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co-theorist/writervacancy - multiverse mechanics

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Hi Applicant.

Are you able to think outside the box?

Do you have a strong ethical stance on dimensional mechanics?

Do you worry that there are as many types of reptilian as grains of sand.

would you like to study something other than sand but don’t know how to pull your head out of it?

look no further- here is a fundamentally complete theory of time and the multiverse’, badly written and poorly punctuated so even a layman in philosophy can get their hands dirty in correcting grammar, punctuation and overall composition.

if you would like to work with and co-write this extensively interesting take on the multiverse- private message me the qualities you bring to the table.




1) The universe is massive.. it is of near infinite dimensions in width, breadth and depth.
2) The universe is massive in another way as it is immeasurably old and so is near infinite in terms of the time axis as well.
3) The time axis only has the past!,its future extreme is as yet unformed in terms of potential energy. the void demarcates all that is yet to come into manifestation.  I.e the nature of accumulated experience is it pre supposes events with expectation- the  void is obscured by expectation and logical will.
4) logic decrees what is likely to happen and so we will predict with some certainty that a rock will remain a rock or a falling object will not suddenly move at a tangent etc..and in that certainty the void is obscured from view.
5) logic and social conditioning are closely allied in that to remove our social conditioning requires a level of belief which defies our own logical underpinnings.
as all learning happens through reason and logic an unlearning is irrational.
6) within our immeasurably old universe that is also massive there is a MULTIVERSAL model with which we can potentially SEE other worlds as they exist elsewhere in the infinite.
7) The multiverse contains countless worlds.. many billions of lightyears away and some many billions of years ago.
8.)  The nature of alternate dimensions and parralel dimensions is such that we can SEE parallel dimensions through facets that they share with our own world. 
9) for instance bronze age worlds all have a closer dimensional accord with each other than they do with other ages of technology on other worlds.
10) so in the bronze age we were allied with other bronze age, iron age allied with ditto.. industrial revolution ditto.
11) Mankind has had a long parallel dimensional link to another dimension known as "the reptillians".
12) During the industrial revolution we had a strong parallel dimensional link with them.
13) The reptillians are a species who existed billions of years ago and so our dimensional link with them is one of ACCORD rather than a live two way channel.. although we have gleaned massive insight from them over the course of our own worlds development.
14) at the dawn of the reptilian atomic age they destroyed themselves through nuclear war.
15) Our parallel dimensional accord with the bronze age of reptilia was fine, our accord with its iron age- fine, industrial revolution- fine. atomic age of reptilia fell out of "accord" with the world as they became extinct around the time of our 1940s on the parallel dimensional channel.
16) humans who followed reptilian cults of accord are largely unaware that on the other end of the parralel dimensional channel is now a planetary ghost caught in a horrid limbo.
17) in our 1940s we split the atom and our own worlds "potential energy" along the time axis changed radicly. as we can now predict with some certainty that mankinds atomic signature will last for millions of years... we have made a lasting strike in the natural universe.

17) b) Aside from parralel dimension we also have alternate dimensions. All dimensions fall along a radial axis.

a true parralel dimension is identical to our own- a mirror universe! In fact the only thing which separates our world from its true parralel is a tiny bit of space.

a true alternate universe is something different in that to be a true alternate “other world” it must be nothing like our own in any way shape or form.

ALL multiversal worlds fall along a graduated axis from identical to other- the vast majority are substantially parralel and marginally Unknown’s/other.

18) When dealing with dimensional accord it is truly important that we understand apon which part of the multiverse we sit, versus the parallel dimensions we are in a subliminal accord with.

the reptilian dimension no longer has a parralel system to our current age- they never discovered the www or the iPhone, they never got to space or made any clones.

in many ways the reptilian world has become a menace to our own.

their world is a desolate wasteland with only the billion year old souls of the Genus in limbo.

for a species that destroys itself is not deemed to have ceased through natural causes.
19) the existence of human recapitulation should strike back toward the time of our own physical world and i believe it should always be directed through our own initiation of the atomic age.

it is at this pivotal point that man and reptilian parted ways in their respective futures but also are welded together in the parralel dimensional past.
20) in this way we prevent ourselves from falling into accord with parralel worlds such as the reptilians who became extinct through nuclear misuse. Our nuclear half-life is Human earth - just one spire in an endless sea of advanced worlds.

