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The rise of the Mask , an attack on Human Society

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What is Human Society ?? It's that bond or connection you feel with people you don't know ... those outside your family or friends ...  those who you pass on the street , the check out girl at the supermarket , the bus driver who takes your fair , you may smile , exchange a few words , a glance which says , " I'm no threat ... we're on the same team ... we're basically the same" ....


Now people are Increasingly  met with this on venturing into the outside world .... 




No more reassuring smiles ... not easy to chat . Instead the surgical mask is a reminder ... Humans are  a danger . A very real threat !  The possible source of a virus that could Kill You! 


All this is bound to turn society in the wrong direction , a loss of empathy and community....


This may not have come to Western countries yet ... Asian countries have always been more comfortable wearing masks ... People who are not confident with their own appearance will tent to like them , something to  hide behind , it removes the status of beauty , all are equal wearing masks ....


Michael Jackson 



Woman arrested for refusing to wear mask (6 Days ago)


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muslim countries have had masks on their woman, perhaps some in the disconnected Asian societies might like wearing the mask because it affords them a break from various social things which they are disconnected from. further normalising this sort of stuff potentially . Asians will spend money on their health, a lot of money is probably being made out of this 

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