was outlined as the centerpiece to the balkanization of the Middle East and the Arab World. In Iraq, on the basis of the concepts of the Yinon Plan, Israeli strategists have called for the division of Iraq into a Kurdish state and two Arab states, one for Shiite Muslims and the other for Sunni Muslims. The first step towards establishing this was a war between Iraq and Iran, which the Yinon Plan discusses.

The Atlantic, in 2008, and the U.S. military’s Armed Forces Journal, in 2006, both published widely circulated maps that closely followed the outline of the Yinon Plan. Aside from a divided Iraq, which the Biden Plan also calls for, the Yinon Plan calls for a divided Lebanon, Egypt, and Syria. The partitioning of Iran, Turkey, Somalia, and Pakistan also all fall into line with these views. The Yinon Plan also calls for dissolution in North Africa and forecasts it as starting from Egypt and then spilling over into Sudan, Libya, and the rest of the region.

“Greater Israel” requires the breaking up of the existing Arab states into small states.

“The plan operates on two essential premises. To survive, Israel must 1) become an imperial regional power, and 2) must effect the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states. Small here will depend on the ethnic or sectarian composition of each state. Consequently, the Zionist hope is that sectarian-based states become Israel’s satellites and, ironically, its source of moral legitimation…  This is not a new idea, nor does it surface for the first time in Zionist strategic thinking. Indeed, fragmenting all Arab states into smaller units has been a recurrent theme.” (Yinon Plan, see below)

Viewed in this context, the war on Syria and Iraq is part of  the process of Israeli territorial expansion. 

In this regard, the defeat of US sponsored terrorists (ISIS, Al Nusra) by Syrian Forces with the support of Russia, Iran and Hizbollah constitute a significant setback for Israel.  

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, September 06, 2015, updated September 13, 2019, December 28, 2019


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I posted an article above that was in davids headlines today by mint press titled: Study Finds Bots and MAGA Supporters Pushing #IraniansDetestSoleimani Hashtag


Lets consider a passage in that clip:


''On the president’s actions, linguist and public intellectual Noam Chomsky claimed that the U.S. was a “rogue state” conducting “reckless international terrorism,” with Trump’s actions giving ISIS “another lease on life.”''


Now i used to be a big fan of noam chomsky in my youth but overtime as i learned deeper layers to all of this i realised that chomsky became very vague on certain things. For example he will never mention the rothschilds and instead simply speaks of 'the power elite' but when it comes to geo-politics chomsky is very precise about who he believes is to blame as he says 'the US' a lot!


But the US is simply under the control of the rothschild cabal that is behind the creation of israel so the US is not acting as a 'rogue state' as chomsky claimed in the equivalent of the authorities always telling us that acts are carried out by crazed 'lone gunmen' to imply there is never a conspiracy. No the US is acting on the behalf of Israel


What chomsky is doing there is enabling the sabbateans to hide behind the US so that the white man (as the biggest demographic of the US) and their white president becomes the hate figure for the actions of the sabbateans but peel back trump and you find the zionists like sheldon adelson and roy cohn and benjamin netenyahu etc


The dialectic is rigged such that many will still vote for trump though because despite his advancement of the interests of the zionist enterprise abroad many voters will see him as the lesser of two evils when compared to the social engineering that the likes of hilary clinton wishes to do to the domestic population in the US and that is the catch 22 they have us in

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2 hours ago, muir said:

The brexit election

..first I want to look at the boost the tories have had in the UK recently due to the latest election. Now this election in my opinion should never have happened because a situation was created whereby the election became effectively a second brexit referendum as the tories were paying lip service to brexit while the labour party were being slippery bastards about it but really everyone understood that labour was anti-brexit.


I voted 'Leave' in the Brexit referendum because I didn't want to be bossed around any more by the foreign EU clowns in Brussels, it's as simple as that.

And when we won, Trump got it right when he said "I think it's great, they've got their country back".