21) we cannot afford to become disembodied channellers of the reptilian parallel dimensions.. as we risk damning our species into extinction, as without proper safeguards our "habitual assemblage point" which all politics and business exist in.. will "copy" parralel accord

the reptilian Genus sound is a single disembodied planetary scream, they are a worldwide soul with no physical vehicle of expression.
25) in the case of the extinct reptilians.. dimensional accord is incredibly dangerous as without actual organic bodies that advanced through this comparative time all they do is repeatedly play a loop of the circumstance that led to their destruction. Like limbo souls and ghosts do - but in this case as a whole limbo planet.
26) what reptilian believers don’t seem to realise is that when they see a slit pupilled celebrity or politician they are actually looking across the veil to reptilia and upon having no logical explanation are choosing the bang the information into shape.

eventually believing that our world is run by lizard people.

the danger is of course that by envisioning our elite as being reptilian we are actuallyweakening their power before a liminal limbo bleed from the reptilian timeline. The belief alone is a forceD psychopompery possession of our rich and powerful. Controlled by the thing we ineptly summon into them through conspiracy - they will kill us all.


those poor celebs who are hounded by reptilian conspiracy theorists are actually victims of group spiritual summoning.




those who believe they themselves are reptilian are just out right fools.

The feeling of “being a reptilian” is a demensional pressure from a limbo soul trying to precipitate it’s own re existence- but it’s damning reality is it can only usher in the patterns that caused its demise.

want to be reptilians are insane people who are manifesting our destruction “ on purpose”.Although in an inept manna!

in order to look at this empirically I think the first thing to do is to isolate some factors of life after death as they exist should our world be alone in the universe.

no aliens, no parallel dimensions.


Human beings have three main corporeal bodies.

a physical body- present from conception all the way to the last breath. The physical body  is a true example of a one way flow.

the mental body or the mind- the portion of awareness bound to the physical body by logical and relative illogic.

the emotional body- the accumulative awareness style irrespective of the mind or body.


Now- the physical body can be murdered, can kill itself, can commit murder and can die from disease, old age accidental death.

the mental body and emotional body behave differently depending on the manner of the end.

A person who reaches old age and dies of old age related medical complications while trying to fight the good fight to stay alive will apon death also absorb the mental and emotional body. I.e. the three corporeal bodies will wink out of existence at largely the same point on the event string.

A person who’s physical body is violently killed will not absorb their mental and emotional body, will not have the option to- and wether subtlety or evidently their mental and emotional bodies will remain charged beyond the point of physical death- these are the power system that upholds a ghost. The ghost is a very weak manifestation around which the emotional and mental body may still operate while the total life force works to a single end. A phantom limb for an amputee is a similar thing- only with the murdered there is a phantom body.. until the watcher finally decays.

A person who commits suicide is some5hing else.. the very act of suicide requires the mental and emotional body to be complicit with the physical bodies death.

yet the obvious health of the physical before method of suicide carries enough energy to leave an incomplete portion of destiny.

in this case the emotional mental and physical body are bound together in incompletion .. the place is called limbo.

limbo is a place of doldrums- with no physical dharma to enact and no way to invent, to manoeuvre, the wrestle, love, create.. the limbo soul can only watch for sometimes 1000s of years until the remaining life force is completed.

what we have with the reptilians is an entire world of beings that made itself extinct.

that world contained murderers and amputees, contained a history of individual suicides as well as countless spiritual priests, lovers and those who cared.


so yes - deeper in the dimensional past there are good reptilians..

they are part of the universal underworld.


the overarching power factor however is that the Reptilian Genus is extinct- it killed itself- accidental nuclear war maybe- murderous nuclear war definitely , regret when the radiation sickness took hold definitely. But ultimately a planet with no physical body to house its Genus mind or its genus emotion.




on earth a limbo soul is a tortured being..

he will watch from the shadow while the shadows move. He will see people he could have helped falter without him. The power of life is a lightening strike that the physical body twists and harnesses through life, action and creation.

without the body that power isn’t useful or anyone.

