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Pocket Full of Sunshine!

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If you can find the baby yoda merch.


**Cuteness overload***





Mickey reimagined in REAL LIFE. 





Yes, work the magical sun energy and give us some of that Vegan Cheese action. Don't keep it to yourself. lol

ONLY IF Lucifer didnt STEAL all the CHEESE action!!!! Check out RL action meme above.

And the moon energy never recycles on his own day. lol OR HER OWN DAY, a matter of PERSPECTIVE!!! You know how many Sundays some people have to work?? And you might not get any cheese? Or dough for cheese, or might not have job. lol Then your working Sunday and people are praying for Cheesus in a Queso emergency. lol 




All this masculine energy, and you still don't have any!!!




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Not even for that, Lucifer. Not even for that trap. Other ladies agree including the one who made this meme. lol 

HE wants to grab your hand, you better run. lol



You cant trust your own sister. lol 

Where is she in the photo??? Anyone find her/him??

The front center moon one, correct. Its a matter of perspective. 




Let me tell you a true history, and no its not funny. No one at the modern table can be trusted, that's why its a solo job. Let me break the ego, shatter it into pieces, its part of the process. No one knows where Peter is, Susan is being Susan, Edmund Lucifer got for sure, and Lucy, well its a solo job. A divine status report. Minus Susan, the 3 of us where supposed to unite in GOOD, BUT Lucifer got to Edmund, he might of found Peter, and its just Lucy. Susan still wasn't going to be forgiven for being Susan. *coughs* *moon major* Anyone can repent, its not really that hard per se, but you still have to put in effort for past sins.


That FRONT SPOT in the picture Susan. lol Enjoy!!! Remember this well, be humble with what you have. 

The American is still your boss!!!!



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Yeah, b/c the moon will do the same thing it always does to y'all.


and you didn't listen. 

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BeastUK, bet he is a member here!!!!LoL

Tipping off the MIB and stuffs. Just given that silver (NOT GOLD) spoon and easy promotions. 

He's looking for the backwards B. lol Probably wont find his TAIL either. lol (Above) lol 



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