However PM Theresa May was a Remainer, so she traitorously dragged her feet for 3 years without getting us out, and there was such a huge public outcry against her that she was forced to resign and sent scurrying back to the kitchen.

I (and most of the Brit people) voted Tory in the recent election because Boris has sworn to get us out of Europe at last.

"Came the hour, came the man"

Goodbye Theresa and good friggin riddance, haha..



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So why do i mention that people like george soros is a 'jew'? Well i'm speaking about a lurianic kabbalist doctrine of messianic supremacy. Now we hear people speaking about 'islamic extremism' or 'christian fundamentialism' and what i'm saying is that lurianic kabbalah is of the same mindset.


But when we dig into what is called 'islamic extremism' we find wahhabism which itself attacks other elements of islam and has carried out atrocities against other muslims for centuries. Where did this radical sect of islam come from?


The black muslim conspiracy author david livingston discusses this and i'll speak a bit about it but first i want to point out that i am happy to listen to and agree with various authors of different ethnicities. Gilad atzmon has renounced his jewish identity but he also says a lot of things i agree with including over the dielectical way in which the cabal use controlled opposition in order to create an overton window within which they can debate issues so that they can control the debate for example i once saw a debate between noam chomsky and alan dershowitz where they were debating the issue of palestine and i was sitting there listening to these two jewish speakers wondering ''where is the palestinean voice in this debate?' but that's how they manage all debates: by making sure they have their own figure in there amongst the opposition so that they can craft and control the narrative.


Now if i was a racial supremacist i would disregard people on the basis of their race but i don't do that so what i'm really interested in is the ideas that are going on in peoples heads ie their beliefs and i think beliefs should be open to analysis and critique. So the charge of 'anti-semitism' doesn't wash because i am not against anyone on the basis of being semitic as i am speaking about a certain belief system that holds certain views that are then problematic for the rest of humanity who do not subscribe to those views. I believe those views need to be pulled out into the light of day.


Concerning the three abrahamic religions i believe that people in this cult i'm speaking about operate within those religions to disrupt or to try and degrade or to try and control their message. For example many sabbateans in turkey converted to islam publically while privately remaining lurianic kabbalists behind closed doors. In judaism we see a split over zionism and in christianity we have the manufactured 'christian zionist' movement in the US which promotes the interests of the state of israel but which i suggest has been wholly manufactured by the sabbatean cult and then disseminated through its freemasonic network.



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The Truth Comes Out About the Soleimani Assassination

By Makia Freeman, 2 hours ago

The Solemani assassination was as an outright, aggressive and unbridled Act of War committed by the US against Iran on January 3rd, 2020. US President Donald Trump chose to order the murder of the Iranian general, who was the head of the elite Quds Force, part of the IRGC (the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps). Sometimes Trump is a blabbermouth who is a bit too honest for the swamp-dwellers surrounding him, while other times he is a compulsive liar. We saw both sides of Trump in the Soleimani assassination incident; firstly by claiming and boasting that he had ordered the assassination, and conversely by falsely claiming that Soleimani was about to order attacks on US embassies and US forces. Meanwhile, now that a little time has passed since the event, the truth is coming out – namely that the hit on Soleimani was pre-planned months or years in advance, that Israel was involved in the planning and execution and that there was no evidence the US was about to be attacked by Soleimani or Iranian forces.


The New York Times) floated the idea of assassinating Soleimani before it happened as reported by Zero Hedge....while this Daily Mail article claims the USG came up with the idea 18 months ago when Zionist neocon warmonger John Bolton was still Trump's National Security Advisor.

Israel's Role in the Assassination

Then we have the ever-present Israeli influence. The article Israel figured in US decision to assassinate Iranian general reports how Israel knew in advance – when even the US Congress did not. Israeli Mossad chief Yossi Cohen last year spoke openly about assassinating Soleimani:

"With all due respect to his bluster, he hasn’t necessarily committed the mistake yet that would place him on the prestigious list of Mossad’s assassination targets ... He knows very well that his assassination is not impossible. His actions are identified and felt everywhere… there’s no doubt the infrastructure he built presents a serious challenge for Israel."

