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North East Asia's Secret: Mass Skin Bleaching

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This thread is a public service announcement. It is to spread awareness that North East Asian countries en masse have been secretly bleaching their skin.


Korean Skin Bleaching











Political Cosmetics: KOREAN Skin Bleaching

by Luigina Webb

99% of Korean moisturisers appear to contain some kind of whitening agent. Without even noticing (much) my skin color has CHANGED (slightly) FREAKISHLY.

Clearly, the skin pigment has changed SOMEHOW due to skin bleaching chemicals in the face-wash or moisturisers that are being sold in Korea. I almost look TRANSPARENT. AND YES, I do in fact check the labels on products I buy (mostly).

There are really not that many varying shades if you want to buy cosmetics in Korea, and most brands only stock two colors (if that); WHITE, and WHITER (not kidding).






"Everything in Korea that is beauty supplied has a whitening agent. Also everyone goes to the spa frequently to cleanse themselves which contributes to skin whitening."




"Most of the Asian lotions have a lightening agent in it... I'm a guy and I use a foundation (no I'm not gay) and it has sunscreen and a lightening agent to it. Most products in Korea have them in the ingredients and are effective."







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The History Of Korean Whiteface Make-up

The changing face of Korean makeup

Makeup practices developed during the Goryeo Dynasty (918 to 1392) when gisaeng, or female entertainers, started to use elaborate cosmetics techniques. They would powder their faces snowy white, pluck and draw their eyebrows into defined arcs and apply oil to their hair for a silky mane.

In fact, a tidy appearance was so important that men used to wear a smattering of face powder and light makeup.







Korea In 1950




Whiteface: Make-up that makes the face look whiter than it really is.









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Japanese skin is naturally brown-yellow, which puts it in the middle section of the skin colour chart.



In 692 A.D., Buddhist priest Kanjo is said to have first made lead-based face powder in Japan. When he presented it to Empress Jito, she was delighted.

White face powder made their faces look whiter than they really were. The powder is called oshiroi in Japanese, which means "white".

Nara Period (710–814)
Heian Period (794–1185)
Kamakura Period (1185–1333)
Muromachi Period (1336–1573)
Edo Period (1603–1868)
Meiji Period (1868–1912)

In 1904, a lead-free face powder was finally brought to market.

Powdering The Neck (1790) by Kitagawa Utamaro

It is believed that double eyelid surgery was first introduced in late 19th-century Japan.

During the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 to 1905, the Japanese wanted to look more handsome than the enemy. They made drawings of the war that showed Japanese standing taller than Russians, with straight noses and other features that made them look more European than their European enemies.


On June 15, 1893, German-American missionary wives and Japanese Christians, known as “Bible women” pose in front of Krecker Memorial Church in Tsukiji, Tokyo.



Shiseido’s ‘Empire of Beauty’ (1932-1945):
White face powder most likely manufactured by Shiseido made their faces look whiter than they really were.

Near the end of World War II, prostitutes in Japan were seeking breast augmentation to attract American soldiers. They injected industrial-grade liquid silicone into their breasts.

In the 1950s, East Asian prostitutes got surgery to alter their eyes to attract American soldiers. Well over 10,000 Japanese women married American soldiers but they were considered both cultural and racial threats to the U.S. The surgery to alter the eyes would help the children of military brides from Asia to blend in the U.S. 


Japanese in Tokyo, Japan. 1934.



Japanese in California, USA. 1942.


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The Shinto religious roots of Japanese culture are used to partly justify why being young is very important in Japan.


Shinto: the traditional religion of Japan that focuses on ritual practices to be carried out diligently to establish a connection between present-day Japan and its ancient past.


Beauty in Japan was never natural. Japanese women have painted their faces white since the Nara, Heian, Kamakura and Edo periods, when court ladies were ideally depicted to be pale.
In the past, women prayed for white skin to Konsei (a Shinto god). During the Tokugawa period, parasols or face hoods were used for total sun avoidance, skin was “polished” white with cloth and various natural remedies that were believed to have a bleaching effect on their skin were applied in order to “turn the skin as white as snow”.
It is interesting to note that the European belief on the topic argues that using whitening makes skin prone to spots and uneven tan (because whitening products take out protective layers of our skin, making it more sensitive), which clearly explains how skin develops sun intolerance, if one uses whitening all year long. Western whitening products come with precautions that forbid to use whitening/ brightening/ acne treatment and then expose skin to the sun, as it believed to cause hyperpigmentation and spots.
It was suggested that youth is particularly important in Asia, compared to Europe. Ai and Yuki partly justified the youth norm in Japan by the religious roots of Japanese culture, in contrast to Christianity in Europe:

“Being young is very important in Asian culture, not only in Japan. In Europe, being mature is a very good thing. Like Sofia Loren, Katherine Deneuve, but there is no model in Asia that getting older is good. Always young is the best (…). Because Europe has a history that getting mature is better. In Asia it’s not a good thing (---). Christianity keeps the churches old, that’s why in Europe being mature is ok. But in Shinto every twenty years buildings are torn down and rebuilt, because everything has to be renewed. I think that’s part of why youth is important in Japan”.
My informants noted that being gorgeous in the western sense (looking impressive, strong and sexy) is not included in the beauty ‘norm’ because men prefer the nonthreatening cute style while childlike behaviour can also be used as a strategy: “I think they [women] want to get help from others, especially men, so they don’t try to mature”.
A cute woman usually behaves and looks childish evoking protective instincts. Cuteness is not offensive to the power structures of society but can also be manipulative. Some describe cuteness as a woman’s “weapon”, while others condemn it as a sexual obsession with children.
Youth is another norm closely connected to beauty in Japan. One of the reasons for applying make-up is to look younger. This is also evident on make-up products: words such as “baby skin” and “baby soft” appear together with images of babies on the packaging of make-up for adult women. Ai agrees that “It’s important to have baby skin”.
During my fieldwork in Japan, one of my informants mentioned that placenta injections or cosmetics, which are believed to make a woman look decades younger, are now popular in Japan. I was told that in the past, women used to consume their own placenta, while now the placenta of horses or cows is available in the cosmetics market. My informant Ai said that “Sometimes they use human placenta. I use horse placenta in my lotion but I’m afraid it’s human (…). Wrinkles disappear; skin color becomes whiter with placenta”. I collected magazines and found out that the availability of treatments such as placenta injections was broad, while the low prices (up to 5000 yen for an injection) demonstrate the ease of access to such beauty treatments. The recent scandals of human placenta pills on the market further demonstrate the popularity of this treatment.
JETRO reported that 94 per cent of Tokyo women in their 20s own a Louis Vuitton bag.
Self-presentation in Japan is linked to consumption, therefore “make up is serious business”: the Japanese cosmetics industry is reported to be the second largest cosmetics market in the world - and not only limited to women.



