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Edinburgh; Skull&Bones/illuminati city?

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Every post exposing these corrupt pigs is solid gold. Thank you. 

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Disturbing piece by an Edinburgh based doctor/GP on the industrial level of suicides in Edinburgh. Also a good reference piece for the ongoing artificial-suicide-wave in Edinburgh. This is what happens when you field test HAARP on a European city;



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46 minutes ago, Tetragrammaton said:

Disturbing piece by an Edinburgh based doctor/GP on the industrial level of suicides in Edinburgh. Also a good reference piece for the ongoing artificial-suicide-wave in Edinburgh. This is what happens when you field test HAARP on a European city;




There is some evidence to suggest a 5G test caused 20+ suicides in quick succession in Bristol, have a look around if it intrigues. It really is starting to become apparent that these things are harming us far more than we realise, it isn't being reported on, barely touched upon.


This is all wireless comms, not specifically 5G that she is discussing.


Pulsed electromagnetism without any doubt can cause or exacerbate mental health conditions, I would argue it is partly the reason for M.E. and/or chronic fatigue, amongst other things too. When you know of Royal Rife, know of every cell/organism having a mortal oscillary rate or MOR, where by a rate of EM oscillation it destroys itself, you could argue that wireless comms are causing a lack of oxygen in our blood, and therefore causing fatigue. Nitric Oxide levels diminishing also, look at what that does in the body, see why it may be targeted. The food supply is another major part to this puzzle of course, but EM affects all biological things, it isn't conjecture at this point, it is just whether people want to accept it. Truth ISN'T easy to swallow. 


Something this doctor says that may not seem like a big deal to you. "If you want to create the model of diabetes in a rat, you pump 2.45GHz at it". That is the precise frequency we use for current "most" routers. Now, something about this you may be thinking, er well I am not a rat last time I checked mate. Yes, you aren't but a cell is a cell, it doesn't matter what that cell is, if that cell exists in another entity, it is affected by the exact same EM pulses, it is the rate at which that cell dies or gets harmed, whether it is in a rat or a human is irrelevant. It could be said wireless communications can cause diabetes, in conjunction with a weakened stomach flora from GMO, perfect storm.


We are pulsing the building blocks of all existence around the world for communication, the very same thing our DNA uses to communicate. I think we might be in denial about being the "clever" species. We aren't living how we choose to, the choice has already in the most part been made for you, join the system in place or be left behind/out.

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Which frequency are we riding along, if you can see which one is being broadcast then you can learn how to handle them.


UT – 396 Hz

Intent: turning grief into joy, liberating guilt & fear

This frequency liberates the energy and has beneficial effects on feelings of guilt. It cleanses the feeling of guilt, which often represents one of the basic obstacles to realization, enabling achievement of goals in the most direct way. The ‘Ut’ tone releases you from the feeling of guilt and fear by bringing down the defense mechanisms. 396 Hz frequency searches out hidden blockages, subconscious negative beliefs, and ideas that have led to your present situations.

RE – 417 Hz

Intent: undoing situations and facilitating change

The next main tone from the Solfeggio scale produces energy to bring about change. This frequency cleanses traumatic experiences and clears destructive influences of past events. When speaking of cellular processes, tone ‘Re’ encourages the cell and its functions in an optimal way. 417 Hz frequency puts you in touch with an inexhaustible source of energy that allows you to change your life.

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Police Scotland is being forced to set up a child trafficking unit.







CRUEL crime gangs trafficking children from Vietnam to work as cannabis farm slaves are to be targeted by a new elite police squad.


Scotland is a net exporter of cannabis, with farms operating in homes and industrial units across the country. Several high-profile raids have seen Vietnamese youngsters taken into custody, then care, after it emerged they had been trafficked into the country by criminals.

The unit - based at Fettes in Edinburgh - was set up to dismantle organised crime networks preying on migrants.

The new squad is believed to be interviewing 10 under-18s who have been found in the Lothians in recent weeks.

It is understood they have been trafficked from the south-east Asian country to work in cannabis farms. Other youngster are forced into prostitution or work in nail bars while Eastern European victims are used in the sex trade, sold in marriage scams or made to work in car washes.

Details of the new unit emerged weeks after the bodies of 39 Vietnamese nationals were found in a

There have been 397 referrals received by Police Scotland's National Human Trafficking Unit between January and November 13 this year - of which 196 were Vietnamese nationals and 90 claimed to be under 18.

The figure is 20 per cent higher than last year.

An Edinburgh City Council source told the Daily Record: "Trafficking has become a growing problem not just here but across Scotland.

"At least 10 or 12 youngsters have approached the council, or been identified by the police as having entered this country illegally, and are victims of trafficking.

"Police Scotland has set up a squad to investigate this. It will be a complex, challenging inquiry, because we are dealing with people who speak little to no English and who are understandably scared and frightened.

"It's becoming a nightmare for councils already under budget strains, as we have to look after these people, but money becomes a secondary issue when you hear what they have gone through.

"Many are working in cannabis farms for 18 hours a day, get very little food and are not allowed out unless accompanied by someone.