Recent reports also indicate that Israel wasn't just involved in planning the Soleimani assassination; they also actively contributed to it with their spies and informants who passed along information to the US about Soleimani's whereabouts so that he could be targeted and killed. It is very plausible that Trump killed Soleimani to appease Israel and some of the Israel-owned Republican senators (e.g. Zionist war hawks Lindsey Graham and Tom Cotton) whose support Trump needs in his upcoming impeachment trial. Chris Menahan writes that "new evidence is surfacing which further suggests the impeachment trial is just an effort to pressure President Trump to go to war with Iran" and quotes a piece from Salon:

"President Donald Trump privately told associates that his upcoming impeachment trial factored heavily into his decision to kill top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, The Wall Street Journal reports. "Trump, after the strike, told associates he was under pressure to deal with Gen. Soleimani from GOP senators he views as important supporters in his coming impeachment trial in the Senate," associates of the president told the outlet."

Soleimani had traveled to Baghdad at the invitation of the Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi, who had organized peace talks between Iran, Saudi Arabia and others in the region. Abdul-Mahdi revealed that Trump had personally thanked him for his efforts before using the opportunity to kill Soleimani, thwarting any chance at decreased tensions.


Syrian President Bashar Al Assad called Trump the most honest US president ever, because Trump blabs the real reasons for and objectives of US imperialism out loud where other presidents would mask those aims with deceptive, humanitarian, flowery-sounding language. Trump has affirmed numerous times that "we will take oil" in Syria and that the US sells its troops to nations like Saudi Arabia and South Korea. Killing Soleimani was an Act of War and selling your soldiers to the highest bidder is surely illegal but morals, legality, truth and respecting other's sovereignty don't seem to matter anymore in the fairyland world we live in. Trump has also claimed that the US will not leave Iraq unless the Iraqis pay for the US base there!


The truth is that US soldiers illegally occupying Iraq has nothing to do with defeating radical Islamic terrorism but rather everything to do with controlling the country, pilfering its resources and using Iraqi territory as a foothold for waging endless regional wars. Yet is was only a relatively short time ago – 17 years in 2003 – when the USG told the world they were invading Iraq because of radical Islamic terrorism (and that 9/11 thingy, you know). In many ways, Trump has ripped off the sweet-sounding, lying face of the US corporate-military NWO empire to reveal that it's all about expansion, invasion, occupation, theft, getting paid and getting a return on investment. It has absolutely nothing to do with genuine defense, honor, integrity or keeping Americans safe.



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23 hours ago, muir said:

...whereby the election became effectively a second brexit referendum as the tories were paying lip service to brexit while the labour party were being slippery bastards about it but really everyone understood that labour was anti-brexit.


Now this is unfair on the electorate because they may support brexit but not the policies of the tories or visa versa they might be against brexit but not support labours policies so by making the public vote for political parties on an issue that was not necessarily aligned with the policies of the relevant parties is unfair.


A number of people I know who have voted Labour all their life voted Tory in this election on the (misguided) premise that the Conservatives would actually deliver Brexit. I think this is a fair representation of what happened across the country.


But as some of us know, the Tories intend to keep us locked into the Euro prison via the "defence and security" loophole which binds us into European Defence Union as this article illustrates perfectly...


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4 hours ago, HAARPING_On said:

as some of us know, the Tories intend to keep us locked into the Euro prison via the "defence and security" loophole which binds us into European Defence Union


yeah i'll believe brexit when i see it however to be fair to the voters if they hadn't voted and labour had won by default then brexit would be dead in the water. At least now the british people have given the government a mandate to deliver brexit and if it fails to then it delegitimises the government

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The US and the EU have followed a course of action with Iran that could lead to war. After the assassination of solemani on the 3rd of january tehran has pulled out of the iran nuclear deal but the sabotage of the deal by the US and the EU has been going on for a while...

