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Crispin Glovers Essay on Steven Spielberg

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Although Glover doesn't outright accuse Spielberg, he does present a selection of questions that are clearly hinting that Spielberg is involved in some of the nastier stuff that we all know goes on in Hollywood...

Read Crispin Glovers Essay on Steven Spielbergs Questionable Undertones in Movies


It's pretty long and a touch boring but he asks interesting questions and if you're to look at Spielbergs earliest projects there are strong suggestions he follows some level of occultism and the darker side of the khabalah.




A few extracts from the essay....


“Does Steven Spielberg focus much of his fantasy life on young people? Did he portray children wallowing in sewers filled with fecal matter in Schindler’s List? Did he use children to finger paint an adult in Hook? Does he collect the illustrations of Norman Rockwell, such as the one showing a young boy in his underwear examined by a doctor?

Was Steven Spielberg very friendly with Michael Jackson?

Do Michael Jackson and Steven Spielberg share similar opinions about the sexuality of young boys?”




You have to wonder what the agenda is here. To soften us up? Was Glover just mad mad MAD with Spielberg? 


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