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Max Igan update - break down or threatened / controlled ?

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10 hours ago, size of light said:

Max Igan has just done a 2-hour interview on the Kev Baker Show


Just watching this and at 21:10 Max talks about exploding cell phones .... so I thought to give you this single article from my current research .... will give it all but it contains related data on exploding smart phones ....


"a world W’ is the simulation of the world W, if it provides the same observations as the world W using fewer computations than the intelligent observer expects based on his internal model of W."


"If Giselians start a simulation of their past but committ to terminate the simulation if it becomes nested (the simulation starts a simulation), they basically have given themselves the death penalty, as they mostl likely are already in such a simulation."


"Sol-3 STO-2710 simulation was terminated on DENIED as it led to an extinction level event; Sol-3 STO-2070 was terminated on DENIED because humans learned they were living in a simulation when they understood the data gathered in the scattering of cosmic rays on the possible space-time lattice of the simulation"


"We can only trust that what you call Giselians are the simulation creators and that they are human descendants. We cannot believe our descendants have not chosen not to create simulations based on ethical reasons, except if they are simulating our world as part of an investigation on the different combinations of initial parameters of biological evolution."


"... whether the Rendlesham forest incident was a glitch in the Giselian simulation in which a Denebian probe made it through the termination filter, landed on Sol-3 to warn humans that they lived in a simulation, but the probe was itself terminated abruptly by Giselians"


"There is also a clear reason why an extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) would simulate humanity: any ETI needs to solve the Fermi paradox (why a civilization does not observe alien civilizations). Running many simulations of other possible civilization could provide an estimation of their probability distribution in the universe"


"The objection that humanity is in a simulation cannot be falsified if one assumes that the simulation is perfect. On the other hand, if the simulation is not perfect, it is not a simulation. Is the CP violation by the decaying short neutral kaon a glitch itself? Or is it a glitch the fact that there was a group of humans obtaining a direct measurement of the asymmetry between a particle-physics process and its time-reverse, thereby establishing very direct evidence that the time-reversal operation “T” is not a good symmetry of nature? In a perfect simulation you already account for the possibility of the simulated beings running experiments to find out whether they are being simulated, and you put termination routines in place."


"if there are many more simulated realities than non-simulated ones, and if both are indistinguishable from each other, then we are probably in a simulated reality. However, what about dreamers and the dreamed ones? Are the dreamed ones aware of being dreamed by the dreamers? Denebians surely know that the measure of existence of a mind is equal to the energy of computations used for its simulation, much as we know the measure of existence of a dream is equal to the time the dream lasts. As dreamers, we choose when to terminate a dream (putting an end to Dreamland no matter how terrible that is for the dreamed ones) much as the creators of Sol-3 simulation can choose to terminate their simulation at any time without warning."


"the more unlikely event I observe, the more probable it is that I am dreaming about it; Rendlesham Forest Incident is a typical glitch scenario which tells the story about we all being part of a dream"


"The hypothesis is that humanity is being tested for different scenarios of global catastrophic risks, and no matter what the result of the test is, the simulation of Sol-3 will be turned off relatively soon, in tens to hundreds of years from now. However, the simulation might very well be a resurrectional simulation being run by benevolent Giselians with the purpose of adapting Sol-3 beings to live in the real world which escapes observation"


- On January, 6th 1996 15 grams of RDX explosive hidden in a cell phone killed Yahya Ayyash, chief bombmaker of Hamas

- DENIED tasked SV17q to explore the possibility to make a cell phone explode remotely without having to use explosives

- SV17q final proposal on Hadda Project to include DENIED fibers in the manufacturing process of cell phones which will act as a lethal explosive if exposed to overheat, the heat being released from the DENIED components once triggered by firmware

- SV17q final proposal to encode the triggering piece of code in the firmware of ARM drivers and to deploy the software worldwide

- Report on the C.I.A.'s informant network in China collapse; 23 agency's assets arrested (dated 2011)

- SoftBank acquires British chip designer ARM Holdings (2016) to start fitting chips with Hadda technology (dated 2016)

- SV09n conclusion that China has now the Hadda technology after cell phones explosions in Australia, Indonesia, and US (dated 2018)

- SV09n report concluding Huawei is manufacturing cell phones incorporating Hadda technology and recommending actions to counter deployment of Chinese Hadda technology to Western countries (dated 2018)

- SV17q reports on Hadda signals being detected in downlink telemetry of Chinese Tianhui satellites via Valinta QR eavesdropping (dated April 2019)

- President Trump forced to ban American telecommunications firms from installing foreign-made equipment that could pose a threat to national security (dated May 2019)


"in that particular simulation DENIED discovers that cell phones being manufactured by DENIED carry a firmware that, under specific conditions, causes the cell phone to explode. The software executes a module that overheats critical components which are in touch with the DENIED explosive. The company is fully funded by SoftBank and the target market was China."


"according to the simulation, Ampere Computing produced millions of explosive 64-bit ARM server processors that by 2025 were present in all hyperscale cloud providers all over the world. The simulation then modeled what would happen when the triggering signal is embedded inside a BeiDou satellite GPS signal, that is, what would happen if all active cell phones in the world explode at the same time, leaving millions of fatal casualties and severely injured users, plus all of the cloud providers being suddenly disrupted."




Just adding some information :)

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5 hours ago, ink said:

Just watching this and at 21:10 Max talks about exploding cell phones .... so I thought to give you this single article from my current research .... will give it all but it contains related data on exploding smart phones ....

Interesting stuff. I can see how the battery could be used as a detonator and its very conceivable to embed some code in the ARM CPU. but i wonder how they have got the explosive in there, they mention fibres so could it be in the mix of fibres that make up the PCB itself.

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On 2/6/2020 at 7:39 AM, size of light said:

Max Igan has just done a 2-hour interview on the Kev Baker Show discussing his recent 'crazy epiphany' episode.


Early in the interview he mentions that he called DI soon afterwards and spoke to him for an hour and a half about the incident.


Dave apparently told him it was unlike like his own experience in the early 90s and that this did sound like technological interference.





Great video.
A very well spent 2 hours.. :classic_cool:

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