How Europe betrayed Iran: By triggering JCPOA dispute mechanism, EU helps Trump finish job of killing the Iran nuclear deal

Scott Ritter
is a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer. He served in the Soviet Union as an inspector implementing the INF Treaty, in General Schwarzkopf’s staff during the Gulf War, and from 1991-1998 as a UN weapons inspector.
15 Jan, 2020 13:19
Europe could have saved the Iran nuclear agreement. Instead, it abused the rule of law by inappropriately triggering its dispute mechanism, all but ensuring the agreement’s demise.

Disingenuous diplomacy

On January 5, 2020, Tehran announced that it would no longer comply with its obligations under the Iran nuclear agreement, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action (JCPOA). Iran’s actions are in response to the withdrawal of the US from the JCPOA, and the re-imposition of economic sanctions by the US which had been lifted when the deal came into force. 

As 5th & final REMEDIAL step under paragraph 36 of JCPOA, there will no longer be any restriction on number of centrifugesThis step is within JCPOA & all 5 steps are reversible upon EFFECTIVE implementation of reciprocal obligationsIran's full cooperation w/IAEA will continue

— Javad Zarif (@JZarif) January 5, 2020

In response to the Iranian actions, the governments of France, Germany, and the UK – all parties to the deal, along with the European Union (EU) – invoked provisions within the JCPOA, known as the Dispute Resolution Mechanism (DRM), in an effort to bring Iran back into compliance.

The triggering of the DRM by the European countries, however, is a disingenuous move designed to provide diplomatic cover for the EU’s own failures when it comes to JCPOA implementation. 

Moreover, given the likely outcome of this process, a convening of the UN Security Council where economic sanctions will be re-imposed on Iran by default, the Europeans have all but assured the demise of the JCPOA, with their so-called diplomacy serving as little more than a facilitator of a larger crisis between Iran and the US that, given the heightened tensions between these two nations in the aftermath of the assassination of Qassem Soleimani, precipitously increases the prospects for war.

Big powers always had an easy way out of deal

When the JCPOA was finalized in July 2015, the world was given hope that the crisis over Iran’s nuclear enrichment capability, which had been threatening to boil over into war, had been resolved, and diplomacy had prevailed over armed conflict. 

The JCPOA codified a number of restrictions on Iran’s ability to enrich uranium, including the numbers and types of centrifuges that could be used, where enrichment could take place, what level of enrichment could occur, and how large of a stockpile of enriched nuclear material Iran was allowed to maintain, and an intrusive comprehensive inspection regime designed to verify Iran’s compliance. 

These restrictions were designed to ease over time through a series of so-called “sunset clauses,” until all that remained was an enhanced inspection process. In short, the JCPOA legitimized Iran’s right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes while simultaneously recognizing the concerns of some within the international community regarding the potential for Iran to abuse this enrichment capability for military purposes.

The JCPOA was, in effect, a comprehensive confidence building mechanism intended to build trust between Iran and the international community over time, consistent with the agreement’s preamble, which declared “Iran reaffirms that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop or acquire any nuclear weapons.”

Prior to the implementation of the JCPOA, Iran had been subjected to stringent economic sanctions levied under the authority of the UN Security Council. In exchange for entering into the agreement, these sanctions were lifted. 

However, the deal recognized that disputes could emerge regarding the implementation of the agreement, and put in place a dispute resolution mechanism which, if no satisfactory solution was found to an identified problem, would result in these sanctions being automatically re-imposed.

A key aspect of this mechanism was that if any party to the agreement used its veto in the UN Security Council to block a vote related to nonperformance on the part of any party to the agreement, then the economic sanctions would automatically be reinstated.

Washington sabotages JCPOA 

For the first two-plus years of the deal’s existence, from July 2015 through to May 2018, Iran was found to be in full compliance with its commitments.

