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CoronaVirus - Chinese Quarantine

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This is a really excellent 22 min video By that old Aussie guy who recently flipped out as a result of a MK attack ... It's a break down of the news on the virus and how it's being covered in the media ... He gets the whole picture , and it's VERY SCARY !!


Firstly there is the two fold  message being given to the West ... that the Chinese are dealing with the situation in the right way ... and the global economy is about to crash ....


What exactly are the Chinese doing ?? Welding up the metal doors to apartment blocks with all the people still inside , presumably to starve to death .... Piling dirt in front of peoples front doors so they cant get out ... taking others off to be "Quarantined" in so called hospitals (in reality prison camps)....


The few Chinese experts that say the virus is not as dangerous as reported are just disappeared (quarantined)...


You think this couldn't come to the West ??? 


China does have more people willing to carry out these sort of draconian activities on behalf of the government ... The controllers hope must be to show these images to the west saying it has to be done ... in this way they prepare  western government workers , military and police for their future role  .... Hollywood has also acclimatized us to this future with many movies along these lines .    

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