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Skin bleaching chemicals became a normal part of the Japanese skin care regimen.

In 1985, Shiseido produced the first arbutin skin lightening product. The chemical arbutin restricts the melanin producing enzymes.

In the 1990s, all Japanese cosmetics companies produced whitening cosmetics. 



Desire for Flawless and Light-Colored Skin Drives the Skin Lighteners Market, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

As stated by the new market research report on Skin Lighteners, Japan represents the largest market worldwide. Consumers in Japan, especially women, are known to spend more on skin lightening products than women in other countries.



The Skin Lightening/Brightening Trend

Lightening creams in Japan are marketed completely differently as Asian women are looking for milky, snow white skin tone -- it's what's considered elegant and fashionable. Bleaching the skin is not only trendy, but a normal part of their skin care regimens and skincare products containing hardcore toxin hydroquinone is how it's achieved.



A Whiter Shade Of Pale?

In Japan all skin creams contain a lightening agent.



Why Do You Want To Be White?

Are there any beauty products in Japan that actually DON'T make you pasty and pale!! I already look like a ghost after living here for 3 years! I want to be able to buy a quality moisturiser without smearing bleach-like chemicals all over my face..


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Photo Wonder App

Languages: English, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese

Whitening, polishing, removing acne, enlarging eyes and slimming easily by only paint or tap through your fingers. We also provide various eyeliners and blushers to enhance the beauty of your photos.






As far as BB cream, I've yet to find anything I'm wowed by. Maybe I'll try the Missha kind-- does it have skin whiteners in it? 
I know that's the big issue with ordering Asian BB creams, that they tend to have hidden bleach products in 'em.


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Shazia Mirza:

I’m in Singapore with a friend of mine – a 38-year-old Philippino man. Yesterday we decided to go shopping in a vast shopping area called Orchard Road.

We decide to go shopping in one of the many malls. I needed some toothpaste so went into a sort of chemist / make up / toiletries shop run by Philippino women.

As I browsed the shop we noticed everything – body lotions, face creams, face washes, hair removers, even toilet roll – had skin whitening ingredients in them.

Shelves were stacked with armpit and bikini lightening cream.

I picked up some toothpaste, which of course had whitening agents...



Sunny Hundal:

In Thailand 
most TV ads show men and women who are abnormally and quite blatantly touched-up to look lighter.

In most places in Thailand, I couldn't actually buy facial products for men without skin-whitening agents.


I'm living in Vietnam, and it is 
nearly impossible to find moisturizers, deodorants, shower gel or make-up without skin whiteners. It is so expected that you would want to whiten your skin that there isn't really an option not to.


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Predatory East Asian Family seeks

timid, unassertive, spineless, easily dominated, bland White Male.






Melissa de la Cruz is the #1 New York Times, #1 Publisher’s Weekly and #1 IndieBound bestselling author of many critically acclaimed and award-winning novels for readers of all ages. Her more than thirty books have also topped the USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times bestseller lists and have been published in over twenty countries.


A former fashion and beauty editor, Melissa has written for The New York Times, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Allure, The San Francisco Chronicle, McSweeney’s, Teen Vogue, CosmoGirl! and Seventeen. She has also appeared as an expert on fashion, trends and fame for CNN, E! and FoxNews.




Michael Johnston is Melissa's husband and heretofore "silent partner." He is co-creator of the Blue Bloods and Witches of East End series. Melissa and Michael live with their daughter in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California.


Melissa de la Cruz wrote:


I'm Filipino, but every boy I've bedded has been white. And with few exceptions, my lovers have been white in the whitest sense of the word: conspicuously light-haired and light-eyed. Some of them were so white they were almost translucent. 

Unfortunately, my lust for the blond male specimen of the Caucasian race isn't quite as purely motivated as a drawn-out Yeatsian sigh over a glass of wine.


Of course, I'm not the only one with a white-guy thing. Asian-American women are out-marrying at a growing rate -- almost 40 percent of us will marry men who don't come close to looking like our fathers and brothers.


It wasn't the robust, golden-haired athletes of football fame and high school glory that I wanted to meet either. My particular fetish was for the ruddy-cheeked preppie: skinny arms, chicken legs and an awkward slope of hunched shoulders upon a thin, skeletal frame. Pretty-boy scholars with wire-rimmed glasses and sparse pubic hair. Pseudo-British, aristocratic cheeseheads emblematic of Ralph Lauren advertising.


"If I ever have a blond grandchild," my father would declare at the dinner table, "with blue eyes. My god! I will go home to the Philippines to show them all what a de la Cruz can look like! Can you imagine?" My father was exaggerating slightly, but in any event, the message was clear: marry well, and marry white. I didn't need much persuading.