In May 2018, however, the US precipitously withdrew from the agreement, claiming that the eventual expiration of the “sunset clauses” paved the way for Iran to produce a nuclear weapon, and as such the JCPOA was little more than a facilitator of Iranian nuclear malign intent. 

The US began re-imposing economic sanctions on Iran, all of which included so-called secondary sanctions which applied to any nation that violated the US sanctions. Iran rightfully viewed the re-imposition of sanctions by the US as a violation of the deal.

Furthermore, when EU companies began balking on their willingness to do business with Iran out of fear of US secondary sanctions, Iran rightfully found the EU to be in violation of the JCPOA as well.

Iran gave the remaining parties to the JCPOA six months following the US withdrawal to develop the necessary mechanisms needed to sidestep the impact of the US economic sanctions. 

By November 2018, however, no such mechanisms had been implemented, and when the US targeted Iran’s economic lifeblood by sanctioning oil sales, Iran responded by invoking its rights under Article 26 and Article 36 of the JCPOA, which allows Iran to “cease performing its commitments under the JCPOA, in whole or in part”, for either the re-imposition of new nuclear-related sanctions, or “significant nonperformance” of obligations under the JCPOA, or in this case, both. 

Since that time, Iran has been gradually stepping away from the restrictions imposed on it, noting each time that its measures were immediately reversible should the underlying issues be resolved in a manner that complied with the letter and intent of the JCPOA.

Europe’s cowardice

In short, Iran demanded that the EU live up to its obligations to stand up to the US economic sanctions. The EU has consistently failed to do so, resulting in Iran’s gradual backing away from its obligations, leading to the current state of affairs where all of the restrictions imposed by the JCPOA, not including international inspections, which continue unabated, have ceased to be in operation.

When it comes to levying fault for the current state of affairs, there is no “chicken or egg” causality up for debate. Blame lies squarely on both the US for withdrawing from the deal, and the EU for failing to live up to its obligations under the JCPOA regarding economic engagement with Iran. 

Iran has long warned the governments of France, Germany, and the UK not to invoke the DRM, noting that the JCPOA does not permit such a move if, as is the case today, Iran is exercising its legal right in response to the illegal and unilateral actions of the US.

There is no realistic expectation that Iran will change its position in this regard. Russia and China have already indicated that Iran is fully within its rights within the JCPOA to back off its obligations regarding restrictions imposed on its nuclear program, citing US and EU non-performance. 

By invoking the DRM, the Europeans have, knowingly and wittingly, initiated a process that can only have one outcome, the termination of the JCPOA. In doing so, the EU has breathed life into unfounded US allegations of Iranian nuclear weapons intent, setting up an inevitable clash between the Washington and Tehran that has the real potential of dragging the whole world down with it.




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On ‎1‎/‎14‎/‎2020 at 1:58 PM, muir said:

I listened to Milo with an open mind and i thought he made a lot of valid points but then he seemed to then conclude his talks by having a jab at islam and was pretty aggressive in his terms of how what he perceived as this problem of islam should be dealt with


Milo is Brilliant entertainment and a provocateur.


He his hated by the left because he is right wing and gay and the left think they own the Gay and brown vote - look at the racism and abuse - traitors uncle toms etc thrown at ethnic politicians who dare be right of centre.


He very nicely challenges BLM - with the point that they are right America has treated blacks badly - but that's all parties and their (BLMs) actions are crap.


I agree with you that he is very anti Muslim, I find him very intolerant of them.


But we do need to consider his position

He is Gay, He is part Jewish

Muslim countries are very intolerant of gays - Being Jewish means he gets targeted by some for what Israel does**

Muslims often dont integrate well and double down on the more extreme aspects of faith - with that comes intolerance of Gays and with that comes violence and exclusion and attempts to influence politics to censure them.

I can see why he fears significant immigration from Muslim countries - I dont agree with him but I understand his view.


