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Trust no one

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Hello peoples.The more i research the more confused i get.

eg-you go down the spiritual route and find some books you like and research gurus.

Once you start digging you find that a lot of them seem to be in it for the money or are full of @shi&.

take for example wayne dyer -he has some decent points but then he starts spouting utter garbage about being cured of cancer down the phone.

Is there anyone out there you can actually trust ?


i have also been looking at NDE and came across this guy.initially i thought wow and the jeez found this.




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Probably best to start off with and stick to the information or advice for a while first, and test it over and over within yourself to see whether it truly makes sense to you, before getting too starry-eyed about any one person communicating it. The common themes that 'resonate' with you will slowly emerge and you can build your own foundation of trust within yourself before you commit to 'following' somebody else.


With most of the modern 'self-help' gurus, you can extract the useful core information from each of them without necessarily needing to subscribe to their own particular dressing or spin on it, which is usually only added to make them seem unique and give them market leverage.


Then, if, or when you do decide to focus on a particular 'teacher', you can maintain your own independence based on personal experience of what's true and valid, so that if that person ends up disappointing you, you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater when you move on.

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