Yet what truly horrified me about my sexual prejudice was how incredibly banal and predictable my secret crushes turned out to be. It seemed all the Asian women on campus were pre-programmed to like the same exact specimens that I did: inoffensive white men who exhibited a nauseating blandness of feature, dress and character. We didn't want Mel Gibson. We wanted Melvin Milquetoast.


"I don't know why you're so guilt-ridden," Madelyn, my college roommate, said to me once when I was angsting predictably. "I'm looking forward to my Amerasian children even if I don't have a boyfriend right now. I mean, I know my husband will be white. Anyway, I think mixed kids look so cute." She happily described how all her sisters married blond men with MBA's. "I just think it's natural," she declared.


I started dating the pale, reticent English majors who fired up my overheated imagination (and duly discovered that most of them were gay -- which is another issue entirely).



Caspar Milquetoast, a character in The Timid Soul





a very timid, unassertive, spineless person, especially one who is easily dominated or intimidated: 

a milquetoast who's afraid to ask for a raise.


Origin of milquetoast

1935–40, Americanism; after Caspar Milquetoast, a character in The Timid Soul, comic strip by H. T. Webster (1885–1952), American cartoonist






Meet Milquetoast. Er, Michael Johnston.




Grandfather de la Cruz dreamed a dream of a blond grandchild with blue eyes to show off in the Philippines. Then it all went wrong. But there are dreams that cannot be.





Predatory East Asian Families on a mission to marry white.


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Al Jolson would be murdered if he did his routine today, but the Japs are taking the piss out of us honkies on a daily basis and nobody blinks an eye! 😮

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East Asia's "Seed-Bearing Programme"


Honeytrap: ‘Dear Leader’ author claims North Korea used female spies to control businessmen, politicians

According to Jang, North Korea’s ‘honeytrap’ plan, established by former leader Kim Jong-il, was established to set up foreign dignitaries with female spies posing as translators or aides. Their job was to sleep with such men and become pregnant. Many of the men returned home and then received a phone call informing them that their North Korean lover had become pregnant.

The idea was that the North Korean regime would then be able to emotionally blackmail the victims, compelling the men to hold an interest in North Korea’s future plight. Politicians caught in the honeytrap would then have an interest to protect and support North Korea in their own countries or at the UN. Entrapped journalists would have an incentive to write positive articles and reviews about the country. And businessmen would invest money into the country’s crippled economy.





"North Korea is not the only one that does this. South Korea does too. I was warned about this by my Korean employees and was very careful when on business there. There was always this eagerness to provide me with an escort to help me find my way around and stay by my side as much and as long as I wanted. I used my own employees that I trusted for guides and never, never compromised my ethical standards. It kept me out of trouble and did not threaten my family life back home."



"When I was in the poultry industry several of our company reps in the Orient said that female 'escorts' were a regular part of business travel there."




America Made Asia Great Again

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WOE to you New York:

North Korea to wipe out New York City


When foreign dignitaries visited North Korea, they often posed for portraits in front of this mural. It shows New York City being hit by a tidal wave. Bill Clinton went to North Korea to give them five billion dollars and two nuclear reactors. A nuclear bomb strike could trigger the tidal wave that would wipe out New York City.






OCCULT CONNECTIONS? St. John's Cathedral!


This cathedral is one of the largest in the world. Built in 1925. I believe it's got masonic underpinnings to it. And as we zoom in here, we're gonna show you what's underneath some of these very large figurines. Again, the iconography is incredibly disturbing. It seems from the Apocalypse. It actually shows the two towers--the Twin Towers--coming down. These were added around in 1980s, 1990, well before the events of 9/11. So it clearly shows the destruction of the Twin Towers collapsing. It also shows New York City. It appears to be engulfed by a flood.


Here it is hiding in plain sight. And we have a prophecy from the dark side of what will happen here in the city. Starting with the Twin Towers. Later on, New York being engulfed by a flood.



The CLINTONs and the Tsunami WHOA!!


That's New York. That's the New York skyline. And that's a tidal wave hitting it.


Here's all these guys in North Korea. Here's a big mural. But there's Bill Clinton in front of the same mural.


Here is Clinton showing up in North Korea to give them five billion dollars and two nuclear reactors.


Look what's on the U.S. currency. BAM! Busted you guys. So there it is. I just superimposed the ten dollar bill that's got a tidal wave covering a building, right in front of Kim Jong-un and his buddies and Bill Clinton.

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Chief of staff in North Korea:

“If we have learned one thing, it is that girls make the best spies. That’s what we need. Female spies.” (“Revolutionary” is a standard North Korean word for “spy.”)






Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader: North Korea and the Kim Dynasty

a_spy_among_us_7.jpg f5891_funny-pictures-cat-is-spy.jpg

pg. 315-316

After all, in case nature had been in any way deficient, these were women who had access to the high-level 915 Hospital, staffed with plastic surgeons. (Doctors at 915 also operated on spies who were in need of disguise, according to an ex-spy, Ahn Myung-jin, who told me about the hospital.)

pg. 328

Choi met a Chinese woman who had been kidnapped to work as a language teacher and learned from her that the spies employed in such operations must be good-looking. A handsome spy, pretending to be rich, could easily pick up a targeted female victim. If a spy's natural endowments were insufficient, the plastic surgeons stood ready to perfect what nature had wrought. Choi learned that "there was a special hospital for Kim Il-sung, his family and high officials. There were always soldiers there."





North’s cheerleaders toe treacherous line

In Pyongyang, hundreds of attractive young girls are now being subjected to a vigorous cheerleading program in preparation for their performance at the upcoming Asian Games in Incheon. 

Mostly in their 20s, the girls in this camp allegedly learn how to dance in unison, cheer gracefully, walk like true ladies, dress themselves and apply makeup. They’re even educated on how to properly converse with people from the outside world.

