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Berlin 911 - The Wall

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I was watching the anniversary reporting of the fall of the Berlin Wall last year when one of the reporters said that east german state was set up as a democratic republic. They went on to say that neither of these things were true as the population was highly spied upon and their movements were severely curtailed.

If I recall correctly the wall fell on the 9th November 1989 (09/11/89).

We are all aware that we are highly surveiled with no privacy at all online and looking at the coming changes with Agenda 21/30 I would suggest that most people won't be going anywhere either and those that need to will probably be subject to a citizen score of some kind eventually ending up with no free movement outside your captive city.

Do you think that the east german state was set up as a test bed to see how a population would react to being imprisoned and how best to manage them?

I don't attribute anything to the number 911 myself but perhaps the fall of the wall signified the system was ready to be expanded worldwide even if it is to be implemented in a different manner.

Bedsides you can't roll something out if there is a wall in the way or if you need space to expand something you need to knock down a wall?

What do you think?

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