**I got targeted last week by a Nigerian for England's crimes in the past (well fair enough) so I can relate to being blamed for something you had no part in (This was followed with that we are (not were are) thieves scum and murderers we taught black people how to steal etc  - im a horrible person because im English - Nigerians in England are bad people because they live near the English - he wont live in England because its a bad place full of bad people - No point in complaining to management or arguing  because by default im the racist and if he plays the - he said the N word - im sacked - so fear silences me - not fear of him - fear of the systems inequality ( yes the same system that only works for me according to some)

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9 minutes ago, Eldnah said:

Milo is Brilliant entertainment and a provocateur.


yes but perhaps that is all scripted



I agree with you that he is very anti Muslim, I find him very intolerant of them.


the purpose of the script would be to take peoples legitimate anger about the other issues that Milo and the alt right speak about and to then harness those energies by sympathising with those people on those issues before then redirecting those angers onto a chosen target which would in this case be muslims


If Milo was saying we are all getting screwed and to understand that we need to examine the concentrations of power and wealth in the world to understand what their agenda is then i'd say 'well done man, spot on' but he isn't doing that. he is essentially putting the cross hairs on islam and by doing so he is re-focussing peoples attention AWAY from where it needs to be focussed which is on the concentrations of power and wealth in the world as those are the people who are really screwing us all over and who are also screwing the muslims over in muslim lands



*I got targeted last week by a Nigerian for England's crimes in the past


right and that is the SAME psyop at work where the elites have created identiarian politics so thatb they can re-focus peoples attention off them and onto other sub sections of the workers


For example a black person like that nigerian guy will be encouraged through identity politics to blame all white people for his problems instead of the elites and this is done through their terminology that speaks of vague catch all things such as 'white privilege' and 'white supremacy' which are coded terms for all white people thereby putting the cross hairs on all white people instead of the elites who were actually behind things like slavery or colonialisation or mass immigration or third world debt or the exploitation of third world resources etc

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On ‎1‎/‎15‎/‎2020 at 1:52 PM, HAARPING_On said:

That articles  absolute Tosh.


Britain is one of the most vocal opponent of an EU army and an EU HQ ( which is just duplicating NATO HQ at great cost)

1) commitment to Europe whilst retaining sovereignty isn't a contradiction - unless you've decide the british army is going to be in the EU army and now seek to make facts fit. - Its nothing more than an assurance that regardless of Brexit we will remain committed to NATO and (for example) If Putin heads west - the UK goes East


2) Bangs on about sovereignty and troops only under UK command and how this is endangered - Its bollox hes conflating UK sovereignty over  decisions regarding whether to deploy British forces - with local command -

As junior partner on land the British Army commitment  has often been under a larger allied command.


3) uses wibble to try to imply EU Army with UK involved is on the way

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41 minutes ago, muir said:


you might want to view the timeline on this webpage:




Again though - most of that later stuff  is reaffirming cooperation - particularly intelligence once the UK leaves - yes were tied in - but that's for practical reasons its not indicative of an EU army forming.


I know some have called for it - but few countries agree and the UK in particular will Veto it.


More to the point though the US (or rather Trump) has indicated he doesn't see why the US should defend Europe when most European countries aren't spending money on defence - The US is also refocusing on the Pacific region - So Europe needs to look after itself more - An EU defence agreement also includes countries that aren't and wont be in NATO -



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2 minutes ago, Eldnah said:

More to the point though the US (or rather Trump) has indicated he doesn't see why the US should defend Europe when most European countries aren't spending money on defence - The US is also refocusing on the Pacific region - So Europe needs to look after itself more - An EU defence agreement also includes countries that aren't and wont be in NATO -


defend themselves against who?


if europe is acting as one and they are allied to the US through Nato then who do they need to defend themself from?

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3 hours ago, muir said:


defend themselves against who?


if europe is acting as one and they are allied to the US through Nato then who do they need to defend themself from?