In a sense, their training is just like that of their Southern counterparts in the Miss Korea beauty competition.


Kim Jong-un allegedly ordered his officials to select girls “who look attractive based on South Korean standards.”


On top of grueling workouts, the cheerleaders are also learning how to apply smoky eye makeup, which was previously banned, and some have even been forced to have plastic surgery, including double-eyelid operations and Botox injections. 

Plastic surgery is even offered to some of the privileged for free if authorities believe it to be necessary and beneficial to the Communist regime. 

The Ministry of State Security, the regime’s top spy agency, selects the cheerleaders and has officials thoroughly investigate their family backgrounds. 

Some parents were told that their daughters were tentatively chosen - though the girls would have to obtain plastic surgery before securing a final spot.

Several years ago, when this JoongAng Ilbo reporter visited Pyongyang, a female assistant at the Pyongyang Koryo Hotel admitted that “those in charge of greeting guests from the South or other countries at restaurants that serve international cuisine, or workers in charge of international business services, can receive plastic surgery free of charge.” 

Since former cheerleader Ri Sol-ju became the first lady of the regime, more parents have seen it as an opportunity for their children to “move up” in the social hierarchy. 

While they stay in South Korea, they should always be under the surveillance of officials from the Ministry of State Security, they added. 

They should also report their conversations with any South Korean during their stay, and have one-hour daily meetings with officials to reflect on their daily actions as well as report their observations concerning fellow cheerleaders. 

“The girls are [likely] trying to make their faces and skin color appear whiter [to look prettier],” another intelligence official in Seoul said in response.







North Korea’s Overseas Restaurants Used for Espionage and Gaining Hard Currency

Many of the restaurants feature a traditional cold noodle dish and include song and dance numbers by North Korean waitresses and singers who intelligence officials say are also trained in the black arts of intelligence seduction.

Defectors say waitresses at the eateries are trained in intelligence gathering with an emphasis on prying corporate secrets from business travelers.

North Korea expert Alexandre Mansourov said North Korean restaurants are less important as sources of foreign cash than their role in sub-rosa intelligence and other operations.

Mansourov said: “One can’t ignore the fact that some of the remaining food outlets often serve as local bases of operations for North Korean operatives of all stripes engaged in all sorts of missions in the countries in question.”




Eyelid Surgery A Restaurant Must


A source with a long history of visits to Pyongyang explained to The Daily NK yesterday, “When I was in Pyongyang last year, I heard from someone related to the North that since the start of the 2000s all waitresses had double eyelid surgery on Kim Jong Il’s instructions,” and added, “It seems that Kim Jong Il places great importance on the appearance of workers in restaurants earning foreign currency.”



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How Chinese Spies Honey Trap Western Big Guys






Gang Liu:


"The most sophisticated and powerful weapons for the Chinese Army are Cyber-Attacks and the honey-potters. And the most vigorous fighters for the Chinese People's Liberation Army are young ladies with sexual skills! With these two weapons, the Chinese PLA is unbeatable and could win all the time."

Comment from Anonymous:

"It is very true, every Southern Chinese woman is a potential Chinese spy (Northern Chinese women do not tend to marry white men as spies as Southerners do); there are many universities in China training spies. Chinese spies are everywhere in this world."

Comment from Anonymous:

"There was a book written by a Chinese spy about her marriage with a white man decades ago, you should do some research and get that book."






The transformation of Wendi Deng (thanks to a little cosmetic surgery)

According to another of her professors, Kenneth Chapman, Wendi, one of his brightest students, had ‘some kind of cosmetic surgery’ and turned up wearing dark glasses at around that time when she was living in Los Angeles in the mid-1990s.







A Shocking Revelation in True ID of Lady Wendi Deng Murdoch


I myself (Gang Liu), as a famous Chinese dissident, have been fell in similar beauty spy traps which was carefully set up by the Chinese Military Agency. On June 7th, 2007, a beautiful young Chinese lady Ms. G approached me through Internet and asked me to meet her in Philadelphia. After several hours meeting on June 9th, 2007, she asked me to have a quick marriage with her. She told me she was graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University, which is a normal Chinese school. Two years later, I found that she was graduated from Shanghai Second MILITARY Medical University, which is a high profile military school! Not only that, she was selected to be trained as a special secret agent and skipped most of her classes in the military school. I happened found her military background, which is an extremely "privacy" of the Chinese military officer. Then she tried all of her methods to kill me. She has put me into the American prisons 3 times through false accusation!

She has excellent spy skills. For example, after 3 meetings with Mr. Robert Bernstein, the founder of the Human Rights Watch and the Chairman of the Human Rights In China, she easily had Mr. Bernstein to work for the Chinese Government, and Bernstein even invited her to be the Executive Director of the Human Rights In China! Mr. Bernstein has already introduced Ms. G to some high profile VIPs, including the President of the Atlantic Foundation, Ford Foundation, the President of the PEN America, as well as several partners of Warren Buffett. Now, Ms. G is targeting at Warren Buffett. All these VIPs are people who are targets of the Chinese military agencies!

Ms. Wendi Deng Murdoch has quite similar pattern with my wife Ms. G: both of them are graduates from Medical Universities in China. Ms. Wendi Deng Murdoch claimed she graduated from Guangzhou Medical University. Like Ms. G, Ms. Wendi Deng Murdoch could also omitted the key word of her school: Military. She could be a graduate of the Guangzhou First Military Medical University, which is another high profile military school in China! Ms. Wendi Deng Murdoch has been targeting at Mr. Murdoch, while Ms. G is targeting at Mr. Warren Buffett!