"They often don't get any pay or, if they do, it's a pittance.

"These children have been very brave to come forward and I know the police are throwing huge resources at it to find those responsible and also reunite those children with their families if this is possible."

Councillor Ian Perry, education, children and families convener for Edinburgh City Council, said: "We put in place all appropriate supports for these young people, including education, health care and accommodation."

Detective Chief Superintendent Gary Cunningham said: "We recognise that the number of people reporting being trafficked from Vietnam to Scotland continues to rise.

"We continue to work with UK and international law enforcement and other agencies to understand the reasons for the increase and to conduct thorough investigations to identify those responsible for trafficking these individuals into Scotland.

"Human trafficking is often hidden in plain sight within our communities.

"Anyone with concerns about the welfare of someone they suspect of being trafficked should contact the police."




For long term members here, you will know that it was this actual thread that revealed to the world that Vietnamese children were being trafficked up to Edinburgh during the summer for SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse). During august all the bloodline & satanist families all appear in Edinburgh over the first two weeks in August. This is why Edinburgh is occupied by British state personnel in plain clothes during August. They are there to protect that scum and to ensure the children are transported from Edinburgh up to the private Sporting Estates in the Scottish highlands. The Grouse shooting season in August is a cover to bring those poor kids up there and disappear them.


To Police Scotland. do not base the trafficking unit in Edinburgh (especially at the repulsive & satanic Fettes). It will be compromised by Special Branch, MI5, & MI6. You will need to compartmentalise the unit and base it secretly elsewhere. (In light of the ongoing Prince Andrew stooshie you will understand why i am saying this.).

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Like i warned everyone here on this thread, never trust a word that comes out of Ruth Davidson's mouth;








The former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has suggested she could return to frontline politics and lead the Tories from Westminster when they are next in opposition.

Davidson quit as the party’s leader in Scotland after nearly eight years in August, citing “the conflict” she felt over Brexit and her desire to spend more time with her family.

In an interview for the Sunday Telegraph’s Stella Magazine, the MSP for Edinburgh Central hinted that she could re-enter politics when her one-year-old son was older.

“It may well be that my time in politics doesn’t come again until we’re in opposition,” she said. “I’ve probably got more experience than anyone in the party on how to lead from opposition.”


“If someone tapped on my door and asked me to help, I’d be there in a heartbeat. But at the moment, I’ve got four or five years when my son isn’t at school and that is not a time that I’m contemplating moving 450 miles away for the majority of the week. It’s just some things are more important than politics.”

Davidson is considered the most "successful" leader of the Scottish Conservative party since devolution. She campaigned to stay in the European Union in the 2016 referendum and had been open about her reservations about Boris Johnson’s leadership of the Conservative party ahead of her resignation.

In the interview published on Sunday, she also spoke about coming out to her family as gay and about the homophobic abuse she has received as a politician. “I was in my mid-20s [when I came out] – quite late,” she said. “I didn’t know for ages, which is surprising, looking back. I came out to one member of my very close family, it didn’t go well, so I didn’t come out to the rest for two years.”
Davidson said she could get up to 1,000 abusive tweets a day when she was Scottish Tory leader. “It wears you down. I’ve had a lot of ‘string her up by a lamppost’ type stuff; ‘unionists, turncoats, traitors’,” she said.

“And I had an incident where someone got my phone number and made threats. It turned out not to be that sinister, but I didn’t know that when I was being told they wanted to burn all gays.”





Once your subject to the MK Ultra bio-programming, it never leaves. It is always there inside on a subconscious level. What the interview is advertising is that Ruth is ready to do anything that her programmers want. Notice also how she portrays the child as a hindrance & blockage.Very cold & robotic way to talk about your own child.


Dont trust a word that comes out of Ruth Davidsons mouth.

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Holyrood Road in central Edinburgh in lockdown. Bomb squad called out;










A bomb disposal team have been called to examine a suspicious item found in Holyrood Road this afternoon.

Police have sealed off part of the road outside the Holyrood 9A pub, between St Mary's Street and a block of student accommodation.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: "Police were called at 1:35pm on Tuesday, December 17th to a report of a suspicious item found in Holyrood Road, Edinburgh.

"Police are at the scene and a cordon is in place as a precaution and the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) are attending to examine the item."

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is also in attendance.

One local has reported that the suspect package may have been found in Gullan's Close, which runs adjacent to the Holyrood 9A pub.

Local buildings have been evacuated due to the incident.

Among those asked to leave a neighbouring building was Kevin O'Sullivan, who is reporting that police have said there are potentially "two or three" items they are dealing with at the University of Edinburgh building on the road.

The number 6 Lothian bus service has been diverted via the Canongate due to the road closure.

The council-run Edinburgh Travel News has also tweeted that they are hearing the Canongate had been closed both ways, just at the roundabout outside of Parliament - but this has now reopened.





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so Edinburgh is getting a double whammy of weaponised weather. It is not enough that Edinburgh has been bombarded by the HAARP frequencies. No now the Mossmoran plant is engaging in Geoengineering and flooding with region with lots of lovely chemicals in the atmosphere;









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