Yes I know the media spouts the Russians are coming whenever the Russians legally sail down the channel - but Putin is rearming and is waging a propaganda and cyber war against the West - sadly all to many see RT and Sputnik as credible alternatives to the Western media - they really aren't - they are absolutely the KGB (yes I know its changed name) media front

There's also a tendency to see him as a good guy - he isn't . ( Yes I know neither is Trump but I dont claim otherwise )


Russia itself is somewhat paranoid and justifiably so because NATO has expanded to include Poland Etc -  The trouble their is not so much they did it but that Russia believed the West promised it wouldn't **- hence Putin uses that betrayal to stoke fires at home. The sad fact is when you look at Putin and his behaviour he really is stepping into Adolfs shoes (see his latest power grab) the mans a dangerous dictator. (Trumps a tit but he will be voted out). His actions and agressive posturing is making the Swiss reconsider neutrality - now that should be an indication of the man.


Europe is safe whilst America is here - but if it quits Europe has avoided paying for defence - relied on the US at the moment European armies really aren't credible to fight a war.

Nobody is planning a war - but if you are really weak - well someone will take advantage. It doesn't have to be a war as such eg If Putin can use intimidation and manufactured dissent to occupy the Baltics and NATO cannot respond effectively to prevent this  - he defacto owns them - plus this destroys NATO - shows it for the paper tiger it is and now he can extend hegemony over Poland etc by applying pressure - Putin is very much in that mould and the Baltics are a ripe and vulnerable fruit - NATO was foolish to expand into them - because its locked them into an unwinnable situation.


**Its all a bit confused - The Russian position is also distorted by Putin propaganda - Russians believe that the west promised east Germany wouldn't be in NATO - but as Germany was reunified and Germany was a member and it was clear they wouldn't be leaving - its hard to see where they got this idea

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David Wurmser and Trump’s Zionist Occupied Brain

Kurt Nimmo, 18 hours ago


It’s antisemitism time. If you criticize Israel and the cadre of chickenhawk neocons steering Donald Trump’s foreign policy, you will be pilloried and exiled to the political wilderness, forever condemned as a white supremacist.

Scratch a little bit beneath the surface and you will discover at the core of this anti-free speech campaign a rabid Zionist, the same Zionist agitators responsible for advocating and organizing the murder of over a million Iraqis. 

It’s no longer permissible to criticize Jewish neocons. The very word “neocon” is considered an antisemitic slur because most of these chickenhawk war criminals are Jewish. It is never mentioned in the NYT or WaPo that the second Iraq mass murder campaign was strictly a Zionist (another word that will get you labeled an antisemite) affair designed to benefit Israel at the expense of the United States. 

Jon Schwarz, writing for The Intercept, tells us something many of us already knew—the forever war neocons are embedded deep within the Trump administration, led by David Wurmser. 

“An influential neoconservative in President George W. Bush’s White House who became a significant force behind the push for war with Iraq in 2003, Wurmser has recently been serving as an informal adviser to the Trump administration, according to new reporting from Bloomberg News. In that capacity, Wurmser helped make the case for the recent drone strike that assassinated Iranian Gen. Qassim Suleimani,” Schwarz writes. 

During the reign of the second dynastic Bush, Wurmser advised Dick Cheney on how best to destroy Iraq and  immiserate millions of people and kill what turned out to be a million and a half Iraqis, the vast majority innocent civilians. 

Wurmer’s inside man in the Trump WH was John Bolton, Trump’s former national security adviser and one of the most vociferous and hateful non-Jewish individuals within the creative destruction klatch. Bolton’s over the top calls for endless violence, cruelty, and his apparent inability to kowtow to the narcissist Trump resulted in his departure from the administration. 