Once they marry these High profile VIPs, the Chinese Military will control them and used them to control media or the finance in western countries. And the Chinese Military Agencies can easily expand and install their spy tools, including the "phone hacking", "Cyber Attacks", etc. I don't think the Phone Hacking can bring any benefits to Mr. Murdoch or his News Media empire. The only agency would be interested in such kind "phone hacking" is spy agency, especially the Chinese military agency!

A big harvest season has long been waiting for the Fifth Brigade here, while all those well trained hit-persons, particularly hit-women, will finally be surfacing. This will definitely not be a desirous picture of beauty. May Lord Bless us all.

Jointly by Gang Liu and Thomas W. Yale 

* Before changing her first name into “Wendi”, Mrs. Wendi Deng Murdoch’s first name was “Wenge”. “Wenge” in Chinese language normally means that mass-murderous “Cultural Revolution”.









Chinese telecom giants Huawei, ZTE may be a security threat for Canada, U.S.: reports


Comment by A Yahoo User:

I have been saying for years that China has found another way of waging war stealthily. They do not believe in being "transparent". They are using individuals (spies, workers, immigrants, even women who are groomed to pursue the wealthiest men in the West etc.,), corporations and government activity. One of their most effective ways is to buy and/or invest in resource-based companies around the world (to get control of minerals, oil, gas, food supplies, even water) and in particular, in the United States. They send a massive amount of fact-finding delegations to municipal governments (many times more than any other country) in the US, Canada and Europe to learn as much as they can about the basic infrastructure of the cities to which they have been dispatched. This is not exactly a secret by the way. It is government policy and was initially outlined in 1999. It is only now that the West seems to be waking up from its dangerous sleep to find that China may not be a "friend" after all. Any doubts? Pick up the new book Winner Take All that traces the history of China's aggressive push for world domination. According to this book, at the rate at which they are expanding and buying up resource-based companies in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe, they WILL be the most powerful country on earth by 2025. And it will not be a pretty picture for the rest of us.





China Owns America And They're Coming To Collect

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Asian Dating Sites Use Fake Photos To Lure Western Men


Ripoff Report Complaint Review: ChnLove.com
Reported By: Mark — Niwot, Colorado, USA

China Love dating agency.
Fake letters, fake photos and fake correspondence.
Over three months time, they conned me for over a thousand dollars.

I spent three months in contact with what I thought was a Chinese woman that was seriously interested in me. Over that time, I noticed inconsistencies in the stories and letters.

I also saw photos of the woman over that time, transformed from a beautiful woman that looked half her age, into an unattractive, frumpy, middle-aged, overweight woman.



It became obvious to me, that I had been swindled and they had pulled a bait and switch. The experience cost me in excess of 1000 dollars, before I figured it out and pulled the plug.

I later went to China on other business and met the lady. While there, I visited with the woman for a full day and have since had email conversations with her. 

I got the entire truth. This is what I know as fact and can prove with photos, documents and letters.

The women do not write to you and your letters are not being read by the ladies. You are talking, flirting and falling in love and discussing your deepest secrets with a translator who is trained on how to pull the heart strings of a love sick western man. I don't want to make you puke, but there is a good chance that she is a he and has a hairy chest and a pot belly. The lady who they are representing has very little knowledge of the correspondence between you and the agency. But they are aware of the tactics and dishonesty that are taking place on their behalf.

They (translator) discourage direct communications of any kind, as it will end their revenue stream generated by translating letters between the two of you. Some excuses you may hear are: "I don't have a computer", "I am not computer literate", "I can't afford a cell phone or we could talk", "My English is terrible and I feel much more comfortable using the agencies' translators for our communications". You will hear many stories and excuses that directly contradict each other.

Let me say this, computers are very accessible to everyone in China. You can go to an internet cafe and use the computer for an hour for 5 RMB (that's less than a buck). Most everyone under 50 years old is computer literate. The computer game QQ Farm is a national pastime in China. And can't afford a cell phone. What a load of crap. You can't sling a dead cat in China, without hitting someone trying to sell you a used/stolen cell phone for pennies on the dollar. I once saw a decrepit old man riding a cart pulled by a water buffalo, while talking on his cell phone.

The photos. My god the photos. You have never see such beautiful women in your life. Only trouble is, they are fake. fake. fake. They start with a professional photo session, with tons of makeup and then they photoshop the image into someone that you would not recognize if she were staring you in the face. When you finally realize this beautiful, young woman is pushing 40-50 years old and can't possibly look this good, you ask for more everyday "normal" photos. Well, they knew you would ask and they have those waiting for you, prepared in advance just for you. And heavily photoshopped.


I strongly advise you to stay away from Chinese marriage agencies that use this marketing technique. They are nothing more than organized crime with a very good store front.



MASSIVE SCAM WARNING: AsianBeauties.com / AsianDate.com / OrientBrides.com


Hi guys,

I confirm Asian Beauties is a massive scam. I can’t believe I was so naïve and carried on paying their credits. I joined 6 months ago and spent over 3500 dollars… Yes I know, I’m such a fool.

A few months ago, I chatted with a girl whose profile was very attractive, she was very nice and we had a great contact.

She admitted she was not the lady on the pictures, but just an interpreter forced by her agency to chat with guys in order to make them spend money.


We managed to exchange email during this last chat (which I can’t explain because there is always someone spying on your chat to be sure you don’t exchange personal details). So she sent me mail with her picture, telling me she was falling for me…

This picture was far away from the sexy lady I was chatting with. An ugly, middle-aged, Chinese woman! I complained to the site, they said they were taking the case seriously and came back to me saying the lady really exists and that I had nothing to complain about. Bunch of crooks! Of course the lady exists, but she is not the one with whom I was spending hundreds of dollars to chat with!

I decided I was just not lucky. So I bought some more credits and guess what, it happened again! Exactly the same thing! “I’m not the lady but the translator, but I have a profile on the site if you want to check… And yes, I checked! Again, an older, fat, ugly lady! That’s another couple hundred dollars gone!