The regret a limbo soul feels is enormous- his physical body ,emotional body and mental body have gone.. all that remains is his intent.

with that he tries to undo the damage..




the reptilian world is extinct.. when it’s planetary intent screamed out its regret

it’s intent latched onto any and all possibilities to undo the damage it had done.


the first thing it latched onto was the possibility of time travel.

reptilian intent saturated all the As yet not invented technology of time travel.

the reptilians were the first intelligent species in the entire multiverse

their limbo soul is in all science relevant to the undoing of their planetary limbo.

a limbo soul is a ghost on the wind.. as the universe has evolved and numerous other intelligent species have blossomed into the age of technology.. the parallel dimensional channels have become more liminal- the ghost on the wind, powered by the planetary intent of the reptilians has made a pressure.

That pressure is an unseen force.


Some of the reptilian intent is useful- it is after all desperate to rekindle its world and in so trying it helps precipitate all manner of scientific advance. It’s only hope is for other worlds to one day find it and help it avert its faulted path. I.e invent time travel and choose the first planet reptilian as the pinion of universal change .


However some of the reptilian limbo parallel dimension pressure is not useful as it is also acting like a dodgy distress beacon.

what makes its dodgy is it is repreatedly playing the last part of the story of reptilian life. The final society and what it experienced.. before the wipe out.


we know from limbo souls and ghost on earth that if you listen to one for any length of time it is very depressing.


i know from analysis of the reptilian limbo distress call that if we listen we could very well fall into a copycat self annihilation.


the society had hierarchy, it had government, military, politicians, kings, medical and engineering fraternities as well as its ownpopular culture of musicians and actors.


its genus ghost or genus mental body still exists.( a planetary one with main stages, pedastles, pulpits and hierarchical patterns found in an unequal society). just like the proverbial jack o lantern at crossroads.. or the classic ghost who walks up stairs no longer there..

a planetary version.


so you see when we on earth look to our famous actors or other hierarchy’s.. we are already also looking within hierarchy mental body of the reptilian..

meaning sometimes when we look we see a reptilian looking back..it means we are allying ourselves with our extinction.


all efforts should be made to close the dimensional bleed.


our government doesn’t need to be encircled by its people only to have the faulted mental choices of a dead world summoned into it.

the fear and conspiracy of reptilians is the power system that weakens the very people we need to have integrity.


enough of calling this person reptilian or that dictator reptilian..to make it true is to make us all fools.



in terms of people who want to be reptilian.. for whatever reason.

i would suggest they are instinctively good people who are trying to be less damaging than a person who unintentionally channels reptilian choice.


but the danger is still there..


Ashes to ashes , dust to dust.


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I should add that other branches of this same theory also

house time travel theory , evolving soul theory, parallel V physically invasive alien species and methodS of approach, exocorporeal shifting shade theory , metropolis v farm engine theory.

all good things H

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On 2/10/2020 at 11:25 PM, Nobby Noboddy said:

That's all very interesting but if you have a good look around here ( http://ifers.123.st )  you will discover much.


There isn’t a forum for what I am saying.


if you could start one - mechanics of the multiverse .. I am happy to write in it. But I don’t think I can put it in any of existing categories.



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Just now, Quetzacoatl said:

There isn’t a forum for what I am saying.

....I don’t think I can put it in any of existing categories.


Phew ... We dodged that bullet .. 

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On 2/14/2020 at 1:05 PM, oz93666 said:


Phew ... We dodged that bullet .. 

It’s like playing Russian roulette

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I think you might do best writing articles on each separate part of your theories. That helps bring people into it because it's very hard to know that which is unseen has been seen or made known to anyone. 

How much info do you have? 

Well done for taking the effort to post all of that. I am interested. 

Edited by cshepherd

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On 2/14/2020 at 12:56 PM, Quetzacoatl said:

if you could start one - mechanics of the multiverse .. I am happy to write in it. But I don’t think I can put it in any of existing categories.


May I ask .... What is wrong with the section called Nature of Reality?

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