Bolton may be gone but the Zionist blueprint for undermining Israel’s neighbors and gobbling up as much land and expelling (in addition to torturing and murdering) as many native inhabitants as possible. This is being driven from afar and in secret by David Wurmser and his equally repugnant wife, Meyrav, from the heights of the vile Zionists outfit, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Meyrav helped found the organization. As well, she is the director of the Center for Middle East Policy at the neocon-infested Hudson Institute.

Her husband played a key role in the pro-Zionist formulations at the American Enterprise Institute, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies. The Wurmsers are rock-ribbed Zionist provocateurs. 

David Wurmser might be considered a guardian of the neocon mission. In 2018, he sent a letter to Newt Gingrich demanding then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson purge all staffers at the State Department not sufficiently loyal to Trump—that is to say, not sufficiently loyal to the neocon cause, which is Israel’s cause. 

He is responsible in large part (along with his wife, Paul Wolfowitz, and Richard Perle) for A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm, a document prepared for incoming Likud PM Bibi Netanyahu. The document recommends working closely with “Turkey and Jordan to contain, destabilize, and roll back” regional threats (for instance, advocating on behalf of the Palestinians) and using “Israeli proxy forces” based in Lebanon for “striking Syrian military targets in Lebanon.”

If that should “prove insufficient, [Israel should strike] at select targets in Syria proper.” It argues “Israel can shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing, even rolling back Syria.” This would create a “natural axis” between Israel, Jordan, a Hashemite Iraq, and Turkey that “would squeeze and detach Syria from the Saudi Peninsula,” which “could be the prelude to a redrawing of the map of the Middle East, which could threaten Syria’s territorial integrity.”

The staying power of the neocons—analogous to the grip of a pit bull—is one of the more remarkable political stories of our time. The exit of the neocons during the second term of George W. Bush was viewed by many as a purge from the government of a group of fanatical ideologues doing the work of a foreign government. 

The neocons, of course, didn’t disappear—they slunk back to their think tanks and foundations and conspired with more politically palatable (and more skilled at telling lies) “humanitarian interventionists” in the Obama administration. 

The result was 30,000 dead in Libya, the engineered influx of crazed Wahhabi mercenaries in Syria (over 600,000 Syrians killed thus far) under the direction of the cackling war criminal Hillary Clinton, then-Secretary of State.

Obama also continued and expanded Bush’s illegal drone murder program and intensified the war against whistleblowers such as Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Obama redoubled the war on investigative journalism. Despite all this, Democrats consider Obama a saint. 

It has been obvious for many months that Donald Trump is nothing if not an automaton for the Israelis. He routinely fawns over Israeli war criminals and medieval Saudi head-choppers. He has given Israel whatever it wants—billions of dollars a year, recognition through an embassy in contested Jerusalem, a thumbs-up for Israel’s theft of around 700 square miles of land in Syria, encouragement to finally annex the West Bank and squeeze out the Palestinians, considered drugged cockroaches in a bottle by the Zionist settler-racists, and a program aimed at the heart of the Bill of Rights in America to stifle any criticism of this brutal little racist state and its war on Palestinian women and children (along with shooting, killing, and maiming activists, medics, and journalists). 

Of course, Donald Trump is a dupe for fanatical Zionists determined to expel all Arabs and non-Jewish goyim from its half-pint country established on mass graves and the bloody remains of terror attacks (the King David Hotel, Deir Yassin, Lydda, al-Dawayima, Qibya, and many others). 

Trump’s brain is not his own. It is owned by his orthodox Jewish son-in-law and his converted wife. The president’s obsessively self-referential brain is influenced by Sheldon Adelson (he gave Trump over $100 million during the campaign) and his wife Miriam (who wants a “Book of Trump” inserted in the Old Testament), in addition to other Jewish mega-donors, and a groundswell of enthusiastic support among orthodox Jewish voters.

Thus it is hardly a surprise the neocon’s neocon, David Wurmser, is a puppet master driving USG foreign policy in the Middle East. He has the chops, the experience, the appetite for dispossessing and arranging the murder of Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, and Lebanese. 



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