I don’t know why it took me so long to realize, but I tell you guys all the profile pictures are fake, studio pictures and totally modified. Absolutely nothing to do with the lady herself. Even the 40 year old ladies look like they are 20!


I asked all the ladies I was communicating with by letter to send me a natural picture, a picture of them in reality, the way they are. Not a single one looked like the lady on the profile. All ugly, I mean really ugly.

There is one of them for who I spent a fortune because again we had a great contact. She sent me an “ok” picture of her but not really clear. She said it’s all she had. So I decided to order a call (100 credits plus 10 credits/minute!) I spent around 40 minutes on the phone with an interpreter whose English was less than my Chinese! In that time, she has not even been able to translate my phone number or communicate my email to the lady! I asked for her contact details, again all I can hear from far away is 2 ladies speaking Chinese! And the line was so bad with echoes and cuts between sentences, a real headache! At the end, nothing! A real waste of time and money. I complained again and the customer service lady said she was going to find out what happened and ask the lady’s agency for her phone number. They came back with a fake number in China.

As I still had a few credits left, right after this complete farce I chatted with her to ask what had happened. There she had connected her cam, so I paid the 2 credits per minute to see, and guess what again, she was not even close to the picture she sent me with her letter. Again, a horrible, overweight, little piggy full of pimples, with an ugly, fat nose and greasy hair. I asked her what she had in mind and told her what I thought about her. She told me that it was a picture from when she was in high school and asked me if I still liked her!!

Today, I tried to log onto the site to write to them again but was unable to log on. They took my money and now as I was becoming annoying they cancelled my account.

Guys, please spread this on every forum you can, we can’t let these crooks act like this. This is a big, big scam. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT SUBSCRIBING TO ASIAN BEAUTIES, IT’S A MASSIVE, HUGE, CLEVER AND WELL-ORGANISED SCAM!!


Log in to the site's sign up page, scroll to the bottom and look for the link about franchises. This is the dead give-away about the main thrust of the site's operation. It offers franchises and payouts to them based on how many new members are driven to the site per month, how many new leads are provided to the site, and even a percentage of how much each user member spends each month. Franchises get access to "galleries" of photos to use as the main lure.







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East Asian Makeup Sorcery






Makeup Is For Trannies



"The Book of Enoch lists makeup as one of the many things given/taught to humans from the fallen angels."



"Geishas (and other trannies) have male lips. So they paint them on female. They also paint them red, to imitate the natural redness of real female lips. They're phonies!"





This is why many men have trust issues with asian women




Transpocalypto: Did you see any boys in this classroom?


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East Asia Gave Their Historical Figures An Extreme Makeover


The Blueprint









Extreme Makeover: The Four Great Beauties of Ancient China







Ancient Art










Extreme Makeover: Chinese Courtesans of Ancient China









Ancient Art








Extreme Makeover: Chinese Royalty and Officials of the Royal Court

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Why South Koreans Are Such Lookists






About Face: Why is South Korea the world’s plastic surgery capital?


In search of a clearer understanding of why South Koreans are such lookists, I stopped by the book-cluttered office of Eunkook Suh, a psychology professor at Yonsei University, in Seoul.

“One factor is that, in contrast to Western cultures, the external aspects of self (your social status, clothes, gestures, and appearance) versus the inner aspects (thoughts and feelings) matter more here,” he explained.

Suh described an experiment he did in which he gave students, both at Yonsei University and at the University of California at Irvine (where he once taught) a photograph and a written description of the same person. Which format, he asked the students, gives you a better understanding of this person?

The Koreans chose the photograph, and the Americans chose the description.




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Well this is not just an Asian thing ... For hundreds of years in Europe those who wanted to be seen as wealthy .... affluent , whitened their faces ...






The peasants worked in the fields , or outside all day and had a suntan .... being white showed you stayed in doors and didn't have to work.... 


Only recently in the UK did things switch , now the majority work in offices , a pale skin indicates you're a nine to five slave , and from the 1960's onward sporting  a suntan indicated you were affluent enough to fly abroad for your holidays ....


You may remember I live in Thailand , here the old association of suntan = peasant still holds  .... My Thai GF often looks in the mirror and complains "look how dark I am ...I look like a poor farmer woman" ..... 

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Abundant Self-Glorification And Narcissism Apparent In Korean Society



A woman holding a designer handbag crosses a street in this undated file photo. Many Korean female consumers crave designer bags with the belief that the high-end accessories, fake or genuine, make them appear richer than they actually are. / Korea Times




Vanity Conquers All


Many Korean women have red hot love affairs with designer label handbags. Regardless of their income levels, they crave high-end luxury bags in order to satisfy their obsessive vanity and make a social statement.


Jun, a 27-year-old freelance teacher, is obsessed with buying designer bags in a belief that having one will make her appear to be special or different from others.

"I have always been very straightforward with my previous boyfriends. When they ask me what I want for my birthday, I say ‘a designer bag' without any hesitation. I know it is expensive, but I would never date guys who cannot afford to get me these bags. End of story," she said.


Jun has 10 Hermes Birkin, 20 Bottega Veneta and 30 Chanel bags.

01-30-16-02(3).jpg 01-30-16-03(0).jpg
01-30-16-04.jpg 01-30-16-05.jpg

Chungang University sociology professor Shin Kwang-yeong pointed out that the abundant self-glorification and narcissism apparent in Korean society is a clear example of how immature the society we live in currently is.

The professor said many female Korean consumers showcase "The Veblen Effect," which refers to the phenomenon that the higher the cost of an item is, the more people want to buy it.

"There is awareness that the designer bags can make people appear to be different from others in Korean society.
We need to put more value on personal character or ability than on appearances," he said.



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Korea: Male Narcissism Capital Of The World






Why South Korea's men are buying tons of cosmetics

Alex Taek-Gwang Lee, a cultural analyst at Kyunghee University, said that men are using more cosmetics because in South Korea, appearance is everything.

"We have a proverb," Lee said. "If you buy something, you must choose the one which has a good appearance."

Chris Hong, an business executive about to hit the big 4-0 this year, is the industry's ideal customer. His regimen includes twice-yearly Botox injections, as well as laser treatments to smooth out imperfections on his face.

Hong freely admits that he spends more time, money and effort on beauty than his wife.






The 'Flower Boys' Of South Korea Who Spend More On Beauty Products Than Any Other Men In The World


South Korea is the largest market for men's skincare in the world.

South Korea is the male makeup capital of the world.

In a crowded Seoul cafe, a young woman takes some lipstick out of her purse and casually applies it to her male companion's lips as they talk.

At an upscale apartment building, a male security guard watches the lobby from behind a layer of makeup.

Korean Air holds once-a-year makeup classes for male flight attendants.

'I can understand why girls don't like to go outside without makeup — it makes a big difference,' said Cho Gil-nam, a tall, stocky 27-year-old insurance fraud investigator in Seoul who starts important days by dabbing on makeup after finishing his multistep morning cleansing and moisturizing routine.

He carries a multicolored cosmetics pouch so he can touch up in public bathrooms throughout the day.


While U.S. cosmetics companies report growing sales in male cosmetics, American men are often wary of makeup. ‘Men Wearing Makeup a Disturbing Trend’ was how American columnist Jim Shea titled a recent post.

In South Korea, however, effeminate male beauty is ‘a marker of social success,’ according to Roald Maliangkay, head of Korean studies at Australian National University.






Men Opt For Online Secrecy When Buying Vanity Wear


Scores of on-line sites sell products designed to enhance a person's height, such as heel inserts that can be worn inside shoes to add a significant 5 cm, and these are finding plenty of male customers in image-conscious Korea.




Men are also snapping up padded underpants that make their hips look more full, or girdles to help tuck in their stomachs.







Welcome to the male narcissism capital of the world


Men's clothing sales were higher than women's in Korea.






Korean Men Have Secretly Started Wearing Higher Heels Than Women


In Korea, many men are starting to wear high heeled shoes to discretely boost their height. Men’s high heels, however, don’t look like women’s high heels. They have a 4cm exterior heel, but a 2cm interior heel that’s hidden, making them look like regular flat shoes.









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"True love is hardly found in Korea. The passion in them is purely physical. The heart has nothing to do with it."

-- French missionary Charles Dallet, 1874






19th Century Korea: Appearance Is Everything






Modern Korea: Appearance Is STILL Everything


'Too tall, too fat, and too dark': One woman's 'soul crushing' discovery that she 'wasn't beautiful enough' to live in South Korea


jlee, Seoul, South Korea

Don't blame Korean men. We're also sick of our women obsessed with plastic surgery. People love beautiful women everywhere. But how come Korean women have become like that? Because Korean men are selfish and patriarchal? That's not true. Because Korean women in Korea are so dependent and passive. Unlike Korean men, they don't have to serve the military service, they have tens of women's universities, they even have Ministry of Women, menstrual leave, maternity leave, quota system for female job seekers, female only libraries, other women-only facilities and etc. They have tons of social support. HOWEVER, only 6% female students go to engineering college and 90% want to have a office job or secured public office job. They limit their career by themselves because they are women! So what they would do? Get plastic surgeries and meet a man who has a high-paying job then live like a Cinderella! For Korean women, having a successful husband is higher priority than become a successful woman.


lostlunarsoul, Daegu, South Korea

Sadly, South Korea is one of the most narcissistic, vain places on the globe. You literally cannot walk past a shiny surface without someone making multiple poses in front of it. You cannot take a bus, subway, or sit in a cafe or restaurant without seeing someone doing their makeup right in front of you. Men in the restroom spend more time primping themselves than it takes to do one's business, and wash hands. My college freshman female students all tote designer bags given to them by their parents and spend more time with a mascara pen, than they do with a ball-point. The males openly admit to wearing mascara themselves. The woman in this article is a typical example of a person who just looks different in a country where your social worth depends on how much you resemble the newest pop star.



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In Korea, It's Comedy To Grope Foreign Women


Media portrayals of foreign male and female teachers

The 2003 Korean film is Please Teach Me English.

Mun-su has a thing for the foreign English teacher, Cathy.

"You... are... beautiful."


The registering students have to take a level test, which is portrayed as a video game. 

Female foreign teacher: "Honey! What was your score on the college entrance exam?" [Honey??]

Mun-su: "Oh baby! Welcome to Korea! You great sexy girl!"

He tries to kiss her and the following ensues.





Groping foreign women makes for comedy, it seems.

At one point Cathy leans over to help Mun-su with his pronunciation. It's not too hard to see what he's focused on.


Young-ju pokes her in the ass and, thinking it was the older man behind her, Cathy slaps him, but then immediately feels remorse. Mun-su steals Cathy's phone and goes to meet her at a bar with lots of other foreigners to return it.

Mun-su and Cathy take part in a tap dance contest on stage. Mun-su uses this as an opportunity to bury his face in her chest at one point.


Cathy handles this reasonably gracefully and the night ends with a drunken Young-ju headbutting Cathy. They make up the next day at Cathy's apartment, where she runs into another student: the older man who she mistakenly slapped earlier, who drops a pizza off at her house while making other pizza deliveries. He sneakily tells her, "I love youuuuuuu," and she is smitten.


So to sum up, for the main Korean male character, Cathy is a walking set of breasts.



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In Japan, Perverts Target Foreign Women





Foreign Women in Japan No Longer Take Safety for Granted


Assaults on foreign women in Japan are becoming commonplace but are largely ignored not only by the nation’s police departments but by witnessing bystanders, according to an article in Japan Times written by Holly Lanasolyluna, a foreign white female writer living in Japan.

Lanasolyluna suffered two attacks in Japan. In one she was literally picked up by a large Japanese man who tried to carry her into a nearby love hotel. In another she was riding her bicycle when she was grabbed by a Japanese man who accused her of having stolen the bike she was riding. In both cases the author was unsuccessful in getting help from passersby and had to rely on her own devices to escape.

Disturbed by the incidents, Lanasolyluna solicited other foreign women in Japan for similar incidents and discovered that virtually every one had suffered them.

Lanasolyluna tries to explain the frequency of such assaults on foreign women by positing objectification and dehumanization of foreign women, especially white women.

“They also complain to me about how they feel objectified in Japan. White models and mannequins are seen everywhere, even though white women represent a tiny percentage of the population."





Japan: No Safe Country For Foreign Women


I posted a description of what had happened on Facebook and asked if people had had similar experiences.

The response was overwhelming: stories of being attacked while jogging, being stalked by male and female students, being groped on the street in broad daylight, men masturbating on trains, attempted kidnappings. All of these stories came from strong women who put up a vicious fight but still walked away with psychological (and sometimes physical) injuries. In all of these stories, the victims had been in a “safe” public place but no one tried to help them or call the police. If this is so common, why does Japan maintain a reputation for being so safe? And is this image of safety actually facilitating these incidents?

Still, the two most aggressive attacks in my life happened in Japan, not in “unsafe” countries I backpacked through alone and at a younger age. Thus I don’t think Japan is as safe as the image propagated about the country suggests. It seems that just about every foreign woman I know has a terrible story to tell.

In a way, white women become plastic here: imports without feelings — strange, exotic dolls. And if we are dolls, perhaps the groping, leering, stalking and attacking is somehow justified in the perpetrator’s mind as a game rather than a crime.

When I first moved to Japan, I tolerated the staring, following and persistent nampa (pickup artists), but after being assaulted twice in public, they have taken on darker undertones. I now know I can’t rely on the goodwill of strangers, as I have in the past when I was verbally harassed in countries such as Mexico. Interest from strangers that I could have dismissed as innocent curiosity a few years ago now gives me the chills.

Experiencing these incidents and hearing other women’s stories has altered my daily behavior. I have vowed to be more careful as I calculate risks in my daily life. I carry Mace. At night, I take roads that have lots of kobans on them, and I know how to explain my route should I have to talk to a police officer.






Safety Tips For Foreign Women In Japan

Over my three years living all over Japan, I can recall numerous incidents involving a stalker, or a “chikan” (groper) on crowded trains or empty streets. Those Japanese men are usually curious or obsessed with foreign women, they’re mentally unstable, and the experience is terrifying and unsettling.

Many foreign women leave Japan after a few months or a year due to those kinds of incidents.

I never talked much about it, at least not publicly, but after exchanging views with fellow foreign women here in Japan, I found out that ALL of them had been victims of a form of harassment or stalking. Instances of flashing and other public sexual acts seemed like a common thread, sadly.






“Women who attract chikan, and women who don’t”: The illustrated guide that’s provoking debate


Chikan: men who grope women in public in Japan. Also refers to the act itself.

Let’s take a look at the artist’s description of the image first: "The difference between people who attract ‘chikan’ easily and people who don’t. According to statistics, this is how it is", writes the artist, who goes by Twitter username @Nakashima273.

From left to right, the scale shows “easy targets” to “difficult targets”.

Women who wear loud clothing, or who look tall or powerful, are less likely to be attacked.

The suggestion that a woman in modest clothing is more likely to be groped in public than someone who is “provocatively” dressed might fly in the face of what many people believe – that showing your body, like the woman on the far right is, means a woman is somehow “asking for it”.


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Chinese Men's Fantasy Dolls Look Like Foreign Women


The Chinese have a saying, 'The better sons you have, the better life we can have.' For a long time, a son was their pension. China had a one-child policy that lasted 40 years. Most of the Chinese mothers selected boys over girls. In China, about 30 million men are wifeless.


Traditionally, the male carried forward the family name. He looked after his own parents. The female married out. In East Asia, they believe that females make the best spies. China sends out female spies to marry white men.





Adopted Chinese babies invading the US




Chinese engineer Zheng Jiajia married his robot girlfriend. His company Brain of Things Science and Technology is making personalised robot girlfriends for millions of bachelors in China.





Hong Kong man builds $50,000 robot that looks like Scarlett Johansson





Daughters, friends and... 'partners': The bizarre relationships between men and human-size plastic dolls in China

Men in China are choosing to invest in plastic dolls, treating them as their companions and in some cases children.

The men who have these dolls have been spotted transporting them around town, treating them to a movie and going for walks in the park.

Li Chen pictured with his doll: The 58-year-old says his companion helped him find his new wife.


A helpful companion: Li Chen says his doll has kept him young and has made his body stronger.


36-year-old Zhang Fan, a stock trader from Beijing says his doll is a female version of himself. He says that she should be treated with respect because she has a personality. 

He says: 'She is me as a female. Not some other woman.' 

The man claims that he had been looking for the female version of himself before finding his doll. 

He buys her clothes and jewellery and likes to take photos of her in their favourite hangouts - the street or in the park.


Family member: Song Bo does not have any children and says his silicone doll is like his own daughter.


A life companion: Song Bo takes the subway with his doll who he says is like his daughter.


Money makers: Silicone dolls have become big business in China with increasing numbers of variations.


One for everyone: Dolls serve many purposes in China with some men just